The nation’s premier inter-state competition features India’s best men and women kabaddi players.

The 67th Senior National Kabaddi Championship started on March 2nd in Jaipur, where the nation’s finest men’s and women’s kabaddi players are suiting up for their respective state sides and battle it out in the nation’s premier inter-state kabaddi competition.

The star-studded Men’s Indian Railways side featuring Pawan Sehrawat, Ravinder Pahal, Vikash Kandola and Dharmaraj Cheralathan among others will look to defend their title but are bound to face stern competition from 30 other teams vying for this coveted crown.

Including the men’s and women’s draw, the five-day competition will feature a total of 126 matches. 31 teams will compete in the men’s draw whereas the women’s draw will see 30 teams battle it out for the title.

The 31 teams in the men’s draw are split into eight pools (A-H), with pool A featuring three teams and the remaining seven holding four each. The pools are as follows:

Men’s pools

Group A: Railways, Gujarat, Jharkhand

Group B: Services, Panjab, Kerala (C. Direction), Assam

Group C: Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Manipur, Jammu & Kashmir

Group D: Haryana, Goa, Delhi, Tamil Nadu

Group E: Uttar Pradesh, Pondicherry, Tripura, Vidharbha

Group F: Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh

Group G: Odisha, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, West Bengal

Group H: Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chandigarh, Telangana

Likewise, in the women’s draw, the 30 teams competing for the title are split into eight pools, with Pool A and B consisting of three and the remaining pools (C-H) holding four teams each. Here’s how the teams are split:

Women’s pools

Group A: Railways, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra

Group B: Haryana, Jharkhand, Gujarat

Group C: Bihar, Assam, Tripura, Andra Pradesh

Group D: Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa, Pondechery

Group E: West Bengal, Kerala, Vidharbha, Chandigarh

Group F: Rajasthan, Odisha, Telengana, Karnataka

Group G: Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Manipur, Madya Pradesh

Group H: Punjab, Chhattisgarh, Jammu & Kashmir, (C. Direction)

With the exception of the three teams in Pool A of the men’s draw and Pool A B of the women’s draw, all other teams will compete in three matches during the Pool stage of the Senior National Kabaddi Championship, which will commence on March 2nd and conclude on March 4th

Post that, the top two teams from each Pool will qualify for the knockouts of the 67th Senior National Kabaddi Championship, starting with the round-of-16, followed by the quarter-finals. Both these rounds will be held on March 5th. The final day of the competition – March 6th – will feature the men’s and women’s semi-finals and final, following which two teams will be crowned winners of this prestigious tournament.

National Kabaddi Championship 2020 Fixtures and Results

2nd March 2020 Men’s Fixtures and Results: Day 1 Report

Match 1: Rajasthan 57-11 W: B: State Unit (Pool G)

Match 3: Gujarat 39-10 Jharkhand (Pool A)

Match 4: Services 51-33 Kerala (C: Direction) (Pool B)

Match 5: Maharashtra 47-24 Jammu & Kashmir (Pool C)

Match 6: Haryana 31-37 Tamilnadu (Pool D) 

Match 7: Uttar Pradesh 55-15 Vidharbha (Pool E)

Match 8: Karnataka 42-27 Madhya Pradesh (Pool F) 

Match 9: Uttarakhand 45-23 Orrisa (Pool G)

Match11: Himachal Pradesh 52-23 Manipur (Pool C) 

2nd March 2020 Women’s Fixtures and Results:

Match 1: Rajasthan 49-12 Karnataka (Pool F) 

Match 2: Delhi 33-15 Madhya Pradesh (Pool G) 

Match 3: Punjab 30-20 Kerala (C: Direction) (Pool H) 

Match 4: India Railway 33-32 Maharashtra (Pool A) 

Match 5: Haryana 54-23 Gujarat (Pool B) 

Match 7: Himachal Pradesh 70-10 Pondicheryy (Pool D)

3rd March 2020 Men’s Fixtures and Results: Day 2 Report

Match 2: Telangana 47-42 Chandigarh (Pool H)

