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Shillong Lajong could not get back into the game as the hosts scored another goal in the second half. Darryl Duffy, who scored the second goal for the Mariners went on again and again in the Reds’ box and continuously created several threats to the visiting team’s goalkeeper Vishal Kaith. The inexperience amongst the Lajong team cost them three points against the hosts. Lajong started the match vulnerable in their left flank, which was exploited by Bagan several times throughout the match as most of their attacks came down in the visitor’s box from the opponent’s left flank. Mohun Bagan wins three points as they defeat Shillong with 2 goals to nil. Good night from Kolkata. Stay tuned for other updates. 

90’+3′ Pronay takes a corner but the ball goes out. And the referee calls it for an end. Full time, Mohun Bagan 2-0 Shillong Lajong.

90′ Additional 3 minutes are awarded by the referee.

89′ Zodingliana with a free kick from 25 yards. Saved by Debjit Majumder. 

86: SUBS for Mohun Bagan: Jeje IN, Balwant OUT

      SUBS for Lajong: Dicka OUT, Alen IN

84′ The home time with another counter attack but could not finish the effort as Lajong goalkeeper Kaith comes out and clears the ball. 

82′ Subs for Shillong Lajong: Issac OUT Nongrum IN. 

80′ Lajong’s Dicka with a solid chance in Mohun Bagan box but is taken down by Mariners’ centre back Anas Edathodika. Dicka appeals to the referee but the referee decides to go on with the match.

78′ Katsumi builds up the play on the left wing with frontman Balwant Singh. Singh passes it Souvik Chakraborty who shoots it out wide. 

76′ GOOOAAALLL! Darryl Duffy makes it 2-0 for the home team!

74′ Bagan’s counter attack goes down in the drain as Pronay Halder is taken down following a challenge with Lajong’s Chhakchhuak. 

72′ Mohun Bagan forwards scrounging the field but could not put a dent into Lajong defense as the ball went wide. 

69′ Substitutions for Mohun Bagan. Reynier Fernandes OUT, Prabir Das IN. 

67′ Bagan is out for blood once again as Katsumi receives the ball and passes it to Balwant. Balwant Singh with another one-on-one situation and shoots the ball but Kaith reacts quikly and saves it! 

65′ Shillong building up another attacking play but is stopped by Mohun Bagan. Bagan launching a quick counter attack down the right flank, Duffy shoots but is wasted once again.

61′ SUBS for Mohun Bagan: Sehnaj OUT, Pronay IN. 

60′ Sehnaj Singh is down following a tackle from Lajong defense. Singh is being taken off.

57′ An exceptional cross from Souvik Chakraborty is wasted as Balwant Singh heads the ball wide. 

54′ Lajong has gone back down once again as the Mohun Bagan forwards are storming the front.

50′ Shillong is playing aggressively. Three shots in the Mohun Bagan box in the last minute only.

47′ Lajong with a quick counter in the Mohun Bagan half but the ball goes out. Lajong is awarded a free-kick. Pena heads the free kick from Zodingliana but goes wide. 

46′ We are back with the second half as the match goes underway here at Rabindra Sarobar Stadium. 

The Mariners have been aggressive throughout the game as the visitors went a goal down to the Mariners’ in the first half itself. Mohun Bagan players were exceptional while going forward as well as tracking their way back down. Shillong skipper Dan Ignat had a good first half as the Romanian defender marked Mohun Bagan star forward Katsumi successfully in the first half and nullified him on several occasions. See you back in few minutes, stay tuned!

45’+3′ The referee calls it for the half time. The hosts now lead against the visitors with one goal to nil.

45′ The referee allocates three minutes of extra time. Lajong with a quick counter attack in the Mohun Bagan half. 

43′ Another corner for the home team. Katsumi takes the shot but is wasted as the opponent goalkeeper Vishal Kaith comes out and clears the threat!

40′ Pritam Kotal with a throw in, Duffy picks it up and tries to cross but is marked by Zodingliana and Chhakchhuak. The ball goes out and Mohun Bagan is awarded a corner.

38′ Corner for the visiting team. Zodingliana takes it but wasted by Konsham as the header goes over the bars once again. 

