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It was a brilliant game of football to be fair. Norde hugs a fan who goes down to touch his feet. That’s what football is all about! That’s what the love is all about. Lovely scenes as the teams shake hands post the game. Mehtab Hossain sportingly shares greetings with opposition players.

90+3′ FINAL WHISTLE! Mohun Bagan has won it in the second leg. Sanjoy Sen would be a relieved man! 

90+2′ GOOOOOOOOOOOALLLLLLLLL! EB’s midfielder ROWLIN BORGES gives hope to the fans with a brilliant volley from a cross.  Is there a last change in script?

90+2′ Souvik Chakroborty on for Balwant Singh

90+1′ Three minutes of added time as both teams come close to scoring! Can EB pull one back? Jackichand running his lungs out! Balwant and Gurwinder fight it out. 

90′ Balwant could’ve scored the third! Rehenesh clears as the former JCT man runs to a over head throw ball! 

89′ Free kick is deflected wide for a corner. Norde accelerates on the counter and plays too much for Jeje. Norde is the HERO OF THE MATCH . Deserved!

88′ East Bengal with a free-kick in a brilliant position. Payne has won it. Wedson standing over it. 

87′ Katsumi is brought down on the right wing. East Bengal sub Romeo Fendandes for Jackichand Singh.

85′ Jeje plays a ball to Duffy from his withdrawn position. The Scot is offside. 

83′ Norde wins a ball with an interception. Duffy, Jeje and Balwant run in channels as the Haitian goes alone! Collected by Rehenesh comfortably.!

81′ Mehtab tries to build an attack and plays it to Romeo in the box. The youngster runs alone and loses it again. Freekick to MB in their own half as Robert brings a player down!

80′ JEJE is on for AZHARUDDIN Mallick. The youngster is cheered throughout! MB pushing more in attack.

79′ Sehnaj has been better than Katsumi to be fair in his role, screening the defence brilliant and has broken a lot of EB’s attacks. 

78′ Balwant still hurrying Gurwinder in the last quarter. Brilliant stuff from the former JCT man! Sehnaj crosses, only to be headed away!

77′ Referee trying hard to impose himself on the game as EB win a free kick in their half. Payne tries to link up with Romeo, fails. 

74′ Payne almost scores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sneaking it in on the first post, Debjit saves brilliantly. Corner to EB and Wedson crosses. Referee blows to give Payne a yellow and the ball is out of action. 


72′ Good move from EB. Robert finds Wedson with a delightful chip in the centre of the park. Wedson is brought down after exchanging passes with Payne, winning a free-kick. DRAMA, yet again on the pitch as both teams huddle each other and the referee!

71′ Gurwinder kicks Norde and earns a yellow. The Reds and Golds are losing their cool and the plot, together.

70′ Complacency seeping into EB as the players look slow and jaded in movement. On the other hand, Duffy and Balwant still looking to burn grass imperious. 

68′ Payne looks to have shifted to central striking area. 10 against 11, even more difficult. Can they make it up? We’ll have to wait and see. Payne dribbles past Anas and shoots, over the post.

67′ RED CARD TO PLAZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EB ending their own hopes as the T & T striker is red-carded in the off-the ball incident.

65′ Bukenya heads, Debjit clutches. Off the ball drama yet again as Fereira and Plaza talk among themselves! Reminiscent of the famous derby in which Odafa was red-carded and MB was later punished. 

64′ Plaza wins a corner for his side on the right flank. Mehtab taking it. Expected to be on the second post. 

63′ Norde looks in the mood. Has been going on waving runs in the second half. Do we see him score another? High chances.

62′ Norde brought down in the EB’s half left wing. Balwant recieves the ball and crosses it in brilliantly. Rehenesh collects.

61′ EB win a free kick on the left wing. Wedson trying to make things happen. No head as the No. 10 puts the ball into the box. They need to ndo better than this.  

60′ Sehnaj lets it fly with a pile-diver. Wide. 

59′ Bukenta is the only steady defender in EB’s backline. Without him, they would’ve been nowhere. Payne operating in the middle of the pitch, deep behind MB’s defensive line. 

58′ Plaza runs offside as Payne plays him wide on the right wing.

57′ MB’s Norde curl in another ball from a free-kick on the 6 yard box edge. Headed out by a MB player.

56′ Norde beats Bheke, plays to Duffy and Balwant tires to link it up with Norde again. Bukenya clears it out. 

55′ All action on the right wing as EB Run with Plaza sends a long ball for Romeo, but wide.

54′ Jeje looking on from the touchline as MB look to control proceedings higher up the pitch. 

