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30′ John Sargent
Chris Durkin
83′ Andrew Carleton


Here’s the match report of the game: Brave India go down fighting to street-smart USA in FIFA U-17 World Cup bow

Thank you for joining us. We’ll be back soon as the players greet the superb crowds with claps and a determination to fight back in the next game. 

In the other game of the evening, Paraguay have defeated Mali 3-2. You can already read the report on Khel Now. 

We will present you the match report very soon. It’ll be interesting to see what the Luis Norton de Matos will have to say after the game. A Minerva player had intruded the pitch, but was harried out. 

The game has come to an end, and not one the crowd wanted. The Indian players, though, had their own share of positive chances and moments. Komal looked a delight when on the ball with a little space, and Dheeraj will certainly be a force to reckon throughout his career. The faces are dropped, but cheers of ‘INDIA, INDIA’ brighten them. 


SURESH is replaced by LALENGMAWIA.

91′ The game has slowed down, and America has taken the initiative. It looks completely the case of ‘so near, yet so far’. Indi, though, continue to try. The Blue Cubs were close to conceding a fourth, but it went just wide. 

90′ Carleton is replaced by Vassilev as America attempt to see out the game goalless. More than anything else, it disrupts the mental aspect for these young acheivers. 

89′  Komal runs, is stopped. The layoff is attempted by Stalin, who hits it over. The cheers go a little low. People have started to leave. It’s not what it looks like, is the line to be used! 

88′ Jitendra intercepts a pass, tries to build, but Rahim loses possession after getting it cleanly and in space. 

87′ Dheeraj punches out across as India defend another onrush from America. 

86′ Rahim tries to find Komal, who hits the ball onto a defender. Out for a throw. The No. 11, then, rounds a defender and hits a low cross across the face of the goal, is cleared out. 

5′ Reyes comes on for Weah for the visitors. India and the crowd giving it their all as Rahim operates centrally. Matos looks animated. 

84′ USA counter attack as India hit the post from the corner. Carleton runs alone from the half way line from a lob. Rounds Dheeraj, finishes calmly. 

83′ SURESH Comes close! Corner to India. 

82′ No real onrushings from both sides as America sit back, defend and recycle. 

80′ India’s shape, even when they’re trailing by two goals, looks to be 5-3-2. The Blue Tigers build it up calmly again, as Amarjit finds Rahim on the left wing. Rahim tries to play it to Komal, but Garces closes the move down. 

79′ The strategy is simple: to play out the game safe. USA continue to pass in their own half and close to the half line. 

78′ Another lob from Durkin, but this time it is a little heavy. GOes out for a goalkick. India pass closeand USA press up top. The Reds regain possession. 

77′ India slowly moving into the last 10 minutes of the game. The players are still warming up. USA look happy with the scoreline. 

76′ USA with another attempt, but Carleton slots it wide. Delightful chip from Durkin to find him in the left central area. 

75′ THE NUMBERS ARE HERE, and the players are playing in front of 46,351. Good crowd, good positive crowd. 

74′ India are enjoying most of the possession as of now as Goslin goes down with a hamstring injury, probably. These breaks , sometimes, hit momentum hard. 

72′  The crowd cheers as India go ahead. Another shot from Weah comes in from the right but is easily handled by Dheeraj. Komal dribbles past and plays it on to Naorem. Good attacking intent by India. 

71′ Naorem and Aniket both come very close to scoring, but are numbered out. Too many to attack at, they must’ve thought. Naorem is already displaying good speed. Komal has shifted to the right wing as Naorem plays the left. 

70′  Aniket is brought down on the right. Komal on the free kick. Rahim comes on for Abhijit and Noarem comes on for Meetei. 

69′ USA playing the ball in their midfield now, understandably with the help of the extra man they have. Rahim and Naorem are coming on. 

68′ RAHIM ALI looks set to replace Aniket up ahead as Naorem also readies to come in. 

67′ Adding a man to midfield from the forward line shows the tactics by Hackworth. He’s going to sit with a 2-0 lead, breaking at the counter. 

66′ USA are now trying to recycle possession, but Amarjit wouldn’t sit and relax. The captain finds Komal with a delicious ball, who feeds an onrushing Suresh. Goslin, though, stops it well. Akinola is replaced by Acosta. 

65′ India win a throw as Komal’s run and attempted cross is stopped. The No. 11 crosses it in, is closely missed by Anwar. 

