The Senegalese attacker has played down the recent allegations of him diving and remains focused on the upcoming league fixture against the Cityzens.

Sadio Mane has insisted that he is not bothered about the recent allegations of him diving in order to get penalties, hurled by Manchester City boss, Pep Guardiola. “Sometimes he is diving, sometimes he has this talent to score incredible goals in the last minute,” said the gaffer.

This statement caused a furore among the Liverpool fanbase, following which both Jurgen Klopp and the player in question have responded, Mirror reports.

The comments came after Mane was booked in the recent Premier League clash against Aston Villa for a “dive” in the box which was not deemed to be a penalty by the referee. Klopp was quite straightforward in his response to the comments and said that, “Sadio is not a diver. There was a situation in the Villa game when he got a contact and went down but there was contact.”

When asked about the diving allegations made by Spaniard tactician, Sadio Mane, in a nonchalant manner, smiled and dismissed any indication of him simulating the game. He said, “I think it’s a bit clever from him to get the attention of the referee. But I will just play my football like I’m always doing. I don’t pay attention to what he’s saying because it’s part of football.”

“It doesn’t make anything for me. Even though I saw him commenting about it, what he said, for me, I think it’s positive!”

Speaking on the possibility of these comments coming ahead of the top-of-the-table clash against City probably be mind games and show a sign of concern from the 48-year-old gaffer, Mane added, “The only thing I can say for sure is, I will be ready for the team, to give everything possible and to help my team. If it could be a penalty for sure I will ‘dive’ again. If the dive will give me a penalty then I will do it to get it back! Why not? But what Jurgen said is correct. I do not dive.”

The 27-year-old further commented on the yellow card he was shown for a possible dive in the box against Villa.

“For sure it can happen in football and we have seen many people. Some diving and get penalties, some got a penalty and the referee didn’t give it. That’s football. You have to deal with it.”

Liverpool will face Manchester City in a huge clash between the top two sides in the standings on Sunday, 10 November. A win for the Reds will increase their lead to a massive nine points and make them favourites for the title.