The fixture saw two back-to-back goals at the end of the first half.

It was a very intense fixture between Jamshedpur and ATK as both sides fought valiantly to earn a point. The home team however, looked in a better position for majority of the game as their attackers constantly bombarded the opposition defence with dangerous through balls, runs and shots.

In the end, it was the keepers of both sides who remained the decisive factors for the result. Arindam Bhattacharya of ATK misjudged the bounce of the ball on a Cido free-kick to let the hosts open the scoring. However, to his relief, Subhasish Roy did a similar mistake on the other end of the field, misjudging Lanzarote’s cross from the corner which landed straight into the side net.

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Jamshedpur FC

Subhasish Roy- 6.0

Like Arindam, Subhasish too made a terrible mistake by misjudging the ball which directly ended up into the net from a Lanzarote corner. Apart from the goal, the keeper had a pretty free outing.

Pratik Chowdhary- 7.0

Looked solid in the defence and succeeded in keeping Balwant Singh at bay. Although, his one sluggish pass late in the first half led to a corner from which ATK equalised.

Robin Gurung- 6.5

The full back had a pretty well game today. Active on the right flank, provided an option for the midfielders to make through balls. Equally contributed in defence.

Yumnam Raju- 6.5

Raju paired up good with Soosai to trouble the defenders in the first half. Did his part to clear the ball away from danger but unfortunately, that led to the corner, in turn, led to ATK’s equaliser. Overall the full back played his part quite well.

Michael Soosairaj- 7.0

Soosai had a quite good outing today. Put in a good cross inside the box to Cido but Gerson cleared it away early on in the opening minutes. Looked quite active early in the first half providing a couple of good through balls to the wingers and was a constant threat to the defenders. A couple of his shots scraped way off the bar. He looked as a threat in the second half too but was subbed off in the 72nd minute.

Jerry Mawihmingthanga- 5.5

It wasn’t a very convincing display by the winger. Could’ve had done better on several instances in the attack, Jerry surrendered possession, instead.


Sumeet Passi- 5.0

Came on for Soosai in the second half, but didn’t make any impact on the game.

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Arindam Bhattacharya- 5.5

Managed to block Tim Cahill’s powerful shot coming straight at him in the first half. Made a blunder on a freekick by Cido which led to the opening goal.

Ricky Lallawmawma- 7.0

Contained Jerry for the majority of the first half which continued in the second half too. The full back played a wonderful part in defending and gave his all to keep the attackers from penetrating from his side.

Aiborlang Khongjee- 6.5

Khongjee had a tough day as he was kept busy along with the other defenders by threatening Jamshedpur attack. Was troubled constantly by Soosai from the flank. But he gave his whole to stop the opposition attack from scoring.

Pronay Halder- 6.5

Worked hard to intercept a couple of through balls in the first half but made some sloppy passes and committed fouls on a couple of occasions. Sloppy while defending in the second half as well but looked strong one on one. The defensive midfielder surely had to work hard throughout the game.

Komal Thatal- 6.0

Made a good run from a throwball into the box but couldn’t keep the ball in the game. Struggled to make an impact but considering his age, the youngster put on a great effort until being replaced by Jayesh Rane in the 65th minute.

Balwant Singh- 5.0

Struggled to get a touch of the ball most of the game as Jamshedpur dominated early on in the game. Subbed off late in the game for Hitesh Sharma.


Jayesh Rane- 5.0

Replaced Komal Thatal in the second half but couldn’t make much of an impact on the game. Produced a great long ball to Balwant in the dying minutes but the striker didn’t make much of it.

Hitesh Sharma- N/A