64′ Carleton tries to dribble past Rahul, is stopped well with a tackle. Anwar tries to reach Meetei with a long ball, goalkeeper clears it for a throw in. 

63′ USA Build from the right, Lindsey sending in a low cross. Anwar is game for it, clears it well. 

62′ Akinola gets a good forward pass from Ferri, shoots it over from about 20 yards.

61′ India build, with Suresh, Amarjit, Komal and Meetei, all involved. Aniket takes it and hits a block. Possession lost. 

60′ India get a free kick as Sargent pulls down a Jitendra. Komal tries to reach to the end of the long ball. 

59′ Dheeraj starts with a long kick, and Aniket comes in for the header. The support continues, and Indian players need to feed off from that. They need to pull off something special. They need to make wonders happen now. 

58′ Ferri tries one from distance after good, solid build up play from the Reds. The balls sails over. 

57′ Komal weaves through numbers and makes a move, but Aniket cannot reach to the end of his pass. 

56′ KOMAL COMES CLOSE. JUST A LITTLE MORE CALMNESS and the BALL WOULD’VE RIPPED THE NET. The No. 11 tries a lob over the onrushing goalkeeper, is just over. The momentum is slowly returning. 

55′ Stalin passes to Komal on the left, who’s brought down. Free kick to India. Anwar passes it close to Jitendra. 

54′ Dheeraj kick-starts and Indian players warm up. WEAH Scores, but is offside. Brilliant through ball from Ferri though. Finds the run with a delicious through. 

53′ USA go on the run, as Weah shoots from distance after cutting in. Is wide. 


51′ USA with a corner from the left. Deep on to the second post, and Durkin slams it home! 

49′ Another save from Dheeraj from point blank range. India create agian. The No. 1 is easily the man of the match so far for the hosts. Another ball comes in from the left, but Stalin clears it cleanly. 

48′ The players are giving their all, and so is the crowd. It jeers, it cheers, it boos, it shows – its presence. 

48′ John Sargent is found by Ferri by another through ball. Dheeraj blocks the attempt, but the No. 9 was offside. 

47′ Aniket goes on a darting run inside the box. Is stopped. India contine with the same vigor. 

46′ India starts the second half as now Blue colts attacking from right to left.

The boys should be proud, and they should feel that way. The Americans have had it difficult as the hosts grow into the game. A little bit of better link-up play in the opposition half will see the Blue score. For now, John Sargent has opened his account and Dheeraj has made three outworldly saves. 

45+1′ Meetei was so close to go free, but fails to receive in an ambush. Half time whistle is blown.

Additional tim: 1 min.

45′ Best phase of play for India. Stalin carries the ball out of India’s half, play it to Komal. The No. 11 dribbles, plays it to Abhijit, who lays it to Stalin to cross. Cross comes in, is headed out. India can do it, they’re growing into it.

44′ America play with a slow build up and balls over the top for their feary attacking quartet. That’s the Reds’ strategy. It’ll be difficult for them to play the same against Ghana. Abhijit gets on a loose ball, plays it out to Aniket. Gloster clears out and hurts himself. 

43′ Aniket with India’s first shot on target. A left-footed drilled attempt from out of the box. Is collected by Garces comfortably. India is growing, and growing well. 

42′ India build again, with No. 11 Komal on the left playing it to an onrushing Stalin. Ball pushed out for a throw in. 

41′ Amarjit to Komal, a wild run, to Aniket, is defended and cleared. India slowly growing. 

40′ America try to create again, goes out for a goal kick. Dheeraj kicks it out for an American throw down the central line. 

38′ Amarjit positioning is commendable. The captain reads the game like a Michael Carrick. Brilliant. Abhijit isn’t getting enough operating space down the middle. Obvious, that is. 

37′ An Indian throw, down the right in American half. Rahul takes it, and the ball hits an American defender’s arm. Komal tries to create something from the left, is crowded out for a goalkick. 

36′ Dheeraj starts again, from the back. India with a throw from the left. Komal vies for it, but cannot reach it. 

35′ Meetei flies down the right wing, beating a defender. The atmosphere erupts. That’s as good as it gets. He’s stopped by a wrong pass. 

34′ US create again, this time down the right. A first-time cross comes in, but is too heavy for Weah to reach to. India get a goal kick. 

