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Stephen Abarowei compares Willis Plaza to Jose Ramirez Barreto

Written by: Sourav Neogi


There has been a lot of a blow-hot, blow-cold going on the social media platform from both sides...

Mohun Bagan legend Stephen Abarowei has been making headlines ahead of the Kolkata Derby for quite some time. The former Mohun Bagan player, who has been the subject of several controversial issues in the past few days, has again posted responding to an article published by a Times Group-owned newspaper Ei Samay on Tuesday.

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The Nigerian was quoted in an article published by the Bengali newspaper which mainly focused on Abarowei's comments over Willis Plaza, comparing the East Bengal striker with another Mohun Bagan legend Jose Ramirez Barreto. The newspaper also quoted Abarowei bringing in religious issues when a fan commented on his Facebook status, confronting him on comparing Plaza with Barreto. 

“Are there no better ways to sell his papers?” Abarowei’s Facebook status read on Tuesday morning. “I do not want to be used as a reference point for yellow journalism,” he further added.

The former Mohun Bagan footballer also pointed out that he has always been a victim of Indian media’s paparazzi over the years, especially when he was playing for Mohun Bagan in the 90s. “When I was playing in India, they have incited me against Chima, Jackson and Sule Musa,” part of his Facebook status read.

Abarowei, who works as a coach-cum-agent currently, feels that he does not want to be in the center of more controversial issues in the future. “I do not want to be drawn into controversial issues,” he said.

Abarowei was later asked from a fan on his status about the article in the Bengali Newspaper Ei Samay when he made it clear that he does not want to shed any more light on the context, “There are better ways of selling their newspaper, I do not want to say anything again and be quoted out of context.”

While some fans stood behind Abarowei in the comments, some opted to put the stick in his Facebook post. One such comment read, “You wanted attention and it’s happening for you. Be Happy.”

In the light of the recent developments, the Mohun Bagan legend, who also acts as the agent of East Bengal striker Willis Plaza said that he has asked his client not to sit in any interviews ahead of the Derby match between East Bengal and Mohun Bagan, “I have also told Plaza not to grant any interview to any reporter, because it is not what he says that will be published for their selfish reasons.”

“Some have been calling and sending WhatsApp messages seeking for interview which I decline. With due respect I will not comment on the derby matches before and after!” he further added.

Published: Tue Feb 07, 2017 05:29 PM IST


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