Match 10: Chandigarh 51-34 Andhra Pradesh (Pool H)

Match 12: Punjab 52-19 Assam (Pool B) 

Match 13: Indian Railway 37-7 Jharkhand (Pool A) 

Match 14: Delhi 38-32 Goa (Pool D) 

Match 15: Pondicherry 36-11 Tripura (Pool E)

Match 16: Kerala 65-43 Chhattishgrah (Pool F) 

Match 17: Rajasthan 54-13 Orrisa (Pool G) 

Match 18: Bihar 47-21 Andhra Pradesh (Pool H) 

Match 19: Uttarakhand 62-38 West Bengal (Pool G) 

Match 20: Services 67-13 Assam (Pool B) 

Match 21: Himachal Pradesh 44-19 Jammu & Kashmir (Pool C) 

Match 22: Delhi 29-35 Tamilnadu (Pool D) 

Match 23: Pondicherry 53-34 Vidharba (Pool E) 

Match 24: Kerala 41-45 Madhya Pradesh (Pool F) 

Match 25: Indian Railway 33-16 Gujarat (Pool A) 

Match 26: Bihar 29-29 Chandigarh (Pool H) 

Match 27: Punjab 33-35 Kerala (C. Direction) (Pool B)

Match 28: Maharashtra 46-17 Manipur (Pool C)

Match 29: Haryana 47-16 Goa (Pool D)

3rd March 2020 Women’s Fixtures and Results:

Match 6: Assam 32-51 Andhra Pradesh (Pool C) 

Match 8: West Bengal 29-38 Chandigarh (Pool E) 

Match 9: Orissa 45-25 Telangana (Pool F) 

Match 10: Uttar Pradesh 52-19 Manipur (Pool G) 

Match 11: Chhattisgarh 44-6 Jammu & Kashmir (Pool H) 

Match 12: Tamilnadu 26-21 Maharashtra (Pool A)

Match 13: Jharkhand 38-21 Gujarat (Pool B) 

Match 14: Bihar 32-13 Andhra Pradesh (Pool C)

Match 15: Uttarakhand 48-33 Pondicheryy (Pool D) 

Match 16: Kerala 13-50 Chandigarh (Pool E)

Match 17: Orissa 40-25 Karnataka (Pool F) 

Match 18: Uttar Pradesh 29-20 Madhya Pradesh (Pool G) 

Match 19: Chhattisgarh 45-14 Kerala (C. Direction) (Pool H)

Match 20: Indian Railway 48-15 Tamilnadu (Pool A) 

Match 21: Haryana 29-23 Jharkhand (Pool B)

Match 22: Assam 57-11 Tripura (Pool C)

Match 23: Goa 57-27 Pondicheryy (Pool D)

Match 24: W. B. State Unit 42-20 Vidharbha (Pool E)

Match 25: Rajashtan 60-13 Telangana (Pool F) 

4th March 2020 Men’s Fixtures and Results: Day 3 Report

Match 30: Uttar Pradesh 34-4 Tripura (Pool E) 

Match 31: Karnataka 43-22 Chhattishgrah (Pool F) 

Match 32: Odisha v W. B. State Unit (Pool G) 

Match 33: Telangana 51-17 Andhra Pradesh (Pool H) 

Match 34: Services 34-22 Punjab (Pool B 

Match 35: Manipur 32-40 Jammu & Kashmir (Pool C) 

Match 36: Goa 24-52 Tamilnadu (Pool D) 

Match 37: Vidharbha v Tripura (Pool E)

Match 38: Chhattisgarh 26-45 Madhya Pradesh (Pool F)

Match 39: Rajasthan 55-27 Uttrakhand (Pool G) 

Match 40: Bihar 52-20 Telangana (Pool H) 

Match 41: Assam 17-45 Kerala (C. Direction) (Pool B) 

Match 42: Maharashtra 46-20 Himachal Pradesh (Pool C) 

Match 43: Haryana 42-30 Delhi (Pool D) 

Match 44: Uttar Pradesh 12-19 Pondicherry (Pool E) 

