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IFA Shield Final Full Time: East Bengal 1-1(4-2) Mohun Bagan

Written by: Uttiyo Sarkar


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             Dip Saha 79'                  Sourav Das 47'


East Bengal were just the better side on the day and win their 29th IFA Shield title by beating their prime rivals. After 20 years, Bengal have ousted the Mariners in the IFA Shield. The players have gone beserk after the win and are celebrating with their fans. Mohun Bagan will rue that horrific mistake by Daiwary which effectively cost them the game. But East Bengal will take this victory all day long and have started life under QUESS Corporation fantastically. 

5:25 PM DIP SAHA SCORES AND EAST BENGAL WIN THE 122ND IFA SHIELD TITLE! Debnath did well to judge it but couldn't save the powerful penalty, as the East Bengal midfielder is hero on the day. 

5:24 PM Subha Ghosh hits an accurate penalty which barely beats Roy on the right hand. 3-2! 

5:23 PM Rohlupia calmly takes his penalty and puts East Bengal 3-1 up!

5:22 PM A great penalty from Debanna Chakraborty finally puts Bagan on the board. 2-1!

5:20 PM DEBNATH SAVES GHOSH's PENALTY! A great diving save from the subbed keeper, who keeps his side in the game. 

5:19 PM ROY SAVES LALTHAN KHUMA's PENALTY! A terrific diving save from the keeper, who correctly predicts Khuma's shot and brilliantly saves. 

5:18 PM Lalcchanhima calmly scores his own penalty! East Bengal are 2-0 up here. 

5:17 PM DIDWN HAZOWARY MISSES! He takes an awful penalty which is scuffed way wide of the post. 

5:16 PM Captain Jhantu Prasad scores! He calmly takes his penalty to put East Bengal one-up. 

5:14 PM Mohun Bagan substitute their goalkeeper! Daimary goes off for Avijit Debnath. 

120' And we are moving into penalties here at the Barasat Stadium!! Who can turn out to be the hero for their sides? Ayan Roy or Asanja Daimary, who is under intense pressure right now. Stay tuned to get updates of the penalty-shootout!

119' East Bengal try for a world-class winner when a powerful shot from a long way out is cautiously parried out by the shaky Daimary.

114' Mohun Bagan receive a free-kick from a promising position but the corresponding sees the ball blast into the stands. 

110' East Bengal create a decent move through Lalcchanhima, who tricks his way towards the Mariners box and takes a shot, which is deflected for a corner. 

107' A terrific start from East Bengal who see their right-winger Subhanil Ghosh come nto the game and breeze his way into the box, but his indecisiveness in the end cost them a chance to score. 

106' The 2nd period of the extra-time kicks off!

105' Some tired legs in the middle aren't helping the tempo of the game at all. These young lads are absolutely exhausted thanks to the conditions and are just passing around the ball as the first half of ET comes to an end. 

100' East Bengal create a few decent chances, with the most promising one seeing Lalcchanhima make a decent pass to the right, but the ball is too powerful for hi to hold properly. 

96' Mohun Bagan receive another free-kick from a promising area, but the Mariners player tries to be too clever and pays for it by watching his shot go way off target. 

93' Extra-time has gotten off to quite the electric start with both teams attacking from the get-go. Both Bagan and Bengal created half-chances but haven't been able to penetrate into the box yet. 

91' And extra-time gets underway!

90+3 And that was the final attempt of the half! We are now moving into extra time under these heated conditions. East Bengal look favorites to win from this point, but can Mohun Bagan find a way to win the game? Stay tuned folks!

90+2 East Bengal attempt a late surge into goal and a decent pass from Dip Saha finds Lalcchanhima, who despite being through on goal is judged offside. 

87' East Bengal's Ayan Roy finds himself in hot water after intentionally pushing and throwing down a Mohun Bagan player. The keeper is lucky to have a lenient referee who lets it pass and could've been sent off on another day. 

85' Close for Bagan! The Mariners receive a set-piece and cause problems for Bengal with it, as a terrific cross is met with the header of Debanna Chakraborty, who sees his shot breeze just past the post. 

81' That was a Karius moment from Daimary, who will have to live with the shame of making that horrific mistake despite being so good throughout the game. East Bengal now look pumped up to get the winner.

79' GOALLL!! BENGAL EQUALIZE! An absolute horrific mistake from the Mohun Bagan keeper. A long range shot which should've been saved goes through the legs of Daimary and even though he barely manages to keep it out, Dip Saha comes in to put the ball into the back of the net. 1-1!

76' ANOTHER BIG CHANCE FOR BENGAL! A terrific pass through the right-flank sends Dip Saha free on goal, but he cannot put it past the excellent Asanja Daimary, who bravely comes up and saves his side from conceding. 

74' Mohun Bagan makes another change as Lalthan Khuma is taken off for Deep Bag. The East Bengal players aren't pleased at how slowly the substitution is made. 

