A team is allowed to use three FBM cards in an auction.

An FBM (Final Bid Match) card is a rule in Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) auction that allows a team to retain a player by matching the final bid called for that particular player by another team. The condition required for using FBM is that the player must be released from the same team which is using the FBM card.

FBM card has been in action since season 6 auction of PKL. A team is allowed to use three FBM cards in an auction. FBM card is a dangerous card for the opponents as a player can be snatched away at the last moment by the previous team. Many teams have used this card wisely in previous auctions and have gained their important players back through it. Let’s take a look at the most expensive players retained using FBM cards:

10. Rishank Devadiga (Rs 61 lacs)

Rishank Devadiga is an ace player for any team he is a part of. He has been an amazing asset for U Mumba in the starting seasons and later for UP Yoddhas. Rishank played as a right raider in the respective teams he played for and has 645 raid points and 78 tackle points under his name in his PKL career. UP Yoddhas retained him by using an FBM card in the seventh season for an amount of Rs 61 lacs where they matched the bid of Puneri Paltan and snatched the ace player in the final moments.

9. Ravinder Pahal (Rs 61 lacs)

Ravinder Pahal is a right-corner defender. He has some outstanding stats to support his quality of defending. In 141 matches, he has won 336 tackle points for his teams and 22 raid points as well. In the history of PKL, he has played for four different teams and will be playing for his fifth team – Gujarat Giants in PKL 2022. Delhi Dabang KC retained Ravinder using FBM in the seventh season for an amount of Rs 61 lacs where they matched the bid of Tamil Thalaivas who were fighting for Pahal from the base price while Dabang Delhi used their card wisely to retain Pahal who later won 59 tackle points for them.

8. Chandran Ranjit (Rs 70 lacs)

Chandran Ranjit played as a left raider. Delhi Dabang KC retained Ranjit for an amount of Rs

70 lacs in season 7. Chandran has proved himself an amazing raider with 473 raid points and 30 tackle points under his name. Delhi Dabangs KC retained him by matching the bid of Puneri Paltan. He later on successfully won 126 raid points for his team that year to prove the decision of the franchise correct.

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7. Shrikant Jadhav (Rs 72 lacs)

Another left raider was retained by his franchise through an FBM card. Up Yoddhas retained Shrikant Jadhav through FBM twice in two consecutive seasons (Season 7&8). He was first retained for the price of Rs 68 lacs and for Rs 72 lacs for the second time. The two-time retention reflects his high skills and team contribution. Jadhav won 152 raid points in season 7. Whereas in season 8 he managed to win only 92 raid points in his 190 total raids for the Yoddhas and this year in the 9th season he will be a part of the Bengal Warriors camp.

6. Parvesh Bhainswal (Rs 75 lacs)

The left corner defender was a very important part of the Gujarat Giants franchise. Giants retained Parvesh by using the FBM card in season 7. The Giants matched the bid of Telugu Titans for Rs 75 lacs and got their tough defender back for the same price. Parvesh has won 300 tackle points in his career and out of these 300 points, 54 points came in the seventh season where he was retained using FBM. He was once again retained in the 8th season by Gujarat Giants but will be playing for Telugu Titans in the 9th season of PKL.

5. Mahender Singh (Rs 80 lacs)

Mahender Singh is a left corner defender who has been an integral part of Bengaluru Bulls. He has been purchased back using FBM twice in the PKL history by the Bulls. Mahender was retained back in season 7 using FBM by matching the bid of Telugu Titans of Rs 80 lacs and again in season 8 for Rs 50 lacs by the Bulls. He has had an amazing run for the Bulls where he has 238 tackle points under his name with a high 78.71% average time on the mat.

4. Sachin (Rs 81 lacs)

Sachin is a right raider and is a growing Indian talent. He has improved throughout the PKL seasons. He is retained by Patna Pirates for the upcoming 9th season using the FBM card. Sachin was retained for an amount of Rs 81 lacs in this season. He has been an amazing prospect for the Pirates in the previous season where he won 172 raid points and he has 703 raid points under his name in his career.

3. Pardeep Narwal (Rs 90 lacs)

Pardeep Narwal is an established name in the Kabaddi world. He is a left raider with 1408 raid points under his name in 2381 total raids. Pardeep got retained by using an FBM card for the upcoming 9th season of PKL for an amount of Rs. 90 lacs by UP Yoddhas. Narwal started his journey under Patna Pirates, bought by UP Yoddhas in the 8th season. UP Yoddhas yet again retained him in the 9th season by using FBM after he delivered 188 raid points in season 8 for them.

2. Nitin Tomar (Rs 1.2 crores)

Nitin Tomar is another established name in the Pro Kabaddi League. He is an outstanding all-rounder who plays as a left-raider and right-corner defence. Tomar has a total of 644 points under his belt, out of which 587 points came as raid points and the other 57 came as tackle points. He was retained twice using the FBM card. Both times he was retained by the Puneri Paltans. In season 7, he was retained for an amount of Rs 1.2 crores whereas in season 8 for an amount of Rs 61 lacs.

1. Siddharth Sirish Desai (Rs 1.3 crores)

Siddharth Desai is a left raider who is the most expensive retain through FBM by any team in the history of PKL. Telugu Titans retained him for an amount of Rs 1.3 crores in season 8. He had an amazing run in season 6 and season 7 where he scored more than 200 raid points each season but only played three matches in the 8th season due to a wrist injury where he was retained by Telugu Titans. In his Kabaddi career, Desai has scored 582 raid points and will be looking for a better comeback after his injury in the 9th season. Telugu titans bought him for an amount of Rs 20 lacs.

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