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Shillong Lajong came back to the second half as graciously as they were playing in the last minutes of the first half. However, Dudu’s brace once again helped East Bengal score an important equalizer and get one point off Lajong. Signing out, see you later. Good night.

90’+5′ Last corner by Lajong! The ball is cleared away and Kromah takes the ball on a cruise when the referee whistles to indicate the end of the game. Final score, Shillong Lajong 2-2 East Bengal!

90’+3′ Foul by Shillong Lajong! Gabriel takes the shot but the ball is cleared out by Lajong defenders.

90′ The referee have added five minutes injury time to the game? Think the scoreline is going to change?

87′ GOOOAAAAAL! DUDU equalizes! Shillong Lajong 2-2 East Bengal! 

85′ Lajong goalkeeper is down after an aerial duel. Meanwhile, tension level is rising in the away East Bengal fans in the stands.

82′ Substitution: Lobo OUT, Gabriel IN.

79′ Justin is sniffing around the Shillong bars in search of an opportunity but the young striker is being denied every time he gets the ball.

75′ Jobby Justin with a shot but the ball is intercepted halfway by Juho who sends the ball outside.

73′ Substitution: Mehtab OUT, Samad IN.

69′ GOOOAAAALLL! SAMUELA SCORES! Lajong is leading 2-1 now!

68′ Penalty! Mehtab Singh brings down Samuela in the box. Referee awards a penalty to Shillong Lajong!

67′ Substitution: Brandon OUT, Justin IN.

66′ Lajong are looking more dominant than ever. The hosts are going on attacking runs every now and then with only Ubaid being between the Reds and three points.

62′ Offside! Dudu picks up a pass from Katsumi but the veteran striker is offside!

60′ East Bengal seem to have monopolized the right wing with Mehtab Singh pouring in crosses after crosses for the forwards to finish. 

57′ CHANCE! Mehtab Singh with a cross from the right wing, Brandon takes a direct shot but the ball goes out of the play. Wasted.

55′ Amna with a daring run in the right wing but the midfielder is taken down by Lajong defenders. 

52′ East Bengal are tirelessly looking for an opportunity to get the lead back. However, the attitude seems to be against them as the East Bengal footballers are looking to be affected by fatigue. 


46′ The second half is underway and Odafin starts the half with a long ranger aim directly at the East Bengal nets. However, the ball goes outside the play.

East Bengal started the match brightly and their attacking prowess also paid off for the Kolkata giants as they scored the first goal of the game in less than half an hour. However, as the game developed Lajong looked to become more dominant in the midfield and eventually put the visitors on their back foot. Tlang and Jagne both came close to equalizing but unfortunately could not finish off. Be back in the second half, stay tuned!

45’+2′ The referee whistles to indicate the end of the first half. Stay tuned for the highlights from the first half.

45′ The referee has added two minutes injury time to the first half.

42′ CHANCE! Samuela with a long ranger from the 30 yards but the ball goes just outside of the bars. WASTED!

38′ Brandon with a daring run down the right flank but is denied by Lajong defenders. Wasted.

35′ Chance again! Tlang plays one-two with Samuela but is unable to put the ball in the back of the nets.

34′ Lajong with a golden chance but Jagne reluctant to pass in the final third which made Lajong miss the chance to equalize.

32′ East Bengal are going all in for every chance they are getting. The Red and Gold are desperate to clinch a win at all costs.

30′ Rakesh Pradhan with a daring run through the left wing and tries to cut inside after overlapping. However, Gurwinder Singh is quick to anticipate as the defender takes him done. 

28′ Chance again! Kromah breaks through Lajong’s right and takes a shot to the goal but Nidhin Lal is quick to anticipate the move and save the ball.

25′ Chance for East Bengal! Kromah takes a shot just outside the box with his weaker foot but Nidhin Lal saves the ball anyway!

23′ Gurung sends a long ball to Jagne but the Gambian is too slow to get a hold of the ball.

20′ GOOOAAAL! DUDU SCORRREES FOR EAST BENGAL! Lalramchullova with the assist!

19′ Lajong with an attacking run up the left flank. Tlang tries to cross but the ball is intercepted by Salam Ranjan Singh. Good defending by East Bengal.

16′ Foul! Katsumi with a handball. Samuela to take the shot. 

15′ Kromah with a screamer but the ball goes wide over the bars. Wasted for the visitors.

13′ Odafin is being the biggest influence in the Lajong defence. The overseas defender is keeping Kromah and co. at bay while the rest of the defenders are having a tough time against Cavin Lobo.

11′ The visitors are trying to break through Lajong’s right side but are being denied every now and then.

7′ Rakesh with a throw-in but the ball is intercepted by Katsumi in the air. Goes to Lobo who lose possession quickly. 

5′ East Bengal with an organized attacking approach but the hosts are also determined to keep the danger outside of the box. Meanwhile, Katsumi’s shot is denied by Lajong for the second time in the game.

3′ East Bengal with the first set piece of the game. Cavin Lobo takes the shot but the balls is intercepted quickly by the Lajong defenders.

1′ Kick off! The game is underway! Shillong Lajong host East Bengal in what appears to be the last charge to the title for the Kolkata giants.

05:30 PM Both the teams are already out and have occupied their sides. Stay tuned in, the game is going to start at any moment!

05:20 PM What a season it is turning to be for the I-League! Four teams, one title! East Bengal might be in the fourth position but a win today would be a huge boost for them!

05:10 PM The lineups are already here. The following are the starting lineups for the two sides.

Shillong Lajong FC: Nidhin Lal (GK), Pradhan, Odafin, Samuel, Koffi, Gurung, Jagne, Tlang, Juho, Dohling, Kharshong.

East Bengal: Ubaid (GK), Chullova, Amna, Lobo, Katsumi, Gurwinder, Ralte, Salam Ranjan, Brandon, Kromah, Dudu.

05:00 PM Hello everyone, it is a wonderful afternoon in Shillong and it is a delight to host such a high voltage game here. Far from the expected gloomy, the weather here is just perfect for the fixture between the two sides, Shillong Lajong FC and East Bengal. Stay tuned and enjoy the commentary with Khel Now Football!