52′ Anselme with the corner. Borges heads it well but is superbly collected by Debjit. EB coming closer to their equaliser. Prabir Das coming on for Raju Gaikwad.

51′ Plaza runs on a ball. Anas with a superb clearnace. the energy is there for everyone to see. Payne wins a corner. 

50′ Back in action after a technical glitch! Gaikwad starts it again with a long throw. East Bengal still trying hard. 


Mohun Bagan deserve their lead, but Azharuddin is the brilliant saviour. Every player of MB has hugged him after the whistle, which shows his maturity and team link up at just 19. Mohun Bagan started off well, taking the early initiative. Both teams had come close as Norde and Azhar scored in typically brilliant fashion! 
Rehenesh and EB defence barring Bukenya has been sleeping, just like they did against Chennai City FC in the last game. Trevor Morgan will have to spice things up to change things on the pitch as his team looks jaded and already out of the game. We’ll be back soon. Don’t go anywhere. 

45 +2′ Norde finds Balwant with a brilliant throw ball. Balwant plays it cleanly to Duffy, who taps it towards Rehenesh. The GK takes it safe. 

44′ Trevor Morgan needs to do something as the game goes out of his hands. Duffy and Balwant are troubling Bukenya a lot with solid inter-link play. Balwant tries to makes space for himself with a turn but is cleared by Bheke.

43′ AZHARUDDIN MALLICK!!!! SCORES OUT OF NOWHERE. . CHIPS an out-of-position Rehenesh and takes off his jersey! The number 35 takes out his jersey and is booked! Brilliant thinking by the youngster though! 

42′ EB trying to string a lot of passes but are missing the final ball. Katsumi plays it to Norde on the left wing, who shoots but Rehenesh scrambles only to be cleared by the defence. EB living dangerously. 

41′ Azharuddin again makes a great run as Duffy feeds him, plays on the Kotal who is again poor on the cross. The Indian right back must do better than that.

39′ Gaikwad with another long throw. Norde and Balwant bring it down and try to cross, as Gurwinder clears it out for a throw in. Gaikwad  throws in again, Balwant tries to score but EB somehow manage to save their goal.

38′ Offside against Romeo as East Bengal start to throw everything against the arch-rivals. Payne come on for Ruidas as Morgan spices it up ahead for EB.

37′ East Bengal need to get a goal back! They need to attack more now. 

35′ NORDE SCORESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! WHAT A PEACH OF A FREE-KICK. SHEER GENIUS!!! Superb. . Curled into the second post. REHENESH rendered helpless!

34′ Norde wins another free-kick in an interesting area as both teams fight it out. Duffy and Gurwinder clash near the EB box.

32′ Balwant shows his quality. Controls an aerial ball on his chest, turns and volleys, just wide. Brilliant stuff from the Punjab man!

31′ Norde nutmegs Romeo on the left wing as the crowd cheer him! Bukenya is in a commanding role in the EB backline. Who will draw the first blood? Comment and let us know!

29′ Weak back pass from Fereira as Plaza chases it down. Debjit clears for MB attack. Norde goes inside and shoots but is painfully over the bar. The game is regaining its energy and vigour. 

28′ Ruidas pulls down Azharuddin as MB wins back possession after Kotal blocks a cross from Ruidas. Katsumi and Norde need to grow into the game.

27′ The game resumes with Kotal having a throw in his own half. Mehtab still recieving treatment. 

26′ Anselme tries spectacularly as the tackle from Fereira rebounds and flies over Debjit’s post. The breath was stopped for a moment for MB fans. Meanwhile, Balwant’s elbow brings down Mehtab again, in the middle of the pitch.

25′ The ball keeps running here and there in the midfield as both teams play it in the air. 

23′ Sehnaj lets it fly, but didn’t connect it well. No problem to EB defending the free kick. Wasted opportunity. Mehtab regains calm and control in the midfield 

22′ Free kick to MB in an attacking area close to the box. Sony and Katsumi, both interested. Mehtab had pulled Azhar down.

21′ Free kick to MB as Wedson pegs Sehnaj down. Debjit sends it close to EB box. Wedson gets the ball and yet again, fouls on Sehnaj Singh.

20′ Norde sends it over everyone as East Bengal win possession. Abinash trying to find Wedson on the left wing.

19′ Balwant fight it out near EB’s box as the defender clears his lines. Robert sends a long ball, while Azhar and Kotal regain possession and win a free kick on the right wing. 

18′ Romeo on a free run left Raju nowhere and is fouled. Rauj is in the book.

17′ Kotal with a long throw, Duffy trying to get it but Bheke clears.

15′ The attacks have diminished as both teams look to control the midfield. Ahzar and Kotal exchange passes on the right wing, only to lose possession.

