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ISL 2018-19 Final Live Commentary: Bengaluru FC Vs FC Goa

Written by: Sabin Castelino


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1 Vs 0

 Rahul Bheke 117'

Attendance: 7372

The Match is now over! The Champions have been crowned! The ISL comes to an end! After 120 minutes of Exhilirating play which was preceded by a tremnedously Enjoyable season of ups and down, Bengaluru FC are the Champions of ISL and become the first team to win both the ISL and the I-League. Let the Celebrations Begin! 

IT IS ALL OVER!! BENGALURU FC ARE CHAMPIONS OF THE INDIAN SUPER LEAGUE! They join the Champions of India Chennai City FC at the Continental stage!

120+2' Corner to BFC! And the Time wasting begins! Boumous takes a limp shot at GOAL!

120' It looks like the Match is going to End as it is! Edu Bedia gets a Yellow as 2 minutes are added on!


116' FC Goa  are looking to waste time as they launch long balls into the opposition half!

114' Fall nearly gets a sending off order but is saved because Miku takes a shot at goal and Naveen Collects!

112' BFC looks to get in Kean and Boithang to add fresh legs to the attack in the dying minutes and it looks like BFC is keen to win it in Extra time as Udanta and Nishu go off the field!

Substitution Manvir Singh IN Jackichand OUT

109' Mourtada Fall clears off the line to give a long throw away to Bengaluru which wasn't getting cleared away till the ref blows for a foul!

107' Last 15 mins kick off and Bengaluru are on the front foot! Udanta looks Menacing! Doubts are being raised as to whether Miku was play acting to get Ahmed Sent Off!

End of first half of Extra time! And it is now 11 vs 10 men for BFC vs FCG! Where is this game going? No one can tell! Will it be a stalemate or will Bengaluru Capitalise?

105' Jahouh sent off! MIKU gets a yellow for a mele that ocurred leading to high tempers! Will BFC press on to win this game against a 10 man Goa?

105' Ahmed Jahouh comes very close with his freekick and on the other end Naveen pulls a marvellous save off an Udanta Shot!

104' Bheke gets a YELLOW as he brings down Coro whom he has quite successfully kept out of the game!

101' Luisma Almost Scores!! And it wasn't even in the right goal post! What luck to have Gurpreet "LONGARMS" there to save BFC the Blushes!

100' Jahouh launches a ball in for Gama who fails to win it while putting Udanta to the floor!

97' It is now Chhetri vs Jacki on the Left Wing! Fall takes down Miku! The Ref has a word with FALL!

What does our twitter poll say the game is going to end in?


94' Goa looks like they don't mind penalties and are knocking the ball around at a liesurely pace!

92' Taqi hands over a YELLOW to Seriton for a foul on the BFC defence!

91' Bengaluru Kick off and Goa takes control of the game! The ball is then stolen and thrust to Udanta who doesn't make much of it!

An unpredicatble game has gone into 30 minutes of extra time! No one could have called this for sure and it looks like it is not going to be any different! Penalty Kicks might await us!

90+3' FALL drops himself in front of Mikus feet to stop the ball from Going in !! It was better than a Goal Line Clearance! FC GOA breakn out on attack in the same minute and nearly win the game! But the Whistle goes for Full Time!

90+2' BFC have a Freekick in the middle of the park and Dimas sends a good ball but to no avail but Jahouh makes a mess of it and nearly scores an Own GOAL!

+3 minutes added! Looks surely to go to EXTRA TIME! STICK AROUND FOR MORE!

Our Kolkata Correspondent points out that this game is reminiscent of the ATK Vs Kerala Blasters games where caution was the highlight of the game!

88' UZO UZO UZO! Will this motivate FC GOA?!

86' Dimas looks to put in long balls! Chhetri is getting agitated and is not treating Seriton well!

84' Udanta looks to be causing all types of trouble for the Goan Defence but He is being treated right by Gama and Pena! 

81' HOW DID THAT NOT GO IN!! MIKU is left one on one with Naveen after a string of brilliant movements but his shot hits the post and it is not a GOAL!! HOW DID THAT JUST HAPPEN!

79' Gama sends in a controlled cross but Bengaluru send it vertically upward! A bungling Gurpreet nearly concedes!

77' The chants ring out like Bhajans! " 1, 2, 3, 4! Corominas-cha Jay Jaykar!"

75' The game is being run at a pedestrian pace! Why all the caution! Where is the running!

FC Goa gets a Freekick in the middle of the park!

72' Miku gets a through ball from Xisco but Naveen is prompt to Collect for Goa!

71' Gama sends in a controlled ball to Coro who nearly reaches but Gurpreet is first to the ball!

Substitution: Barerra OUT   Luisma IN

68' Lenny, Gama and Brandon are controlling the left side of the pitch very firmly!

66' FC Goa are using the Jacki Coro Route to try and unlock a rigid BFC defence and they nearly succeed as Jahouh unleashes a shot only to be collected by Gurpreet!

64' Fall fells Udanta but takes the ball as Gama is looking stronger every minute!

62' Dimas On a YELLOW! He fouls Bedia to earn his caution! Is the Ref Taqi trying to caution offenders to avert a rough game!

60' Gama is making his presence evident and is also looking like an attacking Threat as Penha is backing him well!

58' A Brillian Attack From Goa, Two Chances snuffed in a minute! First Jacki then Edu! THE Press On BFC is turning tighter!

56' Nishu and Miku link up well on the flanks as they are trying everything to sneak past the Gaur defence! They earn a Corner! Which Miku then sends into the stands!

53' Naveen showing nerves of Steel as he is seen calmly passing the ball out of his box, despite the threat of Miku looming large!

50' Barera recieves a YELLOW for his foul on Edu Bedia who was swung around by him! The enusing free-kick is headed over by FALL!

