The 41-yeard-old will earn £1.35million during his 12 months back at Juventus.

Gianluigi Buffon rejoined Juventus for a one-year-deal from Paris Saint Germain and on the light of his return, his agent Silvano Martina reveals that Buffon turned down bumper offers from the Premier League to come back to Turin.

In an exclusive interview with MailOnline, the agent claims there were a few cash-rich deals waiting for the 41-year-old Buffon. He will reportedly earn £1.35million during his 12 months back at Juventus and by the end of his contract, he will decide whether to continue or enter management.

As per the contract with Juve, he is assured of playing at least 10 games to overtake Paolo Maldini as Serie A’s all-time leading appearance maker. 

Martina revealed to the MailOnline, “He had many offers, especially from the Premier League and from other large teams.”

He continued, “I don’t name names, it’s not in my style but I think you won’t have problems understanding.”

The Agents insists that Buffon wanted to come back, as he said, “Buffon has always made choices with his heart and never for his wallet. You can compare his return home to that of a husband who after an escapade can’t wait to hug his wife again.”

“Buffon’s love for Juventus is very strong”, added Martina.

“Turin is his home, it is a very important thing even for his family. Everyone lives in Turin and at the age 41, having the family always present is essential.”

Buffon first joined Juventus in 2001, at the age of 23 years. Since then he has won nine Serie A titles, one Serie B, four Coppa Italias and five Supercoppa Italiana.

But the Old Lady fans were of the opinion that Buffon would never leave their club and some of them felt betrayed when Buffon left for PSG last season.

Martina said, “I don’t think it was a betrayal to go to PSG. He didn’t stay in Italy. It was a quick, immediate offer. As his agent I advised him to accept considering all this as a nice thing and also to consider that it would provide a comfortable lifestyle for his large family.”