14′ The MB backline is straight. The full backs are very defensive in positioning. Balwant gives a free kick to EB near their box, elbowing Robert.

13′ Bheke with a typical long throw from the right as Bukenya tries to find some space. Romeo tries a left footer but wide. 

12′ Haitian, creative and powerful. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s SONY NORDE and WEDSON ANSELME for you in opposite sides.

11′ Abinash and Wedson exchange passes on the left wing, but the U-22 player can’t control too well and gives it out for a goal-kick.

10′ Fereira gets to the free header from Norde’s curling corner but heads over. The MB defensive line is playing close. 

9′ Free kick to MB. Norde passes to Duffy, who returns the favor. Bukenya can’t clear the incoming cross well and concedes a corner.

8′ Debjit with a good clearance. End to end stuff and we finally see the first Derby action of the year. The last one was too dull!

7′ Robert crosses into the box, Plaza heads it down to Wedson who shoots, only to be blocked. Corner to EB.

6′ East Bengal’s No. 10 Wedson looks so good on the ball. Calm, creative and also easy on the turn. tries to create something.

5′ Bheke and Romeo try to create something from the right wing but Debjit controls it well. Meanwhile, Sehnaj fouls a dribbling Wedson.

3′ Balwant finds Norde, who dances on the wing to cross. MB already have made four attempts. Balwant goes solo, but doesn’t helps matter with a weak left footer. 

2′ Norde already wincing as MB fans howl. Bheke tried to clear a ball and hit Norde on the hand, who looks in a little pain in his right fingers. 

1′ Long throw from Raju. Balwant lays it to Duffy, who shoots powerfully. Just wide. Mohun Bagan easily clarifying their intentions

0′ East Bengal from right to left. Willis Deon Plaza and Wedson start the proceedings. Bengal attack right away! Gaikwad clears the ball.

0′ A Rowan is the referee. Sanjoy Sen looks flowerly dressed! 

Both teams shake hands and run to their respective ends!

07:04 PM: Banner for Soumyo is heart-whelming. Mohun Bagan, huge shout out to you! May Soumyo Rest in Peace and smile up in heaven. He died in an accident while returning from the first leg. 

07:01 PM: Ohhhh! The typical welcome message from Novy Kapadia as the teams walk out. I like a particular banner ‘BIG DADDY IS WATCHING OUT’ in support of the Mariners.

The bantering and chantings have already started! Sanjoy Sen must be a proud man, as Mohun Bagan host the second leg of the Kolkata Derby.

Both the teams have the title to play for. Bengaluru FC’s new recruit Marjan Jugovic scored very later into the game to defeat table toppers Aizawl FC 1-0.

Certainly, we’re going to see some tactical battles on the pitch. Fereira against Plaza’s speed and Duffy against Bukenya is certainly delicious. The stands are almost full and the teams are ready to come out on the pitch.

For the start, both teams have started with two sitting midfielders and have given defence a higher priority. Let’s see what Romeo and Azharuddin do for their teams, adding the extra quotient.

06:40 PM: Hello and welcome to the Live Commentary of the Kolkata Derby. This is your host Punit Tripathi who’ll take you through the most interesting insights from the game. 

Mohun Bagan XI: Debjit (GK), Kotal, Anas, Fereira, Gaikwad, Sehnaj, Azharuddin, Norde, Katsumi, Duffy, Balwant

East Bengal XI: Rehenesh(GK); Bheke, Bukenya, Gurwinder, Robert(C); Mehtab, Borges; Romeo, Wedson, Ruidas; Plaza.


Mohun Bagan have put their feet on the gas in the right period of the season as they made quite the statement when they thumped Bengaluru FC 3-0 last week. They also enjoyed an impressive win at the AFC Cup. Sanjoy Sen’s men are looking to regain the title but face an obstacle in city rivals East Bengal, who sit just on top of them in the standings and are looking to win a maiden title themselves. Bagan will have to show their best form if they are to defeat the stubborn EB side and they’ll need their amazing attack to click and give them all three points which can give them the momentum to go all the way as the season comes to an exciting close. The first derby of the season ended goalless.

Despite having suffered a crushing loss at the hands of Chennai City in their last match, East Bengal’s match this week is definitely personal as they’ll love to close in on top spot at the expense of the Mariners this Sunday. The Red and Gold Brigade head into the match knowing that their vital attacker in Wedson has recovered and is available for the derby and Trevor Morgan will look to establish himself as the best coach in the city by putting a halt to their rivals’ impressive form. East Bengal can close in the gap to Aizawl FC with a win and even go top if things go their way this week.