The English Premier League is a Football match tournament that is played by 20 different teams. It is connected to the English Football League (EFL) for promotions and relegations. The seasons start in August and go on till May, next year. This gives a lot of time for people to keep predicting what is going to happen. They also help people get better at gambling without providing any concrete Football betting tips but with experience.   

People look at the predictions made by the experts and try to make some predictions of their own. This way, people end up enjoying betting, no matter how long the season goes on. Let us see a few predictions that can help you understand what you can expect from this year’s English Premier League. If you cannot wait, so can’t we!

Kevin De Bruyne To Make A Hattrick Of PFA Player Of The Year Wins

Kevin De Bruyne has won the PFA ‘Player Of The Year’ award for the past two seasons. It is predicted that he will get it this year also. He does not play many games to win this title like the other players. He can just win it in 25 matches. The other players vote for this award, and they normally vote for the things that they are not able to perform. However, Kevin De Bruyne can do all these things. 

In the beginning, the predictions were pointing towards Bruno Fernandes, but they changed. The predictions changed because Fernandes had shown a disappointing performance in 2020-2021. There was also a new player, Jadon Sancho, who came in and took the limelight of Bruno Fernandes. 

If Harry Kane Stays At Tottenham Hotspur, He Could Win The Golden Boot

A player needs to play vigorously to get hold of the Golden Boot. If Harry Kane stays in Tottenham Hotspur, he will be playing the role of the main man. With this, he plays every minute when he is fit enough to and scores many goals as well. However, this would not be the case if he made a big move to Manchester City. This will lead to him not playing every single game, and that will take away his chances of getting the Golden Boot. If Manchester City had their own game and a league, Harry Kane would be resting for these. That would also be a hindrance between him and the Boot. 

Everton And Brentford Could Be The Surprise Packages Of The 2021-2022 Season

The predictors think that Rafa Benitez has not moved to Everton for its sake. He is a great manager of the EPL and would not like to transfer just because of the market. After the unexpected transfer of Carlo Ancelotti to Real Madrid, the move of Rafa Benitez would only be progress for Everton. For Brentford, they are mind-blowing and entertaining to watch. Their performance is also exciting for viewers because it will be their first time in the EPL, and they have shown some splendid performances.

James Maddison Could Be A Surprise Rising Star This Season

England did not call James to play for the Euro 2020 championship. This will make the Premier League a fresh and energising experience for him. He went through an unfortunate injury last season and took some time to get over it. However, his comeback was way too soon and will be something that will prove his worth in the predictor’s opinion. People think that he will make a great impact this season. Hopefully, after his resting period, he is all set for a bang-on performance in the EPL!

Manchester City To Become The Winner Of The 2021-2022 Season

The viewers think this is a very obvious prediction and not a bold one. Four teams could win the game, and it is hard to predict that they will win. The four best teams have always competed with each other and got the trophy. The predictors think that Manchester City will beat all its competitors and get the trophy. 

The Bottom Line

Predictions on the EPL could end up being true or not. However, in any case, these predictions hold the highest possibility of occurring. So, preparing and bracing yourself for the same could be great for anyone who wishes to practice betting on the game as well. 

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