33′ India sit back, as American defenders continue to operate in free space. The long balls have been troubling Rahul for some time now, as Weah weaves his way around him. He’s coped up well so far. 

32′ US sit on a one-goal cushion with half an hour gone on the clock. Stalin with a good blocked header from a long ball. Another attempt from America, but Lindsey fouls the Indian keeper Dheeraj. Free kick to India.

30′ GOAL! India concede. Sargent places it into the bottom left corner and silences the crowds. India, India cheers continue. Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost, The India attackers almost say. 😉 

29′ PENALTY. JITENDRA BRINGS DOWN SARGENT as he nutmegs the central defender. Out of nothing. Dheeraj, you need to stand tall down, the crowd is saying! 

28′ Ferri takes it, easy collection for Dheeraj. Komal gets the long ball, is brought down. The No. 11 looks like Neymar. 😉 A cuter and more hardworking version.

27′ Another throw to America, deep left into India’s half. Gloster throws long, Meetei heads the clearance. US create again down the right, intercepted for a corner. 

26′ Stalin to Anwar, but the header is not connected well. Amarjit stops the ensuing attack with a foul. The game restarts with American possession. 

25′ The Mexican wave continues, and the World has never seen anything like this in India. It’s deafening, literally. Aniket makes a run, crosses, for a corner. Stalin running to take it. 

25′  The Mexican wave is here. The ground has come to its feet. It’s as intimidating as it gets. Rahul tries a ball forward, but it goes out. Full marks for the attempt. Meetei is tackled poorly. He looks in pain. 

23′ Jitendra tries a long ball, but is out for an American throw. Apologizes to his team mates. America build again. 

22′ India win a throw down left in the American half, but the recieving is a little poor in this case. Out for an American throw. Weah is giving a hard time to Rahul with his positioning. 

21′ India playing short passes, and Amarjit is holding the key to their build up. He’s playing deep, almost as a third centre back at times. 

20′ KP Rahul has been found wanting a lot of times, but tackled well to stop Weah. Corner to US. Dheeraj pushes it out, shot comes in from distance, is well over. 

19′ Gloster switches wings with a long ball from the left to right to Akinola. The No. 7 is offside. 

18′ US build again as chants of ‘India India’ rule the ground. India have displayed confidence so far. It has been an equal footing so far. 

17′ Abhijit is playing the typical No. 10 role. Working it work the team, creating as well. Meetei goes on another run, is tackled well for a throw. 

16′ Meetei beats two with a superb skill, but is fouled. Referee blows the whistle and India restart the game. 

16′ USA build from the back, with Gloster trying a long ball after four passes interchanged. Cleared for a throw in. 

15′ India try to build, with Stalin, Komal and Abhijit linking up. Dheeraj comes up with a blinding save  as a rebound comes in. The ball, though, was wide after Sanjeev’s tackle hit an US attacker. 

13′ US throw in. Sargent looked interested but the ensuing low cross was cleared well. Amarjit is brought down on the left wing, but the referee gives the free kick to the Reds. The Blue fans boo. 

12′ Captain finds Meetei, who finds Aniket. Is cleared out for a throw. Dheeraj clears long from a back pass, and the power at display is impressive. Anwar is proving his athleticism with a lot of good clearances. 

11′ Sargent shoots straight into the wall. The crowd will make you go deaf. It’s the biggest stage, after all. The USA reccle position and are creating more from the left. They know that India’s right back Boris is missing. 

10′ Free kick to US as Amarjit brings down a Red midfielder. Boos all over the stadium. Sargent looks interested. 

09′ There’s a different calm in the way US attack. Not too fast, but well spaced out. They know the game has just started. There’s 80 odd minutes to go. The resolution is there in the defence. Coach Matos, too, looks animated. 

07′ India is almost playing a 2-4-3-1 with Suresh and Amarjit accompanied by Rahul and Stalin. Jitendra and Anwar is the last line for India. 

06′ India get a throw-in from the left back region. Stalin takes it. Suresh switches the play to the right as Meetei and Rahul try to connect. A cross comes in from the right for the visitors but is defended by Jitendra. 

05′ Ferri shoots from point blank, Dheeraj saves. The game starts with action. Komal is wearing 11, Aniket is 11. The striker tries and attempt, is wide and over. GOod tempo, good intensity to the game. 

