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I-League 2017: Shillong Lajong Vs Chennai City Full Time

Written by: Punit Tripathi


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Thank you for joining me in this live commentary of this exciting match. Shillong Lajong went home with the three points, helped by brace from Dipanda Dicka. 
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The match did not have any upsets for the audiences as the Lajong team played out a confident 2-0 win. Chennai City FC tried to change the scenario in the second half, but to no avail. The home side was led magnificently by Dipanda Dicka, who scored a goal each in both halves. The midfield was well led by Yuta Kinowaki, the Japanese putting in another strong shift. Shillong keep rising up the table and will look to keep their performances positive.

Chennai City FC, on the other hand, slumped to their 4th defeat and are just ahead of Minerva Punjab on the table. The team needs to find more inspiration in the midfield to give the balls to their strikers, Vinicius and Charles De Souza. The visitors will also hope to have a better defensive structure in the next game, if they are to get anything out of this season. 

90 + 4': The last chance goes begging for the visitors as a header is sent wide from the Lajong goal by Mawla. Shillong wins the three points. 

90 + 2': The match is well over for the visitors as the hosts keep up the incessant pressure. Charles De Souza takes a shot for the visitors, only to be parried away for a corner in the dying minutes.  

87': Marcus Vinicius (Tank) makes way for Lalnum Malwa as Chennai still look for their first goal. 

86': Dicka is announced the man of the match for his two-goal performance so far. The striker is surely looking for his hattrick. Dicka is currently leading the scorers' chart with Vineeth.  

83': Former Indian midfielder Denson Devadas gets a yellow for a poor foul in the middle of the park. Has looked over-eager at times and have made a number of similar fouls. 

82': Heated exchanges between Rupert Nongrum and Raju as the winger tries to get to the end of a brilliant through ball from Isaac. Ranjit Bakshi sorts the matter. 

80': Lajong cruising to a comfortable win. Singto's men knocking the ball around, playing a brilliant possession based game.

74': Another free kick to Chennai in a good position. Just outside the box on the left, an area where strikers prefer to curl it into. Amiri standing on it again and curls in just wide. Chennai growing closer.  

71': Nongrum takes the audience to its feet with a brilliant Cryuff turn on the edge of the pitch on the right wing. The audieince is tirelessly singing, "Lajong... Lajong..."

70': Corner from Isaac and a good ball in by the youngster. Dicka gets a free chance to tap in but couldn't connect well. Samuel, too, missed a chance as Abhra Mondal collects.

67': Easily controlled by Vishal Kaith. On target but with no real power, Amiri wastes another chance to pull one back.

66': Chennai wins a free-kick in a good area, just outside the box. Amiri standing on the ball with Raju. 

64': Amiri is the guilty defender as Dicka finishes from point blank range after a long ball from a free-kick.

64': DICKA Scores! The second goal of the match and the striker's fifth of the season. 

62': Tamang gets a poor yellow as Ranjit Bakshi takes the name into his book. The game is slowly increasing in intensity and Singto has brought Bipin Singh on for Tlang. 

58': Free flowing parks all over the park. Both teams must calm down to keep controlling the tempo of the game. 

53': Chennai trying a few long balls into the box with De Souza and Tank staying in and around the box. Much better football and attempt from the visitors. 

49': Chennai building on the pressure with continuous attacks. Shillong must slow the pace down on the other side of the pitch, keeping the ball as forward as possible.

46': Chennai show intent. Raju sends a good ball in to Tank, who's touch is heavy and it goes to Kaith. Chennai City needs to show this intent. 

First half review: 

After 2 minutes of injury time, the home side is easily the better team on the pitch. Dicka has given the lead to Shillong and Chennai would need to do something very special to get even a point. The visitors should need to concentrate and play with the ball at their feet. THe men-in-yellow will need to give the ball to Tank and De Souza, easily their inspirers on the pitch. 

45': Good free kick for Lajong as De Souza brings a Lajong player down just outside the Chennai box. Lalliampuia takes the free-kick. Abhra collects it comfortably. 

43': Prashant delivers a brilliant ball in from the left. De Souza misses a header and a rasping drive from Raju just goes wide.

40': Free kick to Chennai in a good area. Left side of the box but Raju delivers a very poor ball. 

39': Vishal Kaith only needing to collect easy balls as Chennai keep putting balls in the box.

37': Chennai losing composure with flying fouls coming in. Tank leading the way, giving away cheap fouls as Lajong keep settling down on the artificial turf.

30': Lajong FC controlling the tempo of the game with corss field passes and good off-the-ball runs. The visitors will need to start trying harder to have any point from the game. 

24': Brilliant attacks from Lajong, but Abhra Mondal saves the visitors. Brilliant corner and a header from Dicka and then, Nongrum tries a shot only to be parried away by Mondal.

22': Lajong having the early momentum, getting the first goal of the game. They're playing a better game and are creating the better chances.

20': Brilliant cross from Isaac and Dicka heads in from the 6 yard box line! 

20': DICKA Scores!

19': Prashant tries to release De Souza. Chennai is given a free in the attacking third. 

17': Lajong win a free kick in the centre of the park. Sana heads towards goal, parried away for a corner. The corner is wasteful as Chennai wins a free-kick for a foul.

15': Lajong tries to score with three chances. Abhra Mondal makes a good save.

13': De Souza tries to make things happen as the former Sao Paolo forward makes a daunting run in the centre of the pitch.  

08': Things looks to be heating up as Tank makes two poor fouls on the Shillong left-back consecutively.

03': A good cross from the left for Chennai FC coming in, only to be collected by the goalkeeper. A good long ball to Tamang but the stand-in captain heads just wide.

01': Shillong Lajong is controlling the initial proceedings. The home team is pressing hard and is trying to ruffle the visitors. 

04:35 PM: Both teams affected by the lowering temperatures, trying to warm up just before the start of the game. Ranjit Bakshi will be officiating the game. 

04:30 PM: Both the teams make their way to the centre of the pitch.

 04:20 PM: The starting line-ups are out!

Shillong Lajong FC: Kaith, Tamang, Nongrum, Shadap, Sana, Lalmuanpuia, Dicka, Chhakchhuak, Tiang, Singh, Kinowaki

Baako Chennai City FC: Mondal, Celestine, Karuthadathkuni, De Souza, Vanspaul, Vinicius, Amiri, Caldeira, Mangang, Clemente, Sena

04:10pm Hello and welcome to the I-League game between Shillong Lajong and Chennai City. This is your host Punit Tripathi live from Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

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Published: Tue Jan 31, 2017 06:55 PM IST


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