The midfielder has emphasized that the team must learn from the defeat to the USA and regroup quickly.

“We are all set for the Colombia game and we’ll give our everything. We won’t disappoint you, we won’t disappoint India,” a determination Suresh Singh mentioned during a media interaction following India U-17 National Team’s practice session at the JLN Stadium in New Delhi.

“We need to rectify our mistakes and move on,” he maintained. “Winning and losing are part and parcel of the game. We are all set for the next game and we’re rearing to give it a shot.”

Recollecting the atmosphere in the first match, Suresh echoed they were ‘not nervous but excited’ before stepping onto the pitch against the USA in the first match. “Representing the Nation in front of a 55000 strong crowd is something which you can’t explain in words; it’s electrifying. It’s already history and thankfully, we are part of it.”

“We were not nervous. We were very excited. Sunil Chhetri himself told us that he would give 15 years of his career to play at a World Cup. It was a big occasion, the first time we played in front of 45, or was it 60 thousand? This is a World Cup in India. We enjoyed the moment,” he remarked.

Meanwhile, the sturdy midfielder felt that there is room for improvement in the offensive areas. “Our final pass was not up to the mark against the USA. I believe, we can make it better. We have to focus on that.”

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“You can’t defend for the full 90 minutes. When they attacked, our backline did well in getting back and defending. But we need to improve on our final pass. We have to make more passes to the striker. That is something we’re working on,” he said.

Moreover, he stated that Colombia’s high pace can be blunted if the Matos-coached team stay at the right place at the right moment. “I believe, their speed can be cancelled out if we focus more on our positioning. If we stay well organised, we can contain them,” Suresh explained.

“They are a very physical side. We played them in Mexico and expect a physically taxing game. They’ve to win also against us to stay alive in the World Cup. It won’t be anything less than a tough 90 minutes for us,” Suresh stated.

“A small mistake can cost a lot at the world level and it’s the biggest lesson for us. We have learnt many a thing from our first match. A tournament like this is enormous. At one moment we hit the bar and some ten second later, we concede off the same counter. It’s such a huge lesson learnt.”