The former Mohammedan Sporting coach will be in charge till the Federation Cup…

East Bengal made the news on Tuesday morning when they appointed former Mohammedan Sporting manager Mridul Banerjee to replace Trevor Morgan as their interim manager until the Federation Cup 2017. This comes 12 hours after Morgan handed in his resignation after failing to win the I-League for the Red-and-Golds. Banerjee will look to rejuvenate this frail side and give joy to the fans by winning them the Federation Cup this time around.

Ashley Westwood had initial talks with the management, as Khel Now reported but did not want to join on a short term contract. Choice No. 2 Armando Colaco was reportedly East Bengal’s coach, as several media outlets reported, but the former Dempo coach, too, backed out after the contract offered to him was only until May. 

Mridul Banerjee might not be the “big name” manager which some East Bengal fans might’ve been hoping for, but he’s someone who can get the job done as he’s shown in the past few years. He can get the absolute best out of the players in his team and will probably take kindly to the array of talent which East Bengal possesses right now, as they look to salvage this season by winning the Federation Cup which could gain them entry into the AFC Cup next season.

Banerjee might be known by a portion of football fans in India, but there are still some things about him which not everyone is aware of. He’s someone who has had his fair share of accomplishments but that isn’t recognized. Khel Now takes a look at the 5 Things you need to know about the new East Bengal gaffer.

5. He had a low-key career as a footballer

Mridul Banerjee might not have much experience as a coach, but he’s someone who is not new to football. Banerjee had played for Mohammedan Sporting for much of his career, and even though he’s considered as a legend by many of the club’s supporters, he had a rather silent and uneventful career as a footballer.

Banerjee dedicated his life to playing football but didn’t receive the accolades he deserved, but his hard work is paying off now as he’s managing top Indian sides to glory with his brilliant footballing acumen.

4. He’s against the Indian Super League

Mridul Banerjee is an avid lover of Indian Football and finds the passion of the sport etched in the original I-League, and he’s spoken about his concern for the newly formed Indian Super League trying to take over time and again. Banerjee is worried about how the ISL can overshadow everything which people like him have built for Indian Football in all these years, as he thinks that the glamor and star power of ISL will destroy the roots of Indian Football.

He’s someone who is definitely against the merger between ISL and I-League teams which is apparently being discussed right now, as he thinks that the glitz of the Indian Super League will ultimately push the original clubs of India to the ground and is trying his best to make sure that won’t ever take place.

3. He won West Bengal the Santosh Trophy

Mridul Banerjee might be a shocking appointment by East Bengal, but he wasn’t chosen to be the successor to Trevor Morgan for nothing as his recent form as a coach has been excellent. Banerjee was picked to be West Bengal football team’s coach for the Santosh Trophy this time, and he made sure to take it seriously and give some pride to the footballing state of Bengal. 

Banerjee managed his crop of players excellently, going on to win the Santosh Trophy for West Bengal. He showed himself to be an excellent manager for Bengal’s talented crop of players, as he upped his reputation with this amazing win and was duly rewarded for it by getting appointed by the Kolkata Giants.

2. He has managed Mohun Bagan

Mridul Banerjee is the talk of the town right now among the supporters of the Red and Golds, but not many know about his short stint as a Mohun Bagan manager. Mridul Banerjee actually served as an interim manager for The  Mariners in 2012. He only managed 2 games for them, both which Bagan impressively won.

Banerjee also became the assistant manager for Bagan when Karim Bencharifa took over, but would later go to manage Mohammedan Sporting after Sanjoy Sen brought his own management with him in 2014. This could be quite aggravating for East Bengal fans knowing their rivalry with Mohun Bagan, but knowing Banerjee’s professionalism, he’ll do his absolute best to get East Bengal back to the top.

 1. He won the CFL Coach of the Year

Mridul Banerjee has been on the rise as a coach ever since he started to manage Mohammedan Sporting in 2015, as his amazing work for the club was paid off when he was honoured with the CFL coach of the year. Banerjee did some excellent work to help Mohammedan finish runners-up in the Calcutta Football League last season, and was also awarded the prestigious honour of the Amal Dutta Memorial Award for Best Coach last year in October.

This was the beginning of his rise in reputation, as he’d later go on to manage West Bengal football team in their Santosh Trophy triumph and all his good work paid off as he’s currently at the helm at one of the biggest clubs in India and will only reach newer heights from this point onwards.