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It was definitely a game of two halves as Chennaiyin dominated in the first half only to see the Blasters have numerous shots on target in the second, especially after the introduction of Nazon and Kadio. Goodnight from Chennai

90+3′ The final whistle ha gone but the players and officials are now flaring off just to complete derby day.

90+1′ Three minutes of added time.

90′ Nazon tries his luck from outside the box, but the effort lacks pace as it rolls onto the feet of Karanjit, who picks it up effortlessly. Blasters have had a much improved second half.

88′ First real chance for the visitors as Nazon and Belfort combine to test Karanjit, but the Indian keeper makes a superb save.

87′ This game is eandering towards a draw as Josu hits over from a dropping ball.

84′ Despite the game featuring two outstanding defensive sides, this crowd certainly does not deserve a goalless draw. They have been amazing.

82′ Jeje Lalpekhlua replaces Omagbemi, and this is the kind of pop Vince McMahon craves for. The fans are absolutely behind the Indian international.

81′ Chennaiyin offer a lot of time on the ball for Kadio, but the Ivorian has a rather poor attempt at the goal that Karanjit has no struggle collecting.

80′ Chennaiyin have become rather predictable now, with most of their passes directed at Peluso. With Dudu struggling, tje Italian is the only hope.

78′ Stretchers were out to force Jhingan out, but the Indian international is now on his feet. However, it looks as though he has suffered a serious injury. He plays on, though.

76′ The presence of Peluso has definitely made Chennaiyin more vibrant, with his pace causing a lot of troubles to the Blasters. Positioning remains an issue, though, as most of their low crosses find no man in the penalty area despite the abundance of space available.

75′ Peluso sends in a curling freekick from a rather dangerous area after a short confrontation with the Blasters players, but the men in yellow deal with it perfectly.

74′ Duckens Nazon replaces Mohammed Rafi as the home side boos. It’s till anyone’s game.

72′ Kerala with the best chance from the game but Belfort fires wide from a cross in the box.

70′ The cheers have gone down with neither team creating any clear-cut chance. Only a moment of defensive madness will now result in a goal, by the looks of things.

68′ Jhingan goes to the ground after a nasty collision with Chennaiyin substitute Peluso. Referee Banerjee hands the Italian a yellow card. He has definitely made the impact Materazzi would have fancied.

66′ SUBSTITUTION Pratik Chaudhary replaces Aaron Hughes, and it looks as though the Euro ’16 defender might have suffered an injury. Stay tuned to Khel Now for we will update on all the injuries after the game.

64′ SUBSTITUTION Maurizio Peluso replaces struggling Davide Succi. Dudu now shifts to a more central role, with the substitute operating as the left winger.

63′ Blasters have more shots in the last 17 minutes than they had throughout the first half, but Chennaiyin are still the better side as Succi forces a save from Nandy.

60′ Belfort tries his luck from a critical angle, but the effort fails to test the Chennaiyin ‘keeper. Steve Coppell has definitely injected something into his players in the half-time break.

59′ Kadio’s first involvement is a shot as Rafique sets him up a shot near the edge of the penalty area; however, despite very little pressure from the Chennaiyin defense, the striker fluffs the shot.

58′ SUBSTITUTION: Michael Chopra leaves the pitch as Ivory Coast midfielder Didier Kadio makes his way onto the pitch.

56′ Belfort and Currais combine superbly down the left flank, with the former sending in a cross for the latter, but the resulting header sails miles past Karanjit’s goal.

55′ Chennaiyin’s movement and passing have been sublime, and they would be incredibly unlucky not to seal their second home win of the season.

53′ Plenty of endeavour from both sides. Josu with a poor corner for for Blasters.

50′ Steady start to the second half. Jhingan with a clumsy challenge on Succi. Offside flag though.

Offside as Chennai attack and at the other end Chopra in action for Blasters.

We are back underway.

We’re still goalless at Marina Arena with neither club having a clear-cut chance so far. Chennaiyin enjoyed a lot of possession in the first half, but to no avail. If it were not for Hengbart, Jhingan, and Hughes, though, Succi might have had a few shots on goal.

45′ There goes the whistle for the break.

44′ Blasters attempt their 1237962395th cross from the right wing, and you know what happened next.

