We look at ten skill moves made popular by some of the greatest footballers of all time…

As football fans we all have our heroes and more often than not they are asociated with a unique skill or move. One that we always try no replicate in a game of FIFA ora at the 5-a-side kickabout in the park.

So, here at Khel Now we decided to put together a list of 10 of the silkiest moves in the game popularised by players.

1. Cruyff Turn – Johan Cruyff


Feint, drag, turn and run. The simplicity of this move is remarkable. The move was first seen during the 1974 World Cup and is now one of the most popular dribble moves in modern football. Thank you Johan Cruyff.


 2. Panenka Penalty–Antonin Panenka


Some call it the revolutionary penalty, others call it a goalkeepers worst nightmare. Call it what you will, but what Antonin Panenka did during the 1976 Euro Final changed football forever.


3. Rainbow Flick/Sombrero/Lambretta-Neymar Jr 

Originally a move performed in the streets of New York City, the rainbow kick has become a sensation, especially in Brazil. Popularised by Neymar more recently, the rainbow kick is hard to pull off but looks great when done correctly. We will always jump in awe when we watch it in action.


4. Elastico– Ronaldinho

There is a lot of debate over where and when the Elastico, also known as the Flip-Flap, was started. It was popularised by Brazilian footballer Roberto Rivelino, however Rivelino himself credits Sergio Echigo with the move. What is certain is that the Brazilians have made it their own. The likes of Romario, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho have regularly used it during matches and now it is a mainstay within the sport.


5. Rabona–Diego Maradona 


The Rabona is less a trick, more a method of kicking the ball. If the Elastico was Brazilian, the Rabona is most definitely Argentinian. Ricardo Infante was first credited with the move, however it has since been used by many players across the globe. Players like Angel Di Maria and Erik Lamela are known to use it on a semi-regular basis.


 6. Marseille Turn–Zinadine Zidane

The origin of the name Marseille Turn is a mystery; it is also commonly known as La Roulette and the 360 turn. Popularised by Zinedine Zidane, the move has also been used by many other players such as Diego Maradona and Michael Laudrup.


7. Stop-Hop–Mane Garrincha

Arguably one of the greatest dribblers of all-time, Mane Garrincha made the Stop-Hop famous worldwide. What made the move so great was how simple it was. You simply hop over the ball to distract the defender and then with a quick movement you move the other way. Genius. 


 8. Step-Over – Luis Ronaldo 

The step-over may be the most common dribble trick in football, but there was no footballer who used it to perfection like Ronaldo. No, I do not mean Cristiano Ronaldo, I am talking about the great Brazilian striker Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima. The way in which his would move with ease while using the step-over was a joy to watch.


9. The Seal Dribble – Kerlon de Souza

The seal dribble is remarkable. You flick the ball up on to your head and dribble the ball using your forehead. It was popularised by Brazilian footballer Kerlon, but has also been used by an Italian by the name of Marco Nappi. It is extremely hard to challenge a player who does the seal dribble, something Dyego Coelho found out after being banned for his tackle on Kerlon.


10. Scorpion Kick – Rene Higuita


The scorpion kick, similar to the seal dribble, is not so common in modern football. The most famous use of a scorpion kick was not by an attacker, but by the Colombian goalkeeper Rene Higuita during a friendly match versus England. More recently however, we have seen it used in the Premier League by Olivier Giroud and Henrikh Mkhitaryan.