And there goes the final whistle. The baby in the cradle is learning to walk. FC Bardez Goa are the champions of the Goa Police Cup 2016

The Bardez boys will celebrate long into the night. Keep it with Khel Now for all the post-match action, quotes from the managers and the festivities from behind the scenes. For now, its me Ashish Negi signing off. Khel Now-Play Is The Way.

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FC Bardez GOA midfielder Alesh Sawant is the man of the tournament.

Thoroughly deserved win for Colaco’s men. They never looked like letting go their advantage once the. took the lead in the first half..

They comfortably beat Calangute Association 3-0 in the Final. Kritikesh, Myron Mendes and Seriano with the goals.

90+3′ Richard Costa passed the ball to Alesh who in turn shot it out.

90+2′ Calangute is trying hard to break the Bardez defence. But it looks like a wall

90′ Two minutes off added time in the second half

89′ Colaco not taking any chances captain Carvalho off after takin a ball hit to the face

87′The crowd rise to their feet. They seem to have thoroughly enjoyed the game.

85′ GOALL!!!! FC Bardez Scored.. Alesh with a superb run on goal taking on the defender to pass it to Sereino who scores.

84′ The ball strikes Peter Carvalho’s face but he seems fine now.

83′ Alesh moves into the forward position as Serineo takes his place on the left wing,

82′Myron the 2nd goal scorer is subbed and Serineo is in

81′ Jessel’s corner find Peter but his strikje goes wide.

80′ Pedro comes on for the injured Angelo who has still not recovered from the clash with Mathew.

76′ Angelo leaves the pitch on a stretcher following clash with Mathew.

75′Mathew and Agnelo both crash into each other, Mathew is up on his feel but Agnelo is still down.

73′Alesh with a run on goal but he misplaces the final ball.

71′ Calangute corner Mendes with the clearance for Bardez.

70′ Myron with a run on goal passes it to Latesh who in turn passes it to Peter who can’t score

69′ Our reporter Ashlesh tells us that a fight has broken out between both sets of fans outside the stadium. Unsavory stuff.

67′ Calangute midfielder Valerio trie a shot from 30 yards out but it goes over the crossbar.

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63′A small miss hap at the FC Bardez defence as Rowilson’s header to the keeper was short, luckily the keeper reached for it as Calangute forward Blake almost got to the ball.

61′ Peter gave the ball to Terence who passed it to Agnelo but Mathew came in with a perfectly timed sliding challenge.

59′Leston comes in with a rash tackle on Agnelo and picks up a yellow card

55′ Latesh with a superb attempt on goal on goal as he and Myron teamed up to create the chance

53′ Calangute with second change Newton goes out and Blake comes in.

49′ GOALL!! FC Bardez Scored and make it 2-0 .A long pass from Rowilson into the box, Myron Mendes reached for the ball and finished it.

47′ Calangute’s Terence tries a poor shot on goal which goes wide of the post.

46′ Second half kicks off ..

A mention for the locals two who have turned out in their numbers to cheer on both teams. Amazing crowd for a working day early evening.

First half summary- It was a good half for Armando Colaco’s men. They did all the running and deserve their lead at the break. Calangute need to lift the pace of the game and need more ideas in the final third.

HT’ Nothing comes from the corner and the referee blows for halftime. 1-0 lead to Bardez

45′ Steven with an effort for Calangute but it goes wide. Two minutes of added time.

41′ Latesh comes on for The goal scorer Kritikesh.

38′Calangute on the attack. Terence with a cross in from the right flank but the cross goes wide.

36′Calangute enjoying their phase in the game as they trying make comeback .

35′ Bardez pile on the heat as Calangute are hemmed in in their own half.

33′ Bardez keeping the ball and slowing down the game.

31′ Sawant with a cross to Myron who fails to control it.

29′ Can Calangute come back into the game or will Bardez drive home the advantage? Tell us in comment section below .

28′ The corner from Sawant finds Leston who shoots wide.

27′ Jessel with a superb pass to Alesh who in turn crossed it but a defender got it in the way to concede a corner

24′ Alesh with a superb Run on goal but his shot is just inches away from the top corner.

23′ GOALLL!!!! FC Bardez Scored. A superb pass from Girish who pounces on a mistake from Steven and Kritikesh is there to finish the ball with his 1st goal for FC Bardez

18′ Calangute trying to get through the FC Badrez defence but Mathew and Rowilson stand firm.

17′ Alesh with a superb to Jessel on the left wing, Jessel crosses it in but Myron couldn’t reach for it.

16′ Sawant finds peter in the box but he runs into the Calangute back four.

14′ FCBG enjoying some possession in the last few minutes. Quiet start to the game.

10′ Angelo with a superb run through the Bardez defense, but the keeper comes out to stop the ball.

9′ Melvin Lobo with a tackle on Kritikesh which goves FCBG a freekick

5′ Yellow card for Richard Cost For a tackle on Terence Lobo.

3′ FC bardez with their 1st attempt on goal with a superb pass by Alesh but the flag is up.

2′ Alesh Sawant with a cross on but it gets deflected and goes for a corner.

1′ And we are underway in Duler Stadium.

3:59 pm out come the teams…

3:50 pm FCBG beat Vasco Sports Club to reach the showpiece with a late goal from Alesh Sawant. Meanwhile,Calangute beat Salgaocar FC on penalties after both teams finished 1-1 in regulation time. Check out Alesh Free kick ..

3:47 pm Here is what FCBG boss Armando Colaco had to say before the big game, “the game will be even stevens but we have to motivate the boys to play with the same intensity throughout the game. We are a new team. We have done well to reach the Final. Now we want to win it.”

3:30 pm A full house is in attendance and we have 30 minutes to kickoff. Great turnout by the locals.

3:14 pm And the teams are in…

FC Bardez Playing XI: Mirshad k., Rowilson Rodrigues, Methew Gonsalves, Jessel Carneiro, Leston Afonso, Peter Carvalho, Richard Costa, Alesh Sawant, Girish Naik, Myron Mendes, Kritikesh Gadekar

Calangute Association Playing XI: Jason D’mello, Olan Chandran, Stanley D’silva, Bonny Niasso, Melvin Lobo, Yogesh Kadam, Steven Fernandes, Newton Azavedo, Sunny Fernandes, Angelo Colaco.

2:59 pm FC Bardez have reached the showpiece in their first major tournament as a professional club

2:53 pm Both teams have arrived at the venue and the stands are starting to fill up.

Namastey and Welcome ,Khel Now brings you LIVE commentary of the big Goa Police Cup Final being plated at Duler Stadium as local rivals Calangute Association and FC Bardez Goa face off in an enticing local derby.