04′ India is playing a static four at the back. The only player which moves is the one on whose side the game is on. That’s good positional sensing. Meanwhile, US come close as Carleton is found by a fine through ball between the lines, pushes it over the line. 

02′ Komal is playing centrally, as a second striker. Aniket is the lone man up ahead. Suresh and AMarjit, like it has happened, continue to rule the midfield. Meetei is on the right wing, and Rahul is on the right back position. 

01′ Anwar proves his inclusion, with a good, headed clearance. India attack, but Aniket is pulled down. Jitendra with the free kick close to the half line. Flies it just over the US defence. 

01′ India get a throw in as US try to find a winger on the right with a long ball. 

01′ US with the kick off. India playing from left to right. 

Gery Vargas from Bolivia will be officiating the game. 

The camera is pinned on Komal, like a lot of numbers and hopes. 😉 Will he do it, on a warm, happening evening at the JLN Stadium? We’ll see.

Amarjit exchanges the flags with Sargent. The game is set to explode. The crowd is set to explode. 

Cheers of ‘Modi Modi’, the anthems are over. The team is out in turqoise. And they look like stuff made of dreams. This just goes bigger and better. 

The teams are in the centre. The centre stage is theirs. A lot of videos are being made. It’s time for the Anthem, our Jana Gana Mana. 

The stadium is full and Amarjit leads the team out. Dheeraj is right behind him. If only we could say, you’re our hopes, you’re our pride. We will back you to the last breath, we will back you on the bumpy ride. 

The flags are out. 10 minutes to go. FIFA says, My GAME IS FAIR PLAY: We support that and preach that. 

The substitutes for India walk out, and they’re equally cheered by the crowd. They’ve put in the same hard work, they’ve woken up with the same pain and injuries and they will give their best if they come on. The US substitutes also walk to their dugout. 

Sony predicts that the game is going to be played in a 4-2-3-1 formation by India. It’ll be interesting to see if that happens. It that scenario, who fills in at Right back is the only question. EVery other position is out of doubt. 

Anwar Ali, the immovable asset of the Indian Football Team, is the only player in the Starting XI from the Minerva Punjab Academy. Three other players make the bench. 

11 kids embody the XI Million program. Much needed for the development of the game. Much needed for the true evolution from a sleeping giant to regular selections at the World Cups and AFC Cups. 

The Media box is full and the crowd is no less than 50,000. The scenes are brilliant. Scouts, personally known to Khel Now, have travelled from Norway and Germany. They’re here to scout for the next Gurpreet, Granit Xhaka or Marco Rues. 

Mission XI Million best players are being awarded now by none other than the inspiring Narendra Modi. These kids will remember this day till they go to bed, till they go to the last day of their lives. 

The boys from both teams have left the pitch. They are gone to get ready for the biggest match of their lives. Only John Sargent has done it better. He’s played at the FIFA U-20 World Cup, which is crazy for a 16 year old. 

Besides everything, the team is important. The game which goes on the pitch. 

THE DREAM BOY, THE CURRENT POSTER OF OUR HEARTS, Sunil CHHETRI, is here as well. Felicitation is good. And the heroine of our cinematic game, Bem Bem Devi is here as well. They’ve created the road. 

The school kids are here, the pitch is bright with Saffron and Red. IM Vijayan is here, and he’s been with the team a lot of times. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore stands beside the PM, AIFF President Praful Patel is here. Our hero Bhaichung Bhutia is here. The Indian Footballing diaspora is here. Joachim Abranches is also here. 

The other players are playing passing football in a small group. Keeping the ball at the feet. 

An extra motivation to the players, as much as it is needed. As much as it helps. As much as they can have, as much as they help us dream more. We tell you, if you’re anywhere close to the scenario, come close to the stadium. It’s crazy out here. It’s intimidating, its nationalistic, it’s football-istic. Dheeraj, meanwhile, continues to work hard under the bar.

He’ll watch the boys. He’ll cheer them up. He’ll go crazy with you, with me, with everyone who bleeds blue! Do you? If yes, show us your support and passion. Comment your predictions. 


