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Good night friends. It was the best a football match can be. The technical quality might be a little less, but the determination was on part with any European team on any given day! 

Highlights and Celebration : Shillong Lajong 1-1 Aizawl FC 

GREAT scenes. Young players crying shows what it means to then. UNBELIEVABLE.

AIZAWL FC ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF INDIA!!! IT WAS JUST MEANT TO BE THIS WAY. What a game. What a trophy for this side, cheaper than Sony Norde alone. Ralte’s tears show what this means for him. The original trophy is here in Shillong, the replica was in Kolkata, and we’ll see the real one used! 

90+4′ Another chance for LAJONG as the defence sleeping for Aizawl now. Gomes know he’s been lucky and will be angry about his clearers. 


90+3′ THAT WAS A GOAL, ALMOST!!!! What a ball from Kinowaki. Tlang cuts it in for Dicka but he places it wide after hitting the post! That was so close. The GODS are in Mizoram these days! 

Meanwhile, Baye Kamo walks out injured with a medical staff. 

90+2′ Shillong trying to get another goal, but half-heartedly. The game has seen a lot already and the team will now throw attack after attack.  

90′ Dicka tries to get a penalty with a dive, but Pranjal has been close to the action throughout and doesn’t stop the game. 4 minutes of added time. 

89′ Aizawl keeping and managing possession higher up in the opposition half as they sit happily and exchange passes, not trying too hard. Kamo tries a header, rises majestically, but cannot connect as well as he would’ve liked.

87′ Sana trying to create it from the back, but the Aizawl defence has outnumbered the opposition attack. Hero of the match for the experienced Novy Kapadia? KHALID JAMIL! Choose your man of the match! William looks a powerful option. Dicka, for sure, is winning the Golden Boot. 

85′ The Mizoram side is 5 mins away from history! Can they hold on to it? Mumbai FC fans, please extend your wishes to your former gaffer. The defence has been immense for Aizawl tonight. No major attack being made as both teams exchange possession in the centre of the pitch. 

84′ Baye Kamo operating deeper now, which shows the visitors are happy with a draw. Jamil, astonishingly, is not wearing black tonight. Breaking premonitions? Good thing, coach. 

Balwant makes way for the 2nd choice goalkeeper for Mohun Bagan. 

81′ Not a day for goalkeepers? Maybe. After Kaith’s blunder, its the terrific Debjit who’s been send off. Lalruatthara is in deep pain and is down. The game has been stopped, but Kamo was clear on goal. He could’ve made it 2-1. 

Update: Drama in Kolkata. Red Card for Mohun Bagan Debjit Majumdar and the hosts are down to 10 men.

80′ One on one, Baye Kamo misses one again! Should’ve placed the ball but tries to lob it over the goalkeeper. 

Lalpekhlua with a cross and the Scot made a good finish. Mohun Bagan are doing whatever they should at Kolkata. Fabio comes in for Samuel in Shillong. 

Update : Mohun Bagan Score to make 2-1 against Chennai. Duffy Scored the Goal.

77′ Samuel Lalmuanpuia has been caught. The youngster is being taken off by the medical team of Shillong. Too be treated on the sidelines. 

76′ Al Amna makes a run from the centre of the pitch, runs onto the right wing and crosses over. Complacency? The coach wouldn’d mind if they see this off. 

74′ Baye Kamo and Pritam clash as Shillong win a throw in on the left in their own half. Isaac makes way for Rocus Lamare. 

‘AIZAWL, CHAMPIONS’ is the chants throughout the game. Brilliant scenes on the sidelines and in the stands!

73′ BRANDON Comes off for Thanga. Defensive role or midfield, we’ll see it as the game goes on. 

72′ Baye KAMO misses a sitter. The striker should’ve scored with just the goalkeeper to beat, but he hits it straight! If the permutation changes, this miss will be rued a lot. 

71′ Chullova brings down Pritam poorly on the left wing. Isaac standing over