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Madhya Bharat Sports Club publishes list of players selected from Indore and Bhopal


The club is working in association with Celtic FC Soccer Academy and result of trials from second day of Bhopal trials will be announced soon..

The first phase of trials organized by Madhya Bharat Sports Club in association with the famed Celtic Soccer Academy is over. The club has published the first list of players who have made the cut and will be needed to attend the second round of trials to be held in first week of June.

The Academy has selected youngsters in various age groups, ranging from U-13 to the U-18 age groups. Over 1000 football aspirants participated in the trials, hoping to make it to the next round. The list is here as follows:

  1. Download the registration form here

  2. Print the form and complete it. Get it duly signed by parents/guardians

  3. Scan the form and send it to or

  4. Last date to complete this process for  players selected from Indore is 31st May 2017

  5. Last date to complete this process for players selected from Bhopal day 1 is 1st June 2017 (Players from other cities can ask their parents to complete the form on their behalf)

  6. Final Trials are on 3rd June 2017 in Bhopal from 3 pm at International Public School Ground


Indore: U-13, U-15 and U-18 selected names with jersey numbers and color:

U-13 U-15 U-18
Akash Chouhan- Green 8 Manjeet Pawar – Green 10 Prajwal Bamriya - Green 4
  Ronak Shami- Green 11 Mohd. Aasif Sheikh - Black 9


Piyush Patel – Black 1 Divyanshu Saxena  - Black 10


Akshay Bajpai- Black 2 Suryansh Tiwari  - Orange 2


Saket Kulkarni- Black 3 Sanjay Mavi  - Orange 6


Aayush Holkar – Black 5 Ayush Bhabar  - Orange 14


Naveen Chouhan – Black 10 Saurabh Chouhan - Green 1


Ayush Sharma – Black 12 Parag Sharma  - Green 6


Yuvraj Kandre – Orange 2 Avian Kundalwal - Green 8


Rahul Chouhan – Green 9 Shantanu Jain - Green 14



Aditya Pratap - Green 15



Mrityunjay Sharma  - Black 15



Kundan Varvaniya  - Orange 11


Bhopal: U-13, U-15 and U-18 selected names with jersey numbers and color:


U-13 U-15 U-18
Mohd Adnan - Green 7 Ajay Chauhan - Black 5 Yuvraj Dontullwar - Orange 11
Subhag Amar Rajput - Green 10 Shrey Rai - Black 7 Dakar Ninama - Green 7
Mohd Umar Khan – Green 12 Wagish Mishra - Black 8 Ben Lail Targain - Green 13


Prashant Kumar Singh - Black 14 Sagondai Phaomei - Green 14


Atul Bhuriya - Orange 1 Ansh Gondane - Black 6


Suresh Kumar - Orange 3 Rohan Hande - Orange 6


Rahul Anand Singh - Orange 5 Vipin Sharma - Orange 12


Raunak Nagul - Orange 6  


Affan Khan - Orange 7



Animesh Argal - Orange 11  


Shikhar Malik - Orange 15



Aviral Toppo - Red 4



Mohd. Sibtain Ansari - Red 8



SK Arman - Red 9



Mohd. Imtiaz Ali - Red 11


Media Sponsored by: Madhya Bharat SC

Published: Tue May 30, 2017 04:05 PM IST



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