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Chennai City renamed Baako Chennai City after Hong Kongese investment


Chennai City on Sunday night announced that the club would henceforth be called Baako Chennai City, with self-professed premium shoe manufacturer Baako buying stakes in the club.

Baako, a Hong Kong-based firm, have become the co-owners of the club, and former sole owner Rohit Ramesh branded the rebranding a historic moment, stating the coalition could shape the future of the club, which is still in its infancy.

“This is a historic moment for the club because Chennai City will henceforth be called Baako Chennai City,” said Rohit. “The strategic alliance is something, which can shape the future of the club. Renaming Nethaji Football Club, which was formed in 1946, as Chennai City ensured we played well in the local league. Now, the newest change may signal success in the I-League. Maybe, we will win the title next year.”

The WTF Infotainment LLP owner also announced the potential launch of football academies in every district in Tamil Nadu, with the club launching its first academy in Erode, the state’s largest district, in the summer. He said: “Our association with Baako is a huge step for the club. We’re looking to set up the first Baako Chennai City Academy in Erode after the league is over. We’ll be looking into starting five or six more academies across Tamil Nadu. We’re targeting every district in Tamil Nadu. After starting an academy in Erode, we’ll look into starting one in all 32 districts."

“The major aim is to provide a platform for Tamil Nadu players. With the momentum and structure we have, we’re sure we can cultivate good players in the state.”

With the I-League-Indian Super League merger just around the corner, Rohit brought up the prospect of Baako Chennai City being involved in the resulting league. He said, “With Baako coming on board, we’re sure we can push for something more in the coming years. This is progress. Baako Chennai City is going to be here in the long term. If things go well, we could even compete in the Indian Super League, according to All India Football Federation.”

Koh Soon Pheng, Director of Baako, expressed his delight to be associated with the state’s first I-League team. “Baako views sports and fitness regimens as a way of living and promotes the healthy lifestyle habits of the mankind in many aspects,” said Koh. “Our experts and shoe constructors are working on sportswear range, too.

“CCFC is a budding team in I-League and has stood for a fair and sporty approach to every game it plays. It’s an aspirational team and always eyes for a podium finish in this prestigious league. This resonates with what our brand stands for. We are happy to be associated with CCFC.”

Although Baako Chennai City’s official social media handles still have not been renamed, the club is expected to do so in the coming days.

Published: Tue Jan 24, 2017 11:00 AM IST


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