The Argentine boss has won seven silverwares since joining in 2011.

Not so long ago, Atletico Madrid revealed that Antoine Greizmann will leave in the following summer transfer window. But now the people at Wanda Metropolitano are concerned about the exit of their boss Diego Simeone.

Alvaro Morata, in particular, has admitted that the loss of their manager would be a greater setback. Although Greizmann’s decision has come less than a year after signing a new long-term contract with Atletico.

“If you’re inside the dressing room, you know it’s a possibility [he will leave],” Morata told Marca.

He continued, “The only thing to do is to respect him. He’s been one of the best in the club’s history; he’s given so much to Atletico. We have to support him.”

“He’s treated me very well. We wish him well, as long as he doesn’t play against Atletico, of course.”

Alvaro joined Atletico in the winter transfer window earlier this year.

The Spanish striker grew up in Real Madrid’s youth academy, Atletico Madrid’s arch-rivals.

“It would be very difficult to understand Atletico without Simeone,” said Morata. “There have been a lot of players, but Atletico always fight since Cholo came. He’d be a great loss. Simeone is Atletico. You can’t imagine them without him.”


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Morata claims that Simeone has a great impact on him, as a person and as a footballer. He said, “Atletico are losing two legends on the pitch, two leaders,” said the striker, who is on loan from Chelsea. “They’ve helped me a lot. I wish I could have played with them more.

“I’ve experienced difficult times, like in Turin, and that’s where the character of great people, of champions comes through.”

“We hope we’ll become a competitive team,” he said. “We’ve not had luck and we know you need that for the Champions League or to win LaLiga. It’s small details. It’s not like Italy or France, where it’s won by a lot of points.

“It’s true Barcelona have been very good, with a player who has been at a level that is not normal among humans.”

The forward has already conveyed that he is not interested in heading back to Chelsea and want to explore and live his life in Madrid.