Director Sanjoy Sen spoke in favour of Indian coaches in the country who need to be given more chances.

The Association of Indian Football Coaches (AIFC) has requested the All India Football Federation (AIFF) to make it essential for I-League and the I-League 2nd Division clubs to have an Indian head coach who has obtained at least an AFC ‘A’ degree license. The governing body for coaches in the country has gained recognition from the AIFF itself and hence is in a viable position to put forth their views or demand a certain move from the federation.

In addition to the earlier appeal, the association of football coaches has also remarked that the clubs from the Indian Super League (ISL) should continue having Indian assistant coaches with ‘A’ license degree. Recently, a new ISL rule was announced wherein it was made mandatory for the teams to have an Indian assistant coach with an AFC Pro License. To ensure that the clubs do not find a way out of this compulsion, it was further clarified that an Indian goalkeeping coach would not be considered to fulfil the aforementioned criteria.

Sanjoy Sen is one of the revered Indian football coaches currently in the circuit. He is an I-League- winner with Mohun Bagan and has won the Durand Cup and the IFA Shield with Mohammedan Sporting Club too. Being one of the directors of the AIFC, he reflected upon their appeal to the federation by stating, “We have also marked the letter to AIFF general secretary Kushal Das, I-League CEO Sunando Dhar, the technical committee of the AIFF and Football Sports Development Limited (FSDL).”

“If the Indian coaches are not given the opportunity, then people will not take up coaching in the future. Hopefully, the AIFF will consider our proposal,” he added as per The Times Of India.

This case presents an interesting issue to ponder upon. As independent entities, the clubs ideally have the freedom to choose their coaching staff without any regulation from the higher authorities. However, since the I-League clubs compete under the AIFF banner, they are obliged to follow the guidelines put out by the federation. A decision by the AIFF to comply with the AIFC’s requests remains to be seen.

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