He scouted top quality players like Neymar, Kevin De Bruyne, Cristiano Ronaldo, and David Luiz.

Piet de Visser is the “master scout” who created his own secret code to identify players like Neymar, Kevin De Bruyne, Cristiano Ronaldo, and David Luiz.

Piet de Visser, 86, has devoted his life to football and happens to have the ear of Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea. De Visser had a good career in Holland as a player and manager before being forced to retire early because of cardiac issues.

Yet, the Dutchman’s poor health did not prevent him from playing the game because he quickly focused on finding the best younger players worldwide.

Russian billionaire Abramovich recruited de Visser as his private scout after being so pleased with his capacity to find players.

Piet de Visser’s strategy includes carefully evaluating a player’s skill in five stages using a strategic secret which only he and his secretary can interpret.

He rates them using a plus and minus rating system, evaluating their skill, vision, body, mentality, and character. Piet has served as a player consultant for the Blues for more than 10 years thanks to his talent for identifying a player’s potential.

The likes of Robben, Alex, and Courtois might not have adorned West London if the respected scout hadn’t been there. De Visser successfully tested his approach during his first paid scouting trip at PSV.

He had a hand in the acquisitions of Alex, Jefferson Farfán, and Heurelho Gomes, all of whom are Brazilian defenders. Piet’s narrative was included in the 2018 History channel broadcast of The History of Football, a global television event.

De Visser said: “All my life was football. “The good players discover themselves. But I scout them. “Scouting is a very difficult job. It was in me when I was a young boy. “But the player makes his career, not the scout.”

After leaving management in 1992, De Visser went on his first trip and discovered his love for developing young talent.

He said: “I had a problem with my heart.

“My father had it and he died very young with a heart attack. The doctor said there is a moment you fall down and you die. I quit and I went travelling.

“Then I saw Ronaldo in St Brieux, in a small tournament. And by his movements of him – I got a new life.”

Unbelievably, De Visser discovered 20-year-old David Luiz while he was representing Vitória in the Brazilian third tier.

The Arsenal defender still acknowledges the influence de Visser had on his professional life more than ten years later.
Some of the most well-known players and instructors in the world have taken note of de Visser’s work throughout the years.

De Visser has always been able to find the top players because of his passion for the sport. And the “master scout” has more than staying true to his status over the past three decades.

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