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  3  –  1 

                 Manvir Singh 48′, 69′          Hassan Bashir 87′                  

 Passi 83′                       

            Chaangte Red            Mhoshin Ali Red       


ITS ALL OVER!! The Final Whistle Goes and India take the win and the Match! The game was an attacking and taactical affair for the boys in blue but even Pakistan’s experienced Campaingners showed what they meant by business!

India not losing went a big big way to ensure that they safe guard their FIFA Ranking which was under Threat from Pakistan! Both Teams played remakably well!

This is Sabin Castelino from Khel Now’s Mumbai Desk, signing off!

90+3′ Defensive tactics being applied as Farukh launches the ball towards the Camera!

90+2′ The mathch is not seeming to get over! India is defending deep and Pak is incessant!

90+1′ Riaz looks determined to score as he has already had 3 shots off target in the last 2 minutes.

4 minutes added on!

87′ GOALLL!! Hassan Bashir!   

Sarthak’s Errors Catch up to him as he concedes a goal in the dying minutes of the game!

85′ Mohsin and Chhangte are sent off for violent behaviour!        

83′ GOALLLLL!!!! PASSI makes it 3 for India!! Birthday Gift to himself!! Farukh creates the ball for Ashique who floats it in and Passi accepts the Delivery!

81′ Manvir is Stretchered off! The brace scorer goes off the field! Passi takes his place.

80′ Manvir gets some Medical Aid and may have to be withdrawn!

78′ Pakistan Look Desperate for a chance but they ned composure over Panic!

77′ India has been Solid at the Back inspite of the defensive misgivings of young Davinder and Sarthak!

76′ Stephen and Venkatesh are having some serious discussions as Pakistan is amping up the attack!

Stat attack: India has conceded 6 fouls to Pakistans 5 upto this minute!

Substitution: Younus Out     Adil In

72′ Bashir tries to bring down the ball from a corner but Pakistan waste anither Opportunity

71′ Mehmood gets a Yellow as Tempers Flare in the middle of the pitch!

Vinit Rai also joins him in the book!


MANVIR is the man tonight as he doubles his lead after incessant attacks on the Pak bakline! What a night for the Indian Striker!!

Substitution: Nikhil Out   Lalianzuala In

67′ Nogueira has been complaining to the match officials about Subhashish’s throw ins! He seems to have a point but even Pakistan has thrown quite a few foul Throws!1


Qazi Stamps onto the back of Ashique but the Referee lets it go!!

65′ Naveed Ahmed Heads a ball towards the goal but Vishal Collects!

63′ Ashique Breaks the team into Counter attack but Nikhil Poojary wastes the chance with a ill-placed ball!

61′ The Thai Match Referee is doing an excellent Job of keeping the match in control and is ensuring Fair Play!

60′ Bose earns a free kick and India channel it in but lose possesion for Pakistan to break away!

59′ India win a Freekick from Farukh who is just charging on and on!

57′ Mehmood Khan comes Close and earns a corner! Pak come Close again but Vishal is here to collect!

56′ YELLOW to Manvir as he rises above the Pakistani Midfielder and knocks him down.

55′ India is looking more composed on the ball and are looking to sit behind with the lead in hand.

52′ India seemed to have found their dynamic duo in the form of Manvir and Farukh who have been pressing on to the defenders and forcing errors!

50′ Rai Concedes a freekick with a Body Check on Ali but in the ensuing Freekick Abdulah Recieves a Yellow for Pakistan!


Ashique charges on the left hand flank and Manvir makes a thrilling run to complement him and he makes sure that ball slots in behind Butt and into the Goal!!

46′ Nikhil Poojary delivers a cross which is headed behind for a Goal Kick!

Second Half Kicks OFF!

The First Half was a heated face off between the subcontinental rivals who have made sure that they will leave no stone unturned to rattle the opposition’s keepers!

India had the Cleaner Chances but Football is not a Clean game and India need to add some teeth to the attack before it is too late. But Hopefully Constantine doesnt resort to desperate measures like getting Passi in!

45+2′ Pakistan finish the half strongly and nearly led at the Half time whistle!

45+1′ Hassan Bashir Comes Close!!! India nearly concede a Goal in the dying minutes of the first half!

