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Reports in Turkey suggest Umut Bulut is in talks to join Bengaluru FC

The striker is thought to be close to sealing a move to India...
Reports in Turkey suggest that Galatasaray striker Umut Bulut is in talks to join Indian champions Bengaluru FC.

The Turkish international forward has been out of favour at his current club for some time and is thought to have been on the lookout for pastures new.

Spaniard Albert Roca has just taken charge of the Blues and it is believed the Galatasaray management is keen to do business with an old favourite with Roca having previously served as part of the club's backroom staff.

Bulut has over 30 caps for his country and his acquisition would further bolster Bengaluru's already impressive options upfront.

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Report by Khel Now-Content Editor Mrunal Nakashe. A sports buff, he's also a foreign policy enthusiast and keen North Korea watcher. Mrunal loves gaming, reading, traveling and is a self-confessed Football Manager addict. You can follow him on Twitter.

Published: Sat Jul 30, 2016 07:59 PM IST



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