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Read Match Report and Watch Highlights Here – Bengaluru FC are the Champions of the 38th Federation Cup!

Mohun Bagan tried to score goals in the extra time of the match but looked worn out due to early substitutions. On the other hand, Bengaluru FC kept bombarding the Mohun Bagan defense and the substitution of Eduardo hit Mohun Bagan dearly, which allowed Bengaluru FC score the first and the second goal of the match, winning the 58th Federation Cup in the process. Logging out, this is your host Sourav Neogi. See you later, good night.

120’+2′ This is it! This is it! Bengaluru FC is the champions of the Federation Cup 2017! 

120′ The assistant referee has added two more minutes to the second half of the extra time!

119′  GOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLL! Vineeth scores again! Bengaluru is now 2 goals up! 

117′ Norde tries to put in a corner shot of Jeje Lalpekhlua in the Bengaluru box but the ball is cleared with ease by the Bengaluru defenders.

113′ Vineeth tries to pass backwards from the Bagan box and find Glen but Glen is brought down by Bagan defenders and could not receive the ball.

111′ It’s now Amrinder Singh who is down with an injury and is being treated on the field.

110′ Mohun Bagan is going forward with everything they have got! Balwant tries to go past Bengaluru defenders but is marked and fails in the task!

108′ Kotal is down with an injury and is being taken out of the field on stretchers! 

107′ GOOOOAAAL! Vineeth receives the ball from a deflected header by Anas and shoots the ball in the middle! Bengaluru has a lead!

106′ The second half of the extra time is underway! It’s do or die now for both of the teams! 

105′ The referee whistles to indicate the end of the first half of the extra time! Bengaluru FC 0-0 Mohun Bagan! 

104′ Lyngdoh takes a free kick from 40 yards but the ball is cleared with ease by the Bagan defenders before going out of the pitch.

102′ Offside! Balwant Singh tries to go on a run in the Bengaluru box but is declared offside by the linesman!

101′ Yellow card! Pritam Kotal brings CK Vineeth down with a rash tackle and is shown a yellow card by the referee!

97′ Substitution: Harmanjot Khabra OUT, Nishu Kumar IN.

96′ Looks like Nishu Kumar is coming on for Bengaluru FC!

92′ Glen tries to chip the ball inside the Bagan goal but the ball deflects after hitting the far post. Disappointing for Bengaluru!

91′ And the first half of the extra time has started! Stay tuned!

Bengaluru emerged as the better team in the second half as well but could not convert any of the chances they created. On the other hand, Mohun Bagan defenders did a decent job to keep the Bengaluru forwards out.

90’+3′ And the referee calls it for the end of the second half. We are into the extra time peeps! Stay tuned!

90′ The assistant referee adds 3 minutes of extra time to the second half. This is going to be interesting!

86′ Johnson brings down Norde. The referee awards the Mariners with a free kick but the shot goes right into the hands of Amrinder Singh under the Bengaluru bars.

82′ Balwant tries his luck inside the Bengaluru box but his shot goes wide over the bars. Wasted!

80′ Yellow card! Sehnaj Singh brings down CK Vineeth with a rash challenge and is shown a yellow card by the referee!

76′ Substitution: Eduardo OUT, Raju IN.

76′ Lyngdoh with a long free kick but the threat is dealt easily by Mohun Bagan defenders. 

73′ Substitution: Doungel OUT, Glen IN.

72′ Jeje tries to put in a cross from the right wing but the ball is intercepted and cleared by Juanan easily.

70′ Eduardo is down with a knock on his knee and medical crew comes in to treat the defender.

66′ Prabir Das with a cross inside the Bengaluru FC corner box but Jeje is unable to reach it. The ball goes out.

64′ Substitution: Subhasish Bose OUT, Prabir Das IN.

63′ Substitution: Souvik Chakraborty OUT, Jeje Lalpekhlua IN. 

60′ Substitution: Udanta Singh OUT, CK Vineeth IN.

59′ Looks like Vineeth will be coming on for the Blues!

57′ Chance for Bengaluru FC! Udanta defeats all but two Mohun Bagan defenders and decides to lob the ball considering a charging Debjit in the front. The ball misses the goal by an inch and goes outside! 

55′ Chance for Mohun Bagan! Balwant with a screamer aimed towards the top left side of the Bengaluru bars but Amrinder saves the ball with a dive!

54′ The game has taken a nasty physical turn and is hurting the free flowing football in the final.

52′ Lyngdoh with a magnificent run on the left wing and passes to Udanta Singh. Singh tries to pass to George but the ball is intercepted by Mohun Bagan defenders and goes outside!

49′ OFFSIDE! Johnson scores but the goal is ruled out by the linesman for an offside!

48′ Udanta tries to launch another run to the Mohun Bagan box but is brought down by Eduardo. The referee awards a free kick to Bengaluru FC.

46′ The second half is underway! Stay connected folks! 

