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In a few years India will be amongst the top footballing nations in the world-Gianluca Zambrotta


The Lions are winless in the last five matches…

Gianluca Zambrotta will be hoping for the full three when they will face hosts Goa in the Indian Super league match at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium tomorrow.

“It will be a tight game to tomorrow because Goa is a very difficult team, especially on the tactical side. It will be a good fight tomorrow. They will be in a good position because we didn't have enough time to recover after the last match,” said the Italian coach.

He further added, “I don’t like to give excuses . We will give our best to win this match.”

Zambrotta is very confident about tomorrow’s match and said, “FC Goa will play for only the victory, because if they win tomorrow they will have the opportunity to qualify for the play-offs. But at the same time, it is also important for us to win this match. It will be a really interesting match tomorrow. “

When asked about whether is frustrated after the last five results, where they continuously dropped points, he said, “I am not frustrated with our situation. It’s important for us to maintain a good attitude and remain positive. If we continue in the same manner, we will have good results.”

Zambrotta is happy with the way the ISL is organizing the league and with his team and their management. He also believes that it will be more successful in the coming years. The former World Cup winner thinks it won't take too long for India to be a successful footballing nation.

“Football in India is growing in a very fast way. In very few years India will be amongst the top footballing nations,” he signed off.

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Report by Khel Now Correspondent Ravish Narvekar from Goa . A true Football enthusiast & a die hard Liverpool fan. Ravish also enjoys travelling & he's an avid foodie.

Published: Sat Oct 29, 2016 11:21 PM IST



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