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I-League 2017-18 Full Time: Minerva Punjab FC 0-1 East Bengal

Written by: Sourav Neogi


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The second half saw both the teams going on attacking runs frequently. Minerva Punjab created quite a ruckus in the midfield as well as in the backline as the visitors were robbed off a penalty in the second half as well. However, Lobo's stunner breached Minerva's backline at the end, which helped the Red and Gold to snatch all three points against the Warriors. Logging off, this is your host Sourav Neogi. See you later.

90'+5' That's it! The Minerva juggernaut is down! The Kolkata giants have done it! It is Minerva Punjab 0-1 East Bengal!

90'+2' Yellow card for East Bengal. Ubaid C.K. is shown a yellow card by the referee.

90' Five minutes of extra time is added by the assistant referee to the game. It is a do-or-die moment for the hosts, as they will look to equalize the game for a single point.

89' Substitution for Minerva Punjab. Souvik OFF, Girik IN.

88' Katsumi Yusa takes a corner but the shot goes wide. The Japanese maestro haven't been in his blistering form in this game but is still a delight to watch while playing.

85' CHANCE FOR MINERVA! Chencho sends in a delightful cross for William but the forward heads it out wide! WASTED!

84' Rafique tries to find the exact same spot in the bar from where Lobo scored but his shot goes slightly wide as the ball goes outside of the game.

81' Opoku with another long-ranger but the ball goes wide out of the nets. Chance wasted.

78' Yellow card for East Bengal. Mahmoud Al Amnah is awarded a yellow card by the referee.

75' Substitution for East Bengal. Rafique ON, Lobo OFF.

74' Cavin Lobo is injured and is being taken out of the pitch on stretchers. Looks like there is going to be a change shortly. 

72' Chance for Minerva Punjab FC! Chencho takes a long ranger from just outside the box but the ball goes directly to the keeper's hands.

71' Yellow card! Bali Gagandeep is awarded a yellow card by the referee. 

70' Amnah with a brilliant forward pass just in front of the Minerva box. Danmawia picks it up and goes on a short run before crossing it for Dudu but the striker could not get a hold of it. The ball goes out of the game.

67' East Bengal could have had another chance there. Laldanmawia charges along with an aerial ball but Limbu smells the danger and comes out to collect the ball. Tough luck for East Bengal.

64' Kassim takes down Al Amnah with a rash challenge from behind. The referee warns the forward before letting him go without a card.

62' Substitution for Minerva Punjab FC. Rakshit Dagar OFF, Kiran Limbu ON.


59' Salam Ranjan Singh with another cross intended for Ansumana Kromah in the opposition box but the attacker could not control the ball well as it went into the hands of the keeper.

57' Substitution for Minerva Punjab. Bazzou OFF, Abhishek ON.

55' Eric Dano is injured and looks like the foreigner is leaving the field for medical attention. Substituion also remains a probablity. 

53' Dudu finds Kromah with a cross from the left wing but the Liberian could not reach the ball in the air. Laldanmawia Ralte tries to take a shot but it is too late as Minerva defenders takes control of the situation. Wasted once again.

51' Sukhdev Singh with a free kick from the 30 yards but the ball goes way above the post and out of the game. Wasted.

48' Salam Ranjan Singh with a pinpoint cross which finds it way to Eric Dano's hands but the referee denies any involvement of a handball. The East Bengal players protests but the match resume anyway.

46' The second half is now up as the gameplay resumes. Don't go anywhere.

Although the match was being considered as one of the highest voltage games in the I-League this season, the first half failed to live up to its expectations. The gameplay in the first half displayed a slow brand of football, much of which is owed to the condition of the pitch due to the rain last night. Although Minerva looked dominant on the wings, East Bengal created a chance in the first half where youngster Yami Longvah failed to convert it into a goal before being substituted off in a few moments. Be back with more actions in the second half, stay tuned.

45'+2' And this is it! The referee whistles and indicates the end to the first half. Minerva Punjab 0-0 East Bengal.

45' Two minutes extra time is added by the assistant referee to the first half. Can any of the sides break the deadlock?

44' Katsumi goes down with a tackle from Souvik. The Japanese gets up and looks like he is not happy with the tackle and goes on to say some things to the Minerva footballer. The referee interferes and resumes the game.

41' Corner for East Bengal but the ball fails to find its way behind Rakshit Dagar and goes back inside the play. 

