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Mohun Bagan legend Stephen Abarowei and Eduardo Ferreira in war of words

Written by: Sourav Neogi


The Mohun Bagan legend and Willis Plaza's brother and agent has been trading blows with the defender on social media...

Indian social media went haywire on Friday night when Mohun Bagan legend Stephen Abarowei posted a status on his Facebook timeline, thrashing Bagan defender Eduardo Ferreira of his comments made against the former Mariners player.

Stephen Abarowei was a fornmer Nigerian international,  who won the league title with both JCT and Bagan in the late 1990s.

The Nigerian hit back at the Equatorial Guinea player calling Eduardo a ‘foolish’ person who does not know what or who he is talking about. “Your comments portray you as a foolish person that does not know what you are doing,” read the Facebook post made by Abarowei. The former JCT player also went on to say, “This stupid 4th hand Brazilian defender that sold his birth right to Equatorial Guinea for national recognition enslaving himself in the process, at my age he can’t mark me, very slow pervert!”

Eduardo, however, did not choose to sit back and let the situation cool down as he also went on to comment on the above post adding fuel to the fire by saying he can only pray for Abarowei and his brother and wished them luck in the forthcoming Kolkata Derby and the rest of the season.

“I can only pray for you and your brother and hope you do well. Best of luck for the Derby and the season ahead,” read the comment posted by Ferreira. However, the comment was later deleted by the player.


Eduardo dismantles Willis plaza's agent Stephen on his Facebook post!

Despite being a former Mohun Bagan legend, Abarowei also acts as the agent of East Bengal striker Willis Plaza and was the one to suggest his name to the East Bengal officials in the previous year. The Bagan defender called Plaza as his ‘brother’ and wished them both luck for the upcoming derby on 12th February at Siliguri Stadium.

Following Eduardo’s comment on the derby, Abarowei hit back once again saying, “In Indian football you are nowhere near me, because at 33 years, if that’s your real age you can never achieve what I have achieved."

”The day you will come up against Plaza he will teach a lesson or two in football,” he further added.

Abarowei went on to say the Brazil-born footballer should be focusing on his own problems rather than trying to ridicule him. “Focus on your problem you are trying to ridicule me, you can never match my achievements in Indian football,” he responded.


Published: Sun Feb 05, 2017 05:11 PM IST


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