45′ Mohsin Ali has been making the Indian Team nervous as Mohammed Ali is charging down Davinder’s wing and forcing him into errors!

42′  India Concede a Freekick at the edge of the Penalty area! This was clearly Davinder’s doing and he needs to buck up before he makes things worse!

Here is Anirudh’s Touch Map:

41′ Nikhil Poojary on the right and Ashique on the left are dominating the proceedings!

40′ Ashique’s Pace is unmatched by the Pak Defence and he earns a corner for the Team!

38′ Farukh!!! The Ambernath Boy comes so close on the other end!!

38′ Pakistan Bungle! India Clear but Pak return with an array of shots all cleared or collected by Kaith!

36′ Indirect Freekick Awardeed inside the box to Pakistan!! Sarthak passes the ball to Kaith who commits the offence of Collecting it!

34′ Davinder times it wrong as Ali nearly drills in the ball! The effort goes narrowly wide!

33′ Great Act of Camraderie! Pakistan Captain Saddam slipped in to the mud and Anirudh Ensured he was back on to his feet!

32′ Vinit Rai makes an error in the middle of the park but his resolve is shwon as he wins back the ball immediately!

30′ Yousuf Butt needed some medical attention and now the game resumes

28′ Bose is playing like a boss and he is Captaining the Team very ably! For a 22 year Old it is a remarkable achievement!

27′ Ashique!! Again India Comes Close and Butt palms it away! The Wingers have been on Fire!1

26′ India are playing a variation of Total Football as the Whole Team moves up and down with Synchonicity.

24′ Choudhary dances into the final third and sets up Manvir who shoots straight to the on rushing Pakistan keeper Butt!

23′ The Earthquake and the Showers following it has made the pitch heavy and difficult to move in!

22′ Pakistan concede a Freekick and Kuruniyan Delivers a Peach of a Ball but the Ball is headed wide.

20′ Vinit and Thapa are making football unplayable for the Pakistani Midfield

18′ Farookh is championing the attack silently as he tries to make inroads and create chances for Manvir et al.

15′ Stephen Constantine would be well pleased to see that Pakistan is using similar tactics like the Indian Team does against much superior Opposition.

Long Balls are raining in from the Pakistani Backline!

13′ India put in a Long Throw through Bose and the ball is still in play in the attacking third as a result!

11′ Pakistani Team is showing goof composure on the ball and are trying to exert their command and experience but the Indian youth is shining through it.

9′ Manvir comes close again and are clearly asking Pakistani Defenders questions!

This is closely followed by 3 more shots as Subhashish Bose and Vinit Rai too Fire away at the goal!

8′ Manvir comes close!
We see the Indian attackers coming into the fray as they propel themselves ahead!

6′ India is looking a shaken at the back as Pakistan is using long ball tactics and Hassan shoots from a lose ball.

5′  Pakistan come close with Riyaz heading in a Freekick! But Kaith stands calm as it sails wide of the near post.

4′ Thapa is ruling the roost in the Centre of the pitch as we see him leading the pack.

2′ Subhashish has moved to the right and is helping the attack as he puts in a cross which is subsequently cleared away.

2′ Farukh is already darting down the right as he wins the corner.

1′: Pakistan Kick off the First half as they launch an attack with Ali trying to curl it in. Kaith collects.

The Boys in Blue in our new Home Kit are striding to the pitch as they get ready for the National Anthems.

Our Young Indian Team has taken to the pitch!

Will they slay our nieghbourhood rivals or are we going to see an upset:

On the other hand, the Pakistan Coach was all praises for the boys in blue as he acknowledged their might:

India are the numero uno in the region – Pakistan head coach José Antonio Nogueira

As we prepare for the much anticipated match up of the Tournament, here is some talk from the Indian Camp:

Everyone gets to feel the heat when an India-Pakistan match is scheduled- Shanmugam Venkatesh

This is the opposition line up as Pakistan ready themselves to face India:


The Line-up for the Indian Team is here:

Here is the Substitute line up:

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6:30 PM Hello everyone! It is an amazing evening here in the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka and it is a delight to host India’s SAFF Cup semi-final against arch rivals Pakistan. The weather is just perfect and all the spectators are also coming in to experience the two rivals plying their trade against each other this evening. This is your host Sabin Castelino, stay tuned and enjoy the game.

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