The match started with an aggressive approach from Bengaluru FC as the Blues came close to scoring on multiple occasions, often to be denied by Debjit Majumder under the Mohun Bagan bars. Bagan was bested by the Blues tactically as Bengaluru emerged as the clear dominant side in the first half. However, Bagan defence displayed a decent game, denying Bengaluru wingers from creating several chances for the strikers. Be back in a couple of minutes, stay tuned.

45’+1′ The referee whistles to indicate the conclusion of the first half. Bengaluru FC 0-0 Mohun Bagan!

45′  1 minute of extra time is added by the assistant referee to the first half.

42′ The pace of the game has decreased marginally. Golden chance for Mohun Bagan to try something fancy!

38′ As expected, Bengaluru FC has done a great job closing down Mohun Bagan’s right wing, nullifying Yusa Katsumi from making any forward runs. The Japanese winger is making sidewards and backwards passes too much often!  

34′ Kotal is down with a knock in his left knee and goes outside the pitch to receive medical assistance. 

33′ Souvik Chakraborty with a long pass intended to Sony Norde upfront but the threat is cleared by Salam Ranjan Singh before the winger could receive the ball!  

30′ CHANCE FOR MOHUN BAGAN! Norde put in a brilliant pass but the shot is saved by Sandesh Jhingan on the goal line! WASTED!

28′ Offside! Udanta receives a pass from the midfield but is offside as he tries to pick the ball on the left side!

26′ Udanta and Jhingan is making the entire Mohun Bagan defence feel unsafe! Jhingan putting in crosses after crosses and Udanta is putting in daring runs at the heart of the Bagan defence but the defenders can’t contain him!

24′ Lyngdoh with a corner but the threat is cleared by Mohun Bagan defenders as the ball goes back into the game.

20′ Offside! Udanta scores with an acrobatic volley but the linesman calls in for an offside! Wasted once again!

19′ Khabra tries to put a cross in the Mohun Bagan box for Doungel but the ball is intercepted by Subhasish and goes out of the play! Throw in for Bengaluru!

16′ Chance for Bengaluru! Doungel with a daring run to the Mohun Bagan box only to receive the ball in front of him but Debjit comes out early sensing the danger and collects the ball successfully! Wasted for Bengaluru!

15′ Bengaluru seems like to be crowding the midfield whenever Mohun Bagan is trying to go upfront and denying the Maroons any space. Smart tactics from Roca!

12′ Yellow card! Eugenson Lyngdoh brings down Sony Norde with an ugly tackle. The referee comes and shows the Bengaluru FC midfielder a yellow card and awards Mohun Bagan a free kick!

10′ Yellow card! Sony Norde was brought down by Harmanjot Khabra in the wings. Norde stands up and pushes Khabra and the referee shows the Haitian winger a yellow card as a quick response! 

7′ Chance for Mohun Bagan! Katsumi passes the ball to Balwant Singh in the Bengaluru FC corner box but the striker is being marked by Sandesh Jhingan who forces him to go wide and lose the possession of the ball. 

6′ Bengaluru trying to break the Mohun Bagan deadlock but is once again denied as Doungel is being marked by Anas Edathodika closely! Goal kick for Mohun Bagan.

3′ Bengaluru looking aggressive as Alwyn George tries to go past Subhasish and cross the ball inside the Mohun Bagan corner box but is taken down by the Bagan defender.

1′ And the final is underway! Bengaluru FC faces Mohun Bagan at the Barabati Stadium, Cuttack.

7:00 PM: Moments left before the match starts! Ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned! 

6:55 PM: The two teams are out in the fields and shaking each others’ hands.

6:50 PM: Sanjoy Sen has not experimented with the squad that defeated arch-rivals East Bengal in the semi-final of the Federation Cup couple of days ago as an identical team is starting against Bengaluru in the final.

6:45 PM: Albert Roca’s side is starting with a defensive side against Mohun Bagan, who defeated the Blues 3 goals to nil only a couple of days ago. However, the absence of skipper Sunil Chhetri will hurt the Blues surely!

6:40 PM: This match will mark the sixth time these two sides face each other in a competitive match this season. In the past five meetings since the beginning of the season this year, Mohun Bagan has emerged as the winners two times compared to Bengaluru’s one win over the Kolkata giants. Rest of the two matches were drawn between these two teams. In the most recent meeting, Mohun Bagan defeated Bengaluru FC 3-1 in an AFC Cup Group Stage match in Kolkata on last Wednesday. 

6:36 PM: Bengaluru FC substitutions: Cornell, Nishu, Lalhimpuia, Ralte (GK), Malsawmzuala, Vineeth, Mandar.

Mohun Bagan substitutions: Raju, Debnath, Bikramjit, Lewis, Jeje, Shilton (GK), Prabir.

6:35 PM: Bengaluru FC XI: Amrinder (GK), Jhingan, Salam, Johnson (C), Juanan, Khabra, Eugeneson, Lenny, Alwyn, Udanta, Len. 

Mohun Bagan XI: Debjit (GK), Kotal, Ferreira, Anas, Bose, Yusa (C), Souvik, Sehnaj, Norde, Balwant, Duffy.

6:30 PM: Hello and welcome to the Federation Cup opener between Mohun Bagan and Bengaluru FC. This is your host Sourav Neogi.