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Bengaluru clinches the top spot in the I-League standings with another win over Mumbai FC. With Vineeth scoring his second, Mumbai FC started to panic and after the substitution of skipper Steven Dias, Santosh Kashyap’s strategy stopped working as Vineeth went on completing his hattrick in the match. Mumbai players seemed clueless in the last half an hour in match whereas the Blues had an exceptional second half. Good night from Bengaluru.

90’+3′ The referee whistles to indicate to end the match. Bengaluru FC 3-0 Mumbai FC.

90’+2′ C.K.Vineeth with an amzing cross into Mumbai’s box. Cheetri shoots but is saved by Kattimani.

90’+1′ Mumbai FC with launching an attack in Bengaluru FC’s half. Intercepted by Juanan. 

90′  3 minutes extra time added to the game by the referee.

88′ Norales with a shot from 20 yards but the shot goes out wide. Wasted again.

85′ Bengaluru FC with a diagonal shot up front for Norales’ to pick it up but Mumbai goalkeeper Kattimani comes out quickly and saves the shot. 

83′ Substituition for Mumbai FC. Victorino OUT, Sahwney IN.

82′ Mumbai is awarded a Corner kick. Nikhil Kadam takes the shot but is misjudged as the shot goes wide. Wasted. 

80′ The referee indicates to hold the play as Mumbai FC’s Victorino is down with a tackle.

78′ Amazing one touch build up by Bengaluru. Vineeth receives the ball and shoots it but Kattimani quickly acts to save the shot.

77′ Victorino tries another solo run towards Bengaluru FC box but is intercepted by Juan Antonio Gonzales who sends it back upfront. 

75′ Bengaluru pressing Mumbai FC very well. The Mumbai players are all going down.

72′ Watson shown a yellow card for his rash challenge on Hitesh Sharma. 

71′ Substituition for Bengaluru FC. Khabra OUT, Jhingan IN. 

69′ Norales in position to receive a cross. The Honduras international receives the ball and shoots it out wide. Waste.

67′ Substituion for Bengaluru FC. Lyngdoh OUT George IN.

63′ Gooaaal!!! Hattrick for C.K.Vineeth. Vineeth is now the highest scorer of I-League this season along with Darryl Duffy. 

62′ Substitution for Mumbai FC. Dias OUT, Kadam IN.

60′ Substituition for Bengaluru FC. Udanta Singh OUT, Norales IN.

58′ Corner kick for Bengaluru FC. Watson takes the shot but is wide and intercepted by Mumbai FC defenders. 

57′ Gooooaaaal!! Vineeth scores his second goal of the night! Bengaluru 2-0 Mumbai FC.

56′ N.Kumar is down with a knock and the referee stops the game for some time.

53′ Steven Dias is fouled and the referee awards a free kick to Mumbai FC. Pires takes the shot but Amrinder Singh clutches the ball comfortably. Dias is shown a Yellow card by the referee.

50′ Bengaluru moving into another counter attack but was timely intercepted by Pratik Chowdhary.

48′ Regan Singh with a perfect shot in the Bengaluru FC goal but is a comfortable save for Amrinder Singh. The ball goes back into the game.

46′ We are again back with the second half as Bengaluru leads the game with one goal over Mumbai FC.

Though Mumbai FC Head Coach Santosh Kashyap’s strategy worked against Bengaluru FC throughout the first half, a late finish from C.K.Vineet helped the Blues to secure a lead against Mumbai FC for the second half. Mumbai did their best to mark the Bengaluru skipper Sunil Chhetri but could not stop Udanta Singh and Vineet to run riot in the Mumbai defense. Mumbai skipper Steven Dias put in some decent crosses and free-kicks but the forwards failed to finish any of them. Back in a while, stay tuned…

45’+1′ The referee whistles to signal the half time. The home team with a lead over the visitors here with a goal from C.K.Vineeth.

45’+1′ Goooaalllll! Vineeth scores for the Blues! Bengaluru leads the game with a goal.

44′ Free kick awarded to Bengaluru FC. Cameroon Watson takes it but is intercepted by Kattimani who fists the ball back into the game. 

40′ Chandrasekhar with a tackle on Khabra and the Bengaluru midfielder goes down. Mumbai once again on counter.

37′ Mumbai with another counter attack. The ball is crossed in by Pires but is intercepted by Bengaluru defenders and goes out. 

35′ Corner for Mumbai FC. Dias takes the shot but is intercepted by Khabra in the air and the ball goes out. Goal kick for Bengaluru. 

34′ Free kick awarded to Mumbai. Skipper Steven Dias takes the shot but the shot is deflected and gone back into the game.

31′ Yellow card shown to Johnson of Mumbai FC. Bengaluru is awarded with a free kick.

27′ Chhetri with a cutting edge pass to Vineeth but the Kerala born strike is misjudged and shoots the ball out wide. Goal kick for Mumbai FC.

25′ Johnson with a long ball to Sunil Cheetri in the left wing but the skipper is intercepted by Mumbai defender Perez. 

23′ Khabra overlaps and passes up to Udanta Singh but Singh could not move into position and the ball goes out. 

21′ Reagan Singh with a harsh tackle on Udanta Singh. Udanta goes down but free-kick is denied. 

20′ Substitution for Mumbai FC: Chandrasekar Rao IN, Lalchawnkima OUT.

17′ Nice curl on the free kick by Watson but easy save for Kattimani. Kattimani shoots the ball back into the game but yet again intercepted by Bengaluru players who put in a cross in the Mumbai FC box. 

16′ Lyngdoh brought down by Pratik Shirodhkar. Free kick awarded to Bengaluru. 

15′ Lyngdoh with a long ball delivered to him from the midfield but could not move into position in time. Solid chance wasted for Bengaluru. 

13′ Khabra tries a solo run in the right wing but is intercepted by Mumbai FC defenders. Mumbai launching a counter attack but the Bengaluru skipper tracks back and intercepts the ball.

 9′ Kim is down with a tackle from Bengaluru players. The referee stopping the match.

5′ Both teams feeling each other out at the moment.

3′ Pires with a throw in but the ball goes out of the play once again. Kumar takes the throw in for Bengaluru FC and the ball goes back into the play.

2′ Mumbai putting in early pressure on Bengaluru FC. The home team is comfortably sitting back.

1′ Kick-Off!

07:05pm both teams have had a perfect start to the season. something has to give 

07:00pm We are 10 minutes from kickoff.

06:50pm Kattimani, Pratik Chowdhary, shallum Pires, Reagan singh, thoi singh, Pratesh Shirodkar, Hitesh Sharma, Siam Hanghal, Dias, lalchhawnkima

Substitutes: Karan Sawhney, Asheer Akhtar, Chintan Rao, Farrukh Choudhary, Nikhil Kadam, Patil Sukhadev, Munmun Lugun

06:40pm Bengaluru XI: Amarinder, Khabra, Juanan, Johnson, Nishu Kumar, Lenny, Watson, Chhetri, Eugeneson, Udanta, CK Vineeth

Substitutes: Norales, jhingan, Alwyn, Daniel, Arindam, malsawmzuala, Mandar.

06:30pm Hello and welcome to the I-League game between Bengaluru FC and Mumbai FC. This is your host Sourav Neogi live from Rajiv Gandhi Stadium.

Pictures Via I-League Media