38' Chencho's corner. The ball goes to the far post but is headed out by East Bengal defenders. Bazzou Armand tries to put the ball behind Ubaid but it is too late for the midfielder.

36' Substitution for East Benga. Longva OFF, Kromah ON.

33' CHANCE FOR EAST BENGAL! Dudu takes the ball upfront after going around two Minerva defenders and passes the ball to Yami Longva who fails to beat Dagar in front of him! WASTED!

30' It's the half-hour mark in the game and both the sides are yet to capitalize. Bazzou Armand and Gagandeep bali have been the standout performers for the hosts while Al Amna and Cavin Lobo have displayed some amazing efforts for the visitors.

28' Minerva is trying to capitalize on East Bengal's right wing but Lobo and Mondal's activity is denying them an opportunity in the final third. 

25' Chullova takes the ball forward on the left wing and passes to Longvah. The wide player could not control the ball as the possession goes back to Minerva once again. Wasted!

23' Amnah trying to take the ball up the right wing but his cross is intercepted by Minerva defenders and goes back into the game with the Blues' hold on it.

21' Minerva right back Kamalpreet Singh is down with an injury after a collision with Yami Longvah. The medical crew have come in and the footballer is receiving medical attention.

18' The pace of the game have been slow however that is not keeping the fans to support their sides. The home fans are cheering quite loudly for the Warriors while East Bengal Ultras are also attending the game and cheering for the visitors.

14' Mahmoud Al Amna is being kept with contention by the Minerva defenders. The Syrian midfielder tries to go on a forward run but quickly intercepted and brought down by Gagandeep Bali. 

12' William Opoku with a freekick from the midfield but the ball goes straight to Ubaid's hands after being headed by Amandeep Singh.

9Looks like Bazzou Armand has been given a more attacking role in his new side. The former East Bengal player is roaming around the East Bengal box, trying to link up with Kassim in the wide areas.

7' Looks like Longvah is having a tough time coping up against Kamalpreet Singh. Singh denied the attacker a chance to get to the ball as Longvah chased behind it.

5' Minerva keeping the ball at their feet more. However, East Bengal is more fluent on the ball as the Kolkata giants are going for counter attacks the moment they are intercepting the ball. Salam Ranjan Singh with some slick movements down the wings.

3' Raining in the last night have made the pitch harder for the players to move on. Arnab Mondal has already slipped once, Bazzou also looked like he slipped while taking a shot towards the East Bengal bars.

1'  Laldanmawia scores within seconds but the referee calls for an offside. Tough luck for the wide player!

02:00 AM PEEEEEEP! The referee whistles to indicate the start of the game! Minerva Punjab FC takes on East Bengal! 

01:55 AM The players are coming out of the tunnel and to the field. Stay tuned ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be an absolute delight of a match!

01:50 AM The last time Minerva faced East Bengal, the Warriors drew 2-2 against the Kolkata giants. The two sides have played three games until today with East Bengal winning two of the games and drawing one!

01:45 AM Despite having a six-point deficit, East Bengal head coach Khalid Jamil had revealed that the I-League winning coach does not feel a win against Minerva Punjab will guarantee the I-League trophy to the Red and Gold. Minerva gaffer Khogen Singh later agreed to his East Bengal counterpart and revealed he is considering every game as equally important. 

01:40 AM The starting lineups are here. This is how both the sides are going to line up.

Minerva Punjab FC: Rakshit Dagar (GK), Sukhdev Singh, Chencho Gyeltshen, Bali Gagandeep, Bazzou Armand, Souvik Das, Kassim Aidara, Kamalpreet Singh, Eric Dano, William Opoku, Amandeep Singh.

East Bengal: Ubaid C.K. (GK), Arnab Mondal, Lalramchullova, Mahmoud Al Amna, Cavin Lobo, Katsumi Yusa, Eduardo Fereira, Laldanmawia Ralte, Salam Ranjan Singh, Yomi Longvah, Machpherlin Dudu.

01:35 AM The most important match for both Minerva Punjab and East Bengal this season, both the sides are looking forward to winning this one. A single win could put East Bengal in the driver's seat at the league table whereas a loss could see Minerva's luck running out at last.

01:30 AM Hello everyone, it is a wonderful day in Punjab and it is a delight to host a title decider here. Far from the expected gloomy, the weather here is just perfect for a high voltage football game between the two I-League behemoths, Minerva Punjab FC and East Bengal. Stay tuned and enjoy the commentary with Khel Now Football! 

Published: Tue Feb 13, 2018 04:01 PM IST


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