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Waseem Zaidi

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An ordinary guy with an unending love for football.


Address New Delhi, Delhi, India

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Date of Birth (Current Age) 0000-00-00 (2022)
Nationality India
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  • 2020-02-20 17:15:44
Waseem is a great writer with a knack of adding mild humour with loads of facts. His writing style is creative and beautiful with vocabulary which is borderline layman. This makes it easier to understand, informative as well as gives a feeling of finding a few words which you would learn with each of his articles. The soccer neutrality is also uncommon to find for a lot of writers however Waseem ensures that a balanced point of view is presented in all of his scholarly drafted articles. Also, the range of topics he has covered from Asia, South America, Europe and specially during FIFA 2018 were really commendable. He makes sure the current affairs as well as futuristic articles are published to help us satiate our curiosity and anticipation of the upcoming seasons and key matches. I really want to thank KhelNow to have such an amazing writer up their ranks. Keep up the good work.
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