Asrar scored the solitary goal on the day for the visitors.

Played at Cooperage Football Ground in Mumbai, Game 5 in Group C saw FC Bengaluru United (FCBU) pull through with a 1-0 win against Mumbai City FC taking home another three points in the 2nd Division I-League 2020.

FCBU kicked off the game in a dynamic manner, with Asrar taking a crack at scoring within the first 5 minutes of the match. However, it being a long shot from outside the box, the ball just went over the crossbar.

As the game proceeded, it became clear that FC Bengaluru United had set their eye on the prize, putting Mumbai City FC under towering pressure. Another attempt as Vignesh played a long ball to Phrankie who took a successful shot on target, forcing a good save from the opposition’s goalkeeper. The opponents held their ground as the game came to the end of the first half.

During the second half, FCBU showed their teeth and went in for a well executed kill, scoring the only goal of the game. It was Ashraf who scored, as he took the free-kick awarded to FCBU. The goal was one of a kind, as Ashraf gave it his all with his left foot causing the ball to curl into the top left corner of the goal giving FCBU the important 1-0 dominance over Mumbai City FC.

The game went on till the end, with another 4 minutes added time, without FCBU letting up the duress throughout the entire time. The game seemed to have been dominated by the away-team as they earn another 3 points in their second win of the division.

FCBU play their next opponent, ARA FC in Ahmedabad on 6th February.