The scenes, we assure you, are crazy. The numbers are high and they’re only rising up. The pan shot of the stadium is supreme. Charu Sharma goes live from Sony Television. Ten 2 and Ten 3 or DD Sports is where you go for the live game. For Live Commentary, Khel Now is the best. 😉 

Here’s the Indian Starting XI. The players who realise the dream for the first time in history

There’s 40 minutes left to go for the game. Shoot your predictions below. Media manager Joseph Solomon just clicked a few pictures and we’re they would be shared on Twitter soon. You can watch the game live on the SOny Network. Also, share this Khel Now Live Commentary to ensure more people can follow this. 

The last rounds are on, before the team go back and prepare to make the longest walk of their lives. The Americans are doing close interchanging passing drills, while India are trying shoots. 

Dheeraj is warming up, and his confidence shows why he’s our No. 1. The man from Manipur is created of dreams. 

The American quartet looks set to attack, with Weah, Carleton, Akinola and Sargent all taking the trip down the starting line.

Will Meetei don the role of the right back, or will we see Rahul taking the responsibility? We’ll have to wait for that. The game, though, is sure to be an attacking treat from India, as the quartet of Meetei, Abhijit, Aniket and Komal start. Rahul, Suresh and Amarjit will add to that. 

The Americans now walk out to train. Coach Hackworth leads the side onto the pitch. They look like they mean business. 

Indian Starting XI: Dheeraj, Amarjit, Jitendra, Anwar, Stalin, Suresh, Rahul KP, Aniket, Komal, Abhijit, Komal 

USA Starting XI: Garces, Lindsey, Gloster, Sands, Durkin, Akinola, Ferri, Sargent, Weah, Carleton, Goslin

The Indian Colts are out to train, and you can almost hear it from here. The noise, the crazy scenes, it’s beautiful. It’s passion. It’s power. It’s the pride we ride. It’s India at the World Cup. It never gets bigger than this. 

Max Mata and Ahmed Kutucu scored for New Zealand and Turkey respectively as we head to the next game. The Prime Minister is set to arrive here any moment, and crazy scenes are expected. 

Meanwhile, New Zealand and Turkey have shared the spoils at the DY Patil Stadium at Navi Mumbai and the public awaits with bated breath at the JLN Stadium, New Delhi. Brilliant scenes here as the pitch is being readied for the game already. 

Ghana are acknowledging the crowd. A good display of footballing intelligence and humanis display from the crowds to cheer for them. 

Ghana wins it 1-0, courtesy a goal from Ayiah. First three points in the first game of the FIFA U-17 World Cup 2017. A good fight on the pitch and the audience waits in awe for the second game to start. 

Khel Now have done a lot of Live Videos of the fans outside the stadium. Follow for the same. 

USA manager John Hackworth begged to disagree to Matos. Here’s what he said:

Full Pre-Match conference: The 12th Man is against us and that could be the key to the game: USA coach John Hackworth

Till then, read what the Indian manager feels about the game: 

Full Pre-Match conference: We hope that tomorrow we can play with 12 players. 11 players and the fans: Luis Norton de Matos

The line-ups will be announced in a while, as we await the Colombia-Ghana clash to end. Ghana definitely have a physical edge over their South American rivals, but Colombia are no pushovers. Colombian No. 19 looks every bit to play the part his side needs. Ghana, meanwhile, are happy to win it 1-0 but are going for the kill as well. 

We can assure you, the numbers s already close to 40,000. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to arrive in the next 12-15 minutes, and we believe it’ll only be a reason to give it a boost. FIFA Tournaments, we tell you, is a sight to behold. 

The crowd here is going crazy already, and I’m sure the numbers are going to swell up as we move closer to the achievement of a long standing dream. 

There’s a physical battle going on at the JLN Stadium, New Delhi, as a Colombia player is being walked off by the medical team. Will we see a revision, or will it be more of an abilities game after this? We’ll have to wait. 

Here, for Indian fans, the detailed preview: The Indian Dream comes true!

The Colombia and Ghana game is on, and New Zealand are playing Turkey at Mumbai as we wait for India’s dream to come true. I can tell you that Colombia just came agonisingly close to scoring, TWICE! The score here is 1-0 in favor of Ghana. 

19:00 Hello and welcome to the Live commentary of arguably the biggest game in Indian football history. Its the hosts India taking on the United States of America in their opening game of the FIFA U-17 World Cup and this is your host Punit Tripathi coming to you LIVE from the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium here in New Delhi. This is the moment when a Billion Dreams come true as our Junior Colts walk out shortly into what is a sea of Blue. I’ll be bringing you every moment as it happens so keep it right here.