49' Gama looks very comfortable on and off the ball! Great composure for a young boy in a Finale!

48' Miku flagged offside on the ensuing freekick!

47' Jahouh gets a YELLOW! Ahmed fouls Miku to stop a promising counter and is rightly cautioned by  Ref Taqi!

46' Both teams have taken to the field and FC Goa start the proceedings and are looking like the team with renewed vigour and hunger!

45+2' It is Half Time!

Both teams have been valiant on the pitch and look to settle scores against their own luck! The one thing missing is the goals scored and what could make this finale more fiery than a goal scoring affair?

On the other Hand, Goa has not scored in the first half and have given a statistical advantage to BFC who revels in late scoring!

45+1' Jahouh pierces a ball through, Dimas intercepts and the ball hits his hand! Freekick to FC Goa who bungle it!

44' Mandarrao Dessai takes to the floor and looks out of commission as he is being stretchered off the field! The FC Goa Captain, their most seasoned campaigner looks set to leave! Saviour Gama, a young Goan, takes his place!

43' A lull in the game play as both teams look determined on the conceded before half time! Where are the Goals?

40' Chhetri is playing as a Left winger and is creating a good deal of Chances for the Blues! On the other end Mandar tumbles to the ground clutching his ankles!

38' First YELLOW of the night! As Fall fouls MIKU recklessly in his own half!

37' Chhetri  is not going to leave any ball that comes his way as he tumbles over Seriton! On the other side Coro seems injured but Referee declares No Foul!

36' Khabra brings down Coro as shouts of Penalty go out in the air only for Coro to be flagged offside!

34' Naveen finally looks like he knows what he is doing as he gathers a lose ball from a cross!

The first third of the game has been viscous in midfield with a few too many throw ins! Both team are playing a tactical variant of the Catalunian style and are looking to exert tactical dominance!

31' Udanta needs a little more composure as he airballs a prospective cross from within the box!

29' Nishu is harangued by Coro and Jacki and it looks like it is going to a long night for the BFC left back! BFC try to sneak in an illegal freekick!

28' Jackichand's shot is parried out by the defence but Jahouh strikes hard, is blocked but Brandon lashes on the rebound just to send it out wide!

26' The game is clearly a tactical Espana approach but I guess that's what you get with two Catalans at the helm!

25' Bheke is playing Centre back tonight and his main aims seems to be to mark Coro out of the game!

23' Chhetri puts in an amazing Cross but Miku is not able to keep it down as the header sails over the bar!

22' Naveen limply punches out the ball! He needs to show more command or BFC attack might soon overwhelm him!

20' FC Goa are looking to play a stylistically attaccking variant of the Tiki Taka but BFC are holding a High Line to diffuse the attacks through offsides!

19' The game is concentrated in midfield and thus has almost all in the stadium seated and quiet!

17' Chhetri is hell bent in trying to get a right foot curler into the net as he tries it bend it in but just gives away a goal kick!

15' Brandon and Edu link beautifully in the middle of the park but play the ball to Jacki who is flagged offside!

14' Udanta down the right flank but is matched by Mandar step by step and the cleared ball creates a counter attack which Jacki crosses beautifully but its a little to tough for Coro to put into the back of the net!

13' Referee Taqi is not paying heed to any play acting in the middle of the park! Coro presses on to put Gurpreet in a spot of bother!

11' Lenny crosses in a ball but it beats all of them to go out for a Goal Kick!

10' A series of throw ins in the Goan half! And now a Foul on Jahouh!

8' Foul by Mandarrao Desai which breaks the Goan forward momentum!

7' Both teams are doing their leg work and being paitient! Will the promised goal fest be delivered?

6' Bengaluru are building from the back and Chhetri and Miku are showing their colours in the final third! Naveen was phenomenal on the ball to take Miku out of the equation!

4' Lenny plays a brilliant Ball on the wing for Jackichand but Nishu snuffs out the danger. The resulting corner is headed out by FC Goa.

2' Chhetri looks animated as he unleashes a shot which slides wide off the post. Brandon  plays Coro but he is flagged Offside!

1' And we have the first casualty as Edu Bedia takes to the floor! It seems that no harm done however!

1' We have Kick Off and BFC look to take it by the scruff of the collar going in to the finale.

7.29 PM: The teams are raring to go as FC Goa win the toss and Bengaluru FC are going to attack from the Right to Left!

7.25 PM: The Chairperson of FSDL Mrs. Nita Ambani Announces, Come on India Lets Football!

7.20 PM: Bengaluru FC and FC Goa take the field as Bengaluru lead in Blue and Goa in Orange and White!

A look at the fans before the game kicks off!

7.15 PM: The teams have receded into their dressing rooms and their fans are making the stadium vibrate and look likely to blow the roof away!

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6.55 PM: Both the Teams have begun traininig on the field and are looking pumped and motivated. But there seems to be an eerie calm around Bengaluru FC who are carrying themselves like Champions already.

A Few Factoids before the Finale Kicks Off:

1. FC Goa has had 313 shots on target before the Final match this season.
2. Ahmed Jahouh has made a grand total of 113 tackles, the most by an individual player.
3. Gurpreet Singh Sandhu has kept 6 clean sheets this ISL season.

Here are the line ups:

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6:30 PM- Hello everyone. It is a wonderful evening here in Mumbai and it is a delight to host the 2018-19 ISL season final at the Mumbai Football Arena. Both sets of players are already in the venue and are just waiting to get on the pitch to kick off their respective campaigns on a high note. The weather here is just perfect for a high voltage football game between the two Indian Super League behemoths, Bengaluru FC and FC Goa. Stay tuned and enjoy the commentary of with Khel Now Football!

Here is a a little treat for the Bengaluru Fans who have gathered here for the Final game.

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