The 58-year-old was having a routine medical in Argentina when doctors discovered the problem.

The former Argentina captain and World Cup winner Diego Maradona was diagnosed internal stomach bleeding and was admitted in the hospital, though the issue is not major and surely not a threat for the legend.

The diagnosis came through a routine check-up as sources from Maradona’s family revealed to Reuters that the problem was not serious.

“For those who were really worried about my dad I can tell you that he is well,” his daughter Dalma said. “He is going home soon.”

Translated: To all those who are really worried about my dad I tell them that it’s okay, that Giani is there with him and that in a while he goes home! I would publish the photo they sent me but it’s not my style to publish everything!

Reuters news agency later reported Maradona had left the hospital.

During the FIFA World Cup 2018, he was taken ill in the match between Argentina and Nigeria, majorly because of the drop in blood pressure. 

Maradona is not leaving Dorados de Sinaloa, his agent confirmed it on twitter. “Diego Maradona has arranged to continue with the Dorados de Sinaloa and will stay as coach of the team for the whole season,” Morla wrote.