The Reds will play the league and the FA Cup winners in the Community Shield

Jurgen Klopp has no fear of his players being complacent in the upcoming Community Shield fixture against Manchester City. The Reds boss believes that he and his players are focused and ready to challenge on all fronts, and are not yet in the Champions League victory celebrations.

About a couple of months ago, Liverpool beat Premier League rivals Tottenham Hotspur in Madrid to lift the UEFA Champions League in a close encounter. But Klopp believes that the team is over that victory and wants to win more titles, including the Community Shield for which they face Manchester City on Sunday.

“The players aren’t the problem. How would they change in four or five weeks?” Klopp told a news conference.

“The new situation is that it was a big achievement for the club, a big achievement for each individual. They had a completely different summer.

“Everybody is talking to you about it. If you win something then everybody feels the need to tell you first of all congratulations, then where they watched, how they felt, how their family felt, how their friends felt, how their dog felt.”

“It’s all nice but of course it keeps you at that moment. I want to be completely focused on the new season from a specific point. That’s the one thing.”

“When we said we have to get rid of the backpack of the history of the club so we can make a step in the right direction, we have to make sure our own history – even though it’s a very good one – doesn’t keep us at that moment.”

“That’s very important. We will do that, but we have to learn it. Nobody gives you a book that you can read about how to deal with a Champions League win.”

Liverpool fought till the last game against Manchester City last season for the league title but lost it courtesy of a single point. Since then Pep Guardiola has seen a couple of big signings while Liverpool has been comparatively quiet by signing two young prodigies who will have very little contribution this season in the first team.

The Manchester City boss meanwhile has assured that there will be more additions to the City side that already looks well settled.

Klopp believes that his side is still capable of getting into the final of the Champions League for the third time in a row, but maintained that they would not be the favourites of the Premier League.

“Because they’ve won the league twice in a row. That’s one reason,” he said. “Ours was the first year on that level. We have to prove we can be on that level again. That’s how it is.”

“The 97 points were no coincidence but it’s not like we outplayed all the teams as we shot them out of the stadium constantly. We needed tied games, close games a lot. We were a real result machine last year, it was really, really impressive.”

“The champions are favourites. They didn’t lose a player – they have lost Kompany, sorry, and brought in another one. I knew they would do something [in the transfer market].”

“If somebody asks if we’re favourites in the Champions League we probably couldn’t deny it. We don’t think it’s like this, but then we are in the final twice in a row so obviously, we know the way to the final. Does that mean we will be in the final again? It doesn’t mean it, but it’s possible.”