The billionaire has shown interest in buying the Red Devils

Manchester United’s current owners – the Glazer family from the United States – are under heavy pressure to sell the club. The fans of the club are fed up with the incompetence and the decay of the club both in literal and figurative terms. A lack of activity in the transfer market and defeats in the opening two matches of the 2022-23 Premier League season among other issues have led to widespread protests against the Glazer ownership of the club. 

Amidst the talk of a possible sale of Manchester United, Sir Jim Ratcliffe has come forward with an intention to take over. This is huge news in the context of the club possibly having new owners. The wealthiest man in the United Kingdom also tried to buy Chelsea when the club was open to bidding recently.

The chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of the Ineos Group was worth £21.05 billion in 2018, the richest in UK. He could be the ideal owner of Manchester United. Here’s why:

A fan of the club

It is not a well-kept secret that Sir Jim Ratcliffe has supported Manchester United since he was a little boy. He has genuine love and passion for the club. This is essential if he becomes the owner since the club needs people in charge that are committed to taking it back to where it was – being champions.

The 20-time English league winners need a person in the ownership who wants the club to win. Their last league title came way back in 2013. The Glazers have always received criticism for running MUFC as only a business and have no sentimental connection with it.

Knowledge of the game

Sir Jim Ratcliffe
Jim Ratcliffe also showed interest in buying Chelsea last season (Courtesy – talkSPORT)

Sir Jim Ratcliffe is not only a highly successful businessman, but he also knows football and understands the sport. He is a boyhood supporter of the club and has grown up watching the game. He holds a deep passion for sports in general as his other investments would also suggest that. The 69-year-old became the owner of FC Lausanne-Sport, a Swiss Super League football club in 2017. 

When Roman Abramovich put up Chelsea for sale, he made a £4.25 billion bid to buy the club. The biggest difference between the Glazers and Sir Jim Ratcliffe is their knowledge of football. The latter comes from a background where football is part of the culture whereas the same cannot be said for the Glazers that do not hold a huge interest in soccer. 

Sir Jim Ratcliffe was born in Failsworth, Greater Manchester. He is a local figure and very popular among the people in the city. This fact alone makes him a better prospect as an owner of Manchester United than the current regime.

There has always been a disconnect between the Glazers and the Manchester United fans, especially the locals. Despite constant assurances by the owners, they have not been able to win the hearts of the public. With Sir Jim Ratcliffe as the owner, he will receive the backing of the locals as he understands the value of MUFC in the city’s traditions and culture.

Willingness to be involved

Unlike the Glazers who rarely watch Manchester United matches and have failed to take care of the club’s amenities like the stadium and the training centre, Sir Jim Ratcliffe seems concerned about all aspects of the club. He is a local lad who wants to see MUFC back among the company of elite clubs, exactly where it deserves to be.

Instead of hiring incompetent personnel to handle footballing affairs, Sir Jim will likely be an active participant. Despite his ‘public shy’ image, he would bring accountability as the owner of the club. A similar sense of involvement has been observed by Todd Boehly, the new owner of Chelsea.

Motivated towards rebuilding

Manchester United needs immediate attention towards rebuilding their stadium. Old Trafford holds historical significance but it is desperate for modernization. Stadiums like the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium or Wembley among others are advanced with better amenities. The club also needs to revamp its training facilities which are decaying because of a lack of attention and investment.

All of this in addition to rebuilding the squad is painstaking work and expensive. It is unlikely that the Glazers will make the investment, since they have never invested their own money into the club, buying it by taking loans in the first place. Sir Jim Ratcliffe understands the above requirements at the club and has actively expressed an interest in buying it. Thus, fans can be hopeful if a change were to happen, Sir Jim Ratcliffe would spend the necessary money to transform the club.  

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