41′ Hanghal is furious with Succi as the latter shows no intent to show any movement and to take control of the forward pass from the Indian midfielder.
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40′ Blasters defense has been on point as they have restricted Chennaiyin centre-forward Succi to zero shots on target.
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39′ Chopra is warned by the referee for provoking Karanjit, but Mendy kicks Chopra’s rear (literally) to cool things off.

37′ Blasi has grown into the game, taking no time to make an impact as he makes two inch-perfect tackles in quick succession to avert a Blaster counter-attack.

35′ SUBSTITUTION: Mulder goes off for Blasi. Khel Now will update you on his injury after the whistle. The game has now settled down, with players from either side opting for less audacious moves.

33′ Concerns for Materazzi as a first-team regular in Mulder goes down again, with physios rushing into the pitch.

32′ The final pass has been the one missing factor in Chennaiyin’s play, and Hanghal adds to their misery as he sprays a pass into no man’s land.

Order restores as the attention turns to the happenings on the pitch.

ALERT; Fans are involved in a tussle and guards are involved now.

28′ Third corner in two minutes ends in Mendy hitting the side netting after calls for a penalty when Hanghal had a heading effort at the goal.

24′ Chennaiyin have made some delicate passes, but Blasters’ solid defending has forced them to resort them to crosses, but they are failing miserably at completing their crosses.

21′ Augusto tries his luck from distance, but Succi (yes, Succi) makes a crucial block.

19′ Dudu receives a tasty pass inside the penalty box, but Jhingan’s resolute defending means Blasters clear the danger. Augusto then dribbles past a few yellow shirts to send in a low cross into the penalty area, but Currais makes a decisive interception.

18′ Sahni has been lively in the midfield, but he seems always one mispass away from breaking down Chennaiyin’s buildup.

16′ Jerry’s defending has proved a liability, with Blasters thrice beating the teenager down the left flank; however, their poor ball control means Chennaiyin are safe.

15′ Belfort earns a free-kick in his own half, and Hughes steps up to take it. However, the free-kick only finds a blue shirt in the Chennaiyin 18-yard box

14′ Chennaiyin are stringing passes together in a way that is so exquisite that they should somehow beat Nandy.

12′ Both sides feel each other out. no goals

8′ Augusto has been a rock in the midfield as his knack for interceptions and tackles force mistakes and poor decisions from the Blasters. There has been little to no action in Blasters’ attacking third.

6′ Succi and Currais are involved in a tussle, and referee Pranjal Banerjee gets involved.

5′ Chennaiyin have been bossing the midfield, making well-timed tackles and interceptions that are choking the men in yellow.

2′ Augusto steals possession in midfield to feed Dudu, who forces a block from Nandy, but Blasters defence clear the danger.

1′ Chopra kicks things off for Blasters. Eli Sabia has been impressive since his debut, and he justifies his inclusion with a superb interception after Jhingan hoofs the ball up to Belfort.

7:00 pm

7:00 pm The south Indian derby has definitely set the Marina Arena alight, with Diwali setting the nation alight. We are moments away with the anthem done.

6:57 pm Both these team with a hgood run of form coming into this one after a poor start to the season.

Kerala Blasters: Nandy; Jhingan, Hengbart, Hughes, Currais, Hossain, Mahamat; Rafique, Rafi, Chopra, Belfort

Chennaiyin FC – Playing XI: Chennaiyin FC: Karanjit; Wadoo, Eli Sabia, Mendy, Jerry; Hanghal, Augusto, Mulder, Sahni; Dudu, Succi

6:45 pm Marco Materazzi has made just a single change to the line-up despite his recent vigorous rotation in the recent games, with Maurizio Peluso making way for Dudu Omagbemi. As for the Blasters, Stephen Coppell has named an unchanged line-up from the team that beat FC Goa on the road.

6:43 pm The teams have come out, and spectators have come out in huge numbers, with the ISL’s own Yellow Wall seemingly outnumbering the local fans.

6:37 pm Both these sides need a win.

6:23 pm Hello there, Khel Now readers. This is Praveen R. Paramasivam reporting from Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, where Chennaiyin FC, the home side, take on Southern Rivals Kerala Blasters.

Pictures Via ISL Media