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Army Boys and Haryana enters Subroto U-17 Boys semi-finals


Army Boys Coy, Bengaluru, defeated the schoolboys from Goa 4-1 while the Haryana boys scored a facile 1-0 over E Elias High School from Meghalaya to enter the semi-finals of the U-17 Junior Boys in the 57th Subroto Cup International Football Tournament…

In the two quarter-finals, the Army Boys showed a lot of verve throughout the match and, understandably, it reflected in the score-line as compared to the other match between Haryana and Meghalaya.

It was perhaps the intention of Haryana to take the safe route of guarding their citadel well before looking for the opportunity to score the winner. And that is precisely what happened as their most reliable striker Utkarsh once again came to their aid to put their side in the semifinals.

Utkarsh, making most of a defense lapse in the 65th minute, cut past two defenders to fire the lone goal which, in the ultimate analysis, turned out to be the winner.

Dip Majumdar was on again score-sheet in Army Boys 4-1 win over Goa.

On the other hand, Army Boys entered the field with determination and it was evident in the approach to the game against Goan boys. Even otherwise, the Goan side was troubled so much that it preferred rather to block their opponents’ passage.

Just four minutes into the match, Th Premjit Singh fired the first salvo and six minutes later NG Imarson Meitei scored to consolidate their position. The Army Boys seemed well on course to go into break with a comfortable 2-0 lead but Aaron Alvares pulled one back just two minutes before half time to the astonishment of the Bengaluru team.

Nevertheless, the cushion of one goal lead must have given sufficient strength to Army Boys that they played very cautious and made sporadic raids. There was a long dull period and it was broken as the match was entering the last five minutes. In the 67th minute Samir Tamang put Army Boys 3-1 ahead and in the last minute Dip Majumdar, who was made ineffective by heavy marking throughout, found the gap slot in.

Published: Sun Oct 09, 2016 10:09 PM IST



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