73' East Bengal's goal is ruled out! Some impressive work from Dip Saha sees the midfielder send in a clever pass into the box to a Prasad who was free and scored past Daimary, but was judged offside to rue the Red and Gold Brigaders celebrations.

70' East Bengal are wasting precious chances for themselves. Some good movement on the left-flank and a decent cross into the middle tests Bagan's resolve, but the rebound shot from the outside is an extremely poor one which goes  wide of the mark. 

68' A nasty challenge on Molla held up play for sometime and wasted precious time for Bengal. The Red and Gold Brigaders make another change with PC Rohlupia coming on for M Roger. 

65' The Mariners created problem for themselves when a botched clearance from Asif Ali Molla helps Lalcchanhima run free through on goal, but his ambitious attempt from a tight angle doesn't even reach the goal. 

63' Mohun Bagan make a change as Samar Kumir goes off for Debanna Chakraborty. 

62' The first substitution of the game. Saurav Mondal has to make way for Subhanil Ghosh. 

61' The first drinks break of the half. Both the teams need a breather after such an electric start to the half. 

59' East Bengal receive another promising free-kick from the edge of the box, which is sent in brilliantly by Lalcchanhima, but is expertly cleared out for a corner by the Mariners. 

56' CLOSE FOR BENGAL! The Red and Gold Brigaders earn a free-kick right outside the box, which is taken really well by Saurav Mondal, who is unlucky to see it whisker just wide of goal. 

54' Mohun Bagan created another chance by pouncing on East Bengal's mistake as Subha Ghosh does well to power his way into the box, but cannot control the ball properly inside the box, allowing Ayan Roy to collect it. 

52' East Bengal receive a free-kick from a long way out, but it was taken pretty well by Lalcchanhima, but the header which meets his delivery is a very poor one. 

48' This goal seems to have been a wake-up call for Bengal. They are aiming to get an instant equalizer, but a foul results in some more heated scenes in the middle.

47' GOOALLL!!! MOHUN BAGAN LEAD! A dangerous throw in creates all sorts of problems for East Bengal's defenders, whose inability to clear the ball helps it lead it Sourav Das, who cleverly puts it into the net. 

46' Mohun Bagan kicks off the 2nd half!

3:32 PM The players are coming out into the field. The 2nd half will kick off in just a few minutes. Stay tuned folks!

3:30 PM The 2nd half will resume in a few minutes time. The dire conditions of the half has quite obviously tired them out but being a pivotal Kolkata Derby, one of these sides needs to weather the storm and come out on top to win bragging rights. 

45' BIG CHANCE FOR BENGAL! Sourav Mondal sends in a terrific ball from the right wing which fools all the defenders and finds its way to Lalcchanhima, who despite having an open goal ahead of him, miscontrols horribly and allows Daimary to collect the ball. This also ends the half!

44' Lalcchanhima is the one creating all the problems for Bagan as he again finds some space and wriggles inside the box on his own, but his weak shot slowly crawls wide off the target. 

42' East Bengal are playing on the attack, but can't manage to get into the box because of Bagan's rigid defense. The Red and Gold Brigaders have started playing cautiously as they dont want to be caught out in the counter-attack. 

39' Some heated scenes here at the Barasat Stadium. There's some sloppy scuffling inside the box before the ball rolls back to the keeper, only for Lalchhanhima to stick in a leg and foul a rival player. The East Bengal #10 is lucky to not get booked. 

36' East Bengal's Lalcchanhima steals the ball from the Mariners defense and passes it to Prasad, who again drifts in and takes a shot which goes sailing way over. 

31' East Bengal finally unlock Mohun Bagan's defense when captain Jhantu Prasad finds some space and takes a shot from outside the box, which goes way wide of the target. 

28' ANOTHER drinks break takes place! The awful heat in the ground is not allowing these young lads to play their natural game. 

26' Both sides are currently blocking each other out in midfield and not letting any chances being created. The terrible conditions aren't helping either. 

22' East Bengal's Lalcchanhima shows signs of his danger by going on an electric run on the right, before sending in a cross which is initially scuffled by Asanja Daimary, but is eventually collected by the Bagan keeper.

18' Mohun Bagan get a free-kick in a promising area and the corresponding set-piece is taken well by Didwm Hazowary, but nobody can connect the ball properly into goal. 

14' The players are forced to take an early drinks break due to the exhausting heat. These conditions are making it very difficult for them to play properly. 

10' Mohun Bagan create a decent chance through the right flank when their winger moves into space, but the ball into the box isn't so promising.

6' The game has gone off to an exciting start with both teams playing on the attack. Bagan have enjoyed most of the possesion so far, but no big chances have been created yet. 

1' Peep! The referee whistles to indicate the beginning of the game. 

02:00 PM Hello everyone, it is a wonderful afternoon in Kolkata, and it is a delight to host the final of the IFA Shield here. The weather here is just perfect for a high voltage football game between the Kolkata behemoths, East Bengal and Mohun Bagan. Stay tuned and enjoy the commentary with Khel Now Football!

Published: Thu Jul 19, 2018 05:30 PM IST


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