This will be a historic moment in the English top flight

Bhupinder Singh Gill is set to become the first Sikh to serve as an assistant referee in Premier League history when Southampton plays Nottingham Forest on Wednesday night,

This will be a cornerstone for the assistant referee as he will send out a message throughout the world, inspiring many more Sikh-Punjabi to take charge. Howard Webb, the famed referee, commented on Bhupinder Singh’s debut. “Bhupinder’s appointment to the Premier League and the best league in the world will show an even greater audience what’s possible for people from different backgrounds.”

Bhupinder Singh is following the path of his brother Sunny, the nation’s highest South Asian annals referee. According to Sky Sports, Sunny was promoted to the EPL National group of match referees.

The family has the same DNA, as his elder brother followed in his dad’s legacy at the start of the season. When he oversaw the Northampton versus Hartlepool game. He became the first British South Asian to accomplish this since his father Jarnail Singh over a decade earlier.

Jarnail officiated over 150 English Football League games between 2004 and 2010. And he also served as a part-time referee team with Howard Webb.

While the renowned Howard Webb was recently chosen to be the first Chief Refereeing Officer of the agency in charge of hiring Premier League officials.

Chief Refereeing Officer Howard Webb talking about Bhupinder Singh Gill

Webb has praised and supported Bhupinder Singh, asking for him to make a poignant scene during the Southampton-Nottingham encounter.

Webb told Sky Sports “It’s a historic moment for him and I’m delighted that Bhupinder has been given this appointment in the Premier League – for him as an individual. And for the recognition of the talented and dedicated official he is, having worked his way through the levels,” 

“He comes from a family with a lot of refereeing pedigree.

“His dad Jarnail was a legendary referee in our eyes. He was a great referee and a great friend. He was the first referee to wear a turban in a professional game. So he stood out and that puts pressure on you as a referee. He obviously pulled that off exceptionally well and was a great role model for people following on. Including his sons Bhupinder and Sunny.

“Bhupinder’s appointment to the Premier League and the best league in the world will show an even greater audience what’s possible for people from different backgrounds.

“It will give other British [South] Asian boys and girls an opportunity to see somebody who looks like them doing something that they thought wasn’t possible for them previously.

“It’s a great opportunity to use Bhupinder’s expertise in the capacity as a role model. But also for us to have his ability as an official – because he’s good at what he does. He’s going to deliver a great performance in the same way that Sunny does in the Football League.”

Sunny Singh

While elder brother, Sunny Singh will be looking to make an impression in the FA Cup third round.

And Bhupinder will be greeted warmly by Punjabi Villans when he returns to the Premier League on Sunday when Aston Villa host League Two Stevenage at Villa Park.

According to Pav Samra of Punjabi Rams, it will be a monumental event for the Sikh community since people look to them as positive examples.

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