35′ Katsumi with a tremendous run down the left wing but is taken down by Dan Ignat once again!

34′ Excellent buildup by Mohun Bagan till now. However, no such luck for Katsumi as the Japanese is being marked heavily by the visiting team. 

31′ Mohun Bagan captain Katsumi goes down from a challenge by Lajong defenders. Mohun Bagan is awarded a free kick. Souvik Ghosh takes the shot but is again misjudged. The shot goes out.  

29′ Shillong’s Chhakchhuak with an amazing cross. Pena heads but the header goes over the bar. No threat for Debjit!

27′ Kinowaki with a sliding tackle on Balwant Singh. Singh anticipates the tackle before and smartly goes around.

25′ Bagan youngster Raynier Fernandes with a phenomenal dribbling. Passes to Sehnaj who passes to Pritam Kotal. Kotal is intercepted and the ball goes out. Corner for Mohun Bagan.

23′ Free-kick for Lajong. Zodingliana takes the shot for Lajong but the shot goes ove the bars.

20′ GOOAALLL! Duffy nets the ball for Mohun Bagan. The Mariners now have an early lead.

18′ Mohun Bagan defense is playing like a true unit as Kingshuk Debnath slides and brings down Fabio Pena. However, the referee is not happy with the challenge on Pena and awards Lajong a free-kick!

16′ Katsumi moves in the middle of Lajong defense and shoots the ball but was misjudged. The ball goes wide. 

14′ Lajong forward Dicka threats Mohun Bagan goalkeeper with a state-of-the-art shot but Debjit with an amazing save for the Kolkata giants.  

13′ OFFSIDE! Balwant Singh with an ambitious run through the middle but is offside. The referee’s whistle is up and blowing. 

12′ Balwant with another solid aerial pass from the Bagan midfield but could not stay on with the ball. The ball goes out.

9′ Kotal puts another aerial ball to Duffy. Duffy acting a bit sloppy tonight as he could not move into position and Lajong clears the ball. 

7′ Duffy puts a through ball to Balwant Singh. Singh with a one-on-one situation with the Lajong keeper but could not finish the chance. 

5′ Kinowaki with an amazing solo run to the Mohun Bagan half. Passes to Pena but Pena is tackled and brought down by Anas. Mohun Bagan off to a counter attack.

4′ Kotal tries to put a long shot in for Duffy but Duffy could not reach into position. Lajong intercepts.

2′ Shillong Lajong starts the game aggressively. Balwant Singh is fouled and the referry awards a free-kick to the Mariners. Katsumi takes it but wasted!

7:09 PM: We have a KICK-OFF out here in Rabindra Sarobar stadium. Ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned!

7:05 PM: The stadium is filling up with music as both the teams enter the pitch. No one can deny the amazing atmosphere here in Rabindra Sarobar Stadium tonight.

7:00 pm: This is a cold night here in Rabindra Sarobar stadium. The Mariners’ fans are already here, cheering the Grenn and Maroons. 

6:45 pm: Shillong Lajong starting XI: Kaith (GK) (U-22), N. Tamang (U-22), C.Konsham (U-22), Zodingliana (U-22), Pena, Dicka, Chhakchhuak, S. Pritam Singh (U-22), Kinowaki, Bipon Singh (U-22), Ignat (C).

Shillong Lajong substitutions: R.Nongrum (U-22), S.Lalmuanpuia (U-22), Nongbri (U-22), SH. Sandeep Singh (U-22), R.Tlang (U-22), Deory (U-22), Lachenpa (GK) (U-22)

6:42 pm: Mohun Bagan starting XI: Debjit (GK), Debnath, Duffy, Katsumi (C), Balwant, Kotal, Shilton Paul, Shouvik Ghosh, Sehnaj, Reynier Fernandes (U-22), Anas.

Mohun Bagan substitutions: Bikramjit, Pronay, Jeje, Eduardo, Shilton Paul (GK), Robinson Singh (U-22), Prabir.

06:30pm Hello and welcome to the I-League game between Mohun Bagan and Shillong Lajong. This is your host Sourav Neogi live from Rabindra Sarobar Stadium.

Pictures Via I-League Media