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The staff at NorthEast United FC is one of the best I have ever worked with: Nicolas Velez


The winger has called on fans to get behind the team as they push for a place in the playoffs...

NorthEast United FC winger Nicolas Velez has found form in the second half of the season and the striker spoke to NEUFC Media ahead of the crucial final game of the season against Kerala Blasters with his team pushing for a place in the playoffs. Excerpts.

Q1 . Tell us something about your son Bastian, whom we feel plays a very important role in your life.

Ans : Yes, Bastian is everything for me. He is God's gift to me as I believe all kids are for their parents. It is very difficult to me to stay away from him. I am always traveling because I am playing most of the year. I remember that when he was 6 months old, he had to fly more than 30 hours to see me in the country that I was. It is hard, but I love him more than anything else in this world.

Q2 . Are there any superstitions that you follow before a game? 

Ans : Yes, I have many. If for example, I have used underwear in a game that we have won, I will try and wear it again. I also have a habit of praying before a game. So there are many little things that I try and repeat if we have a good result.

Q 3. We know that Lionel Messi is your favorite player. Do you think that there is a chance of winning a major trophy with the National Team?

 Ans : Yes, I feel he is a god-gifted player who has been consistent, year on year. Last World Cup was so close for us, we almost pulled it off and came agonizingly close. He has won everything else that there needs to be won. But I hope for his sake and for the National Team's sake, he wins what he deserves to mark a remarkable career.

Q 4 . Are there any memories you will carry back about the people at NorthEast United FC?

Ans : I must say that the staff at NorthEast United FC is one of the best I have ever worked with. They are a bunch of lovely people who have good hearts. Each and every one of them is a personal friend and shall always be special to me. They work their socks off and ensure that everything is fine for us the players. We want to reach the play-offs for them and for all the fans who back us when we are at our lowest.

Q 5. Finally, what are your thoughts on the play-off race that is going down to the wire?

Ans : It is a very very close race. All the teams have been similar in terms of quality this year and that is why I believe it might go down to the final day. However I believe, with the team we have at our disposal, we can make it. Our game against Chennaiyin FC showcased our character and our determination. We will need the support of the fans one final time to push ourselves over the line because everyone associated with the Club deserves it.

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Interview by NorthEast Media for Khel Now.

Published: Thu Dec 01, 2016 02:11 PM IST


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