Match 45: Karnataka 56-39 Kerala (Pool F)

4th March 2020 Women’s Fixtures and Results:

Match 26: Delhi 68-22 Manipur (Pool G) 

Match 27: Punjab 43-10 Jammu & Kashmir (Pool H) 

Match 28: Bihar 43-9 Tripura (Pool C) 

Match 29: Himachal Pradesh 56-22 Goa (Pool D) 

Match 30: Kerala 23-44 Vidharbha (Pool E)

Match 31: Telangana 22-40 Karnataka (Pool F) 

Match 32: Manipur 23-46 Madhya Pradesh (Pool G) 

Match 33: Jammu & Kashmir v Kerala (C. Direction) (Pool H) 

Match 34: Tripura 1-7 Andhra Pradesh (Pool C) 

Match 35: Uttranchal 32-39 Goa (Pool D) 

Match 36: Vidharbha 11-43 Chandigarh (Pool E)

Match 37: Rajashtan 48-15 Orissa (Pool F)

Match 38: Delhi 25-28 Uttar Pradesh (Pool G) 

Match 39: Punjab 29-31 Chattishgarh (Pool H) 

Match 40: Bihar 39-9 Assam (Pool C) 

Match 41: Uttranchal 10-42 Himachal Pradesh (Pool D) 

Match 42: W. B. State Unit v Kerala (Pool E) 

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5th March 2020 Men’s Fixtures and Results:

Match 1: Indian Railways 45-35 Chandigarh (Pre-quarterfinal)

Match 2: Haryana 36-31 Pondicherry (Pre-quarterfinal)

Match 3: Rajashtan 53-33 Kerala (Pre-quarterfinal)

Match 4: Madhya Pradesh 36-53 Maharashtra  (Pre-quarterfinal)

Match 5: Services 43-14 Uttrakhand (Pre-quarterfinal)

Match 6: Himachal Pradesh 27-41 Karnataka (Pre-quarterfinal)

Match 7: Bihar 51-27 Gujarat (Pre-quarterfinal)

Match 8: Uttar Pradesh 30-28 Tamil Nadu (Pre-quarterfinal)

Match 9: Indian Railways 44-26 Haryana (Quarterfinal 1)

Match 10: Rajashtan 47-34 Maharashtra (Quarterfinal 2)

Match 11: Services 54-23 Karnataka (Quarterfinal 3)

Match 12: Bihar 31-39 Uttar Pradesh (Quarterfinal 4)

5th March 2020 Women’s Fixtures and Results:

Match 1: West Bengal 20-41 Himachal Pradesh (Pre-quarterfinal)

Match 2: Tamil Nadu 27-34 Chhattisgarh (Pre-quarterfinal)

Match 3: Andhra Pradesh 24-45 Rajasthan (Pre-quarterfinal)

Match 4: Haryana 38-21 Delhi (Pre-quarterfinal)

Match 5: Odisha 10-39 Bihar (Pre-quarterfinal)

Match 6: Uttar Pradesh 27-33 Jharkhand (Pre-quarterfinal)

Match 7: Goa 50-36 Chandigarh (Pre-quarterfinal)

Match 8: Indian Railways 31-26 Punjab (Pre-quarterfinal)

Match 9: Indian Railways 51-21 Goa (Quarterfinal 1)

Match 10: Jharkhand 26-21 Bihar (Quarterfinal 2)

Match 11: Haryana 40-27 Rajasthan (Quarterfinal 3)

Match 11: Chhattisgarh 20-32 Himachal Pradesh (Quarterfinal 4)

6th March 2020 Men’s Fixtures and Results:

Indian Railways 46-23 Rajasthan (Semifinal 1)

Services 49-31 Uttar Pradesh ( Semifinal 2)

Indian Railways 29-27 Services (Final)

6th March 2020 Women’s Fixtures and Results:

Indian Railways 39-18 Jharkhand (Semifinal 1)

Haryana 22-34 Himachal Pradesh ( Semifinal 2)

Indian Railways 40-34 Himachal Pradesh (Final)