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A game of few chances butfew opportunities. Both keepers with a good save each. The point really isn’t good enough for Goa who needed the win. Mumbai move up to second in the table. Goodnight from Goa.

90+5′ There goes the final whistle. Both managers with a warm embrace.

90+4′ The corner gets cleared. What drama.

90+3′ Fantastic ball played in to Cesar who should have scored but Amrinder proves his quality with a huge save.

90+2′ Cesar with another shot just over the bar.

90+1′ Julio Cesar takes it but his effort deflects off the wall for a corner. Its cleared by Gerson.

89′ Free-kick for Goa in a central position. Foul on Robin Singh.

87′ Mumbai corner but the referee blows for a foul and a defensive free-kick.

85′ Most of the players on both teams look out on their feet.

83′ Chhetri marches at the defence and as they back off he shoots but Kattimani produces a good save to concede a corner. The set-piece is first cleared and then collected by the keeper.

82′ Goa have now pushed two up top.

80′ Substitution for Mumbai Norde off Cunha on.

79′ A chance for Robin Singh but wide.

77′ Gerson receiving some treatment on the sidelines.

74′ Vadocz with a shot from distance but well wide of the target.

72′ Goa pushing for the goal is opening up spaces for Mumbai.

70′ Julio Cesar shhots one from distance but the deflections goes straight to Amrinder.

68′ Substitution for Goa. Sanjay Balmuchu off and Julio Cesar on.

66′ Substitution for Mumbai. Defederico off and Cafu on

65′ Now Forlan has his shot cleared off the line by Gregory.

64′ Another Mumbai opportunity blazed over the bar by Norde.

62′ Forlan sets up Chhetri with a brilliant pass. The India skipper has his first shot blocked and the second one is straight at the keeper.

61′ Just under half an hour to go still awaiting the first goal.

60′ Substitutions for Goa Debabrata Roy and Keenan Almeida off Jofre and Trindade Goncalves on.

58′ Movement on the Goa bench and looks like they are going for it with a double substitution.

56′ Mumbai free-kicked played in and Gerson with the header over.

55′ Goa need the win Mumbai will take the point.

54′ Four successive Goa corners and a good start to the second half for the hosts.

52′ Substitution for Mumbai as Khongjee is off and Ali is on.

51′ Two successive corners for Goa that cause some panic in the Mumbai back four.

47′ Mumbai are tough to break down this season as Goa are finding out.

46′ The second half is underway.

Lots of endeavour but little quality. Chhetri and Forlan with the best of the chances for Mumbai. Both keepers have been comfortable. Back in a bit.

45+2′ Goa with the last attack but Mandar can’t control the ball just inside the box. That’s the halftime whistle.

45+1′ Into two minutes of added time

44′ Goa with a ball in by Keenan. Sehnaj with the clearance.

43′ Just as I say that Norde has a shot blocked by Raju

41′ Still a midfield scrap this needs a gol.

40′ Not much happening in this game. Five minutes to the break.

38′ Forlan gets the ball on the left edge of the box and shoots one which Kattimani has to tip over for a corner. The set-piece is easily cleared.

37′ Nice play by Mumbai Defederico tees up Norde who shoots from distance but it goes wide.

35′ Goa have lost three home games this season. That’s equal to the number they lost in the last two seasons combined.

33′ Richarlyson with another one high over and not so handsome.

32′ Romeo earns a foul and a free-kick in a good position

30′ We are back underway now.

28′ There is a delay as Coelho has gone down off the ball. Not sure what happened there.

27′ Chhetri finds Forlan but before he can shoot Gregory gets in the way.

25′ Coelho’s ball clipped in towards Romeo but Mumbai clear for a corner which is easily cleared.

22′ Ball in towards Romeo but he shoots wide.

20′ Ball into the box Amrinder and Goian get in a mix-up but the keeper takes no chances and clears. When play is recycled Goa earn a free-kick that is taken short and clipped into the box but gets cleared.

18′ Goa need to get themselves on the ball they are struggling for possession..

16′ Romeo earns a fouls but Richarlyson almost lifts the ball into orbit and out of play. Woeful.

16′ At the other end Coelho shoots on the angle and Gerson bravely puts his body in the way of the ball.

15′ Slide pass in towards Mandar but Khongjee calmly passes it to his keeper who clears his lines.

13′ Lots of play in midfield but mot many chances to speak of.

10′ Mumbai certainly dominating possession in the early going.

7′ Another free-kick lifted in deep by Forlan but the keeper just lets it go out.

5′ Keenan Almeida gets a yellow. Free-kick Mumbai which Forlan takes and Kattimani collects.

5′ Mumbai once again attack. Defederico cuts in and finds Chhetri who shoots but the keeper collects.

4′ At the other end Chhetri is flagged offside.

3′ The set-piece is a good one but just evades Gregory at the near post.

2′ Early attack for Goa as a long ball tries to find Robin Singh. As the keeper comes Khongjee takes no chances and concedes a corner.

1′ Kick Off

6:57 pm We are minutes away kick off as JLN Goa sings National Anthem ,

6:50 pm As expected Amrinder Singh starts his first game for the metropolis team while the pacy Sony Norde replaces the injured Leo Costa on the wings.

6:41 pm Well manager Zico has largely stuck by that formula as only the suspended Sahil Tavora drops out from that team.

FC Goa lineup: Laxmikanth Kattimani(GK), Debabrata Roy, Raju Gaikwad, Gregory Arnolin(C), Keenan Almeida, Sanjay Balmuchu, Richarlyson Felisbino, Mandar Rao Dessai, Romeo Fernandes, Rafael Coelho Luiz, Robin Singh.

Mumbai City FC lineup: Amrinder Singh(GK), Aiborlang Khongjee, Gerson Vieira, Lucian Goian, Lalhmangaihsanga Ralte, Krisztián Vadócz, Sehnaj Singh, Matías Defederico, Sony Norde, Sunil Chhetri, Diego Forlán(C).

6:35 pm Some interesting team news. As you will recall the hosts started with nine Indians last time out setting an ISL record

6:30 pm We are here for the ISL match between FC Goa and Mumbai City FC. We are minutes away from kickoff.

6:27 pm Welcome from the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium here in Goa.

Pictures Via ISL Media