The Stallions are rooted to the foot of the table after defeat against Goa…

FC Pune City lost another game at home, this time to FC Goa, slumping them to bottom spot on the league table. A disgruntled Antonio Habas met the press after the game.

FC Pune did create chances and had long periods of control in the game but failed to take advantage of those chances, something that has been a common theme for the Stallions so far this season. Speaking on his side’s inability to score, Habas said, “In other leagues, you have 1-2 shots and score one. Today at least we had four shots, double that number and still don’t score. That’s bad luck. How many for Goa? One or two. I remember only one save by my keeper. I’m not sure but only 1-2.”

In the first half, the home team were denied a penalty, despite fervent appeals at the time by players and coach. The 59-year-old Spaniard didn’t hold back while discussing the incident. “We are putting in double the effort but getting half the result. The first half decision by the referee, simply amazing. No other words but amazing that penalty decision. Anibal should have won that penalty and it’s impossible that is not a penalty. Impossible in my eyes. But we cannot do anything about it,” said Habas.

He added: “It’s a penalty for me and I told the referee about it and he said no, so that’s it. I won’t discuss it no more. I don’t want to discuss the referees.”

When questioned on the positives of the game for his team, Habas stated, “The hard work of the team, they tried to score but they failed but they fought to the last minute. That’s a good thing from today’s game. Always the same problem though for us, I don’t remember one decision going in our favour. No penalties in seven games when we should have had a few. But that’s ok, that’s how it is. We cannot do anything about it, we move on. It’s football.”

FC Pune City will need to get back up quickly as they entertain Atletico De Kolkata on Sunday, November 6 at the Balewadi Sports Complex.

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Report by Khel Now- correspondent Miqdad. Miqdad is a Liberal Arts student from Pune. A Liverpool fan he’s probably busy watching a sport or writing. You can follow him on Twitter.