The former Blues manager won his first ever league title in England on April 30, 2005.

Tottenham Hotspur boss Jose Mourinho has been engrossed in community service whilst the Premier League season has been suspended for the time being due to the COVID-19 outbreak. He has been volunteering to harvest fresh produce from Spurs’ training ground and deliver it to their stadium from where those are distributed to the people in need in the local community.

Sky Sports caught up with Mourinho for an exclusive interview where he said, “I miss football. But I prefer to say I miss our world, like I think we all do. Football is just part of my world. But we have to be patient, this is a fight that we all have to fight.”

The Lilywhites have taken a humanitarian approach towards the situation and opened up their stadium for patients of North Middlesex Hospital’s Women’s Outpatient Services. Jose Mourinho reflected upon that by stating, “You try to visualise what the normal day is here, the pre-match, the match, after the match, then you come here and just see an incredible hospital facility. I think it’s just fantastic.”

The former Manchester United manager understands the gravity of the scenario that they are entangled in at present.

However, Mourinho is in favour of completing the football season before starting off a new one. The talks for the same are still taking place but the 57-year-old presented his own viewpoint concerning the topic.

He explained, “If we play the remaining nine matches this season it will be good for every one of us. It will be good for football, for the Premier League.”

Mourinho continued, “If we play football behind closed doors I’d like to think that football is never behind closed doors. With cameras, it means that millions and millions are watching.

“So if one day we walk into this empty stadium, it will not be empty, not at all,” he said.

Jose Mourinho took over the reins at Tottenham Hotspur from Mauricio Pochettino back in November. As things stand currently, they are seven points behind the fourth-placed Chelsea and accordingly occupy the eighth spot in the points table.

Mourinho still has a considerable amount of work to do before he firmly aims for the Premier League title with Spurs. On the other hand, April 30th, 2020 marks the 15th year anniversary of his first ever English Premier League championship victory.

He had achieved that feat with Chelsea with a 2-0 win over Bolton in 2005. The gaffer reminisces that but harbors of the hope of replicating that achievement yet again.

Mourinho remarked with a tinge of desire, “I prefer to think that I’m going to have a fourth Premier League trophy. I have three, I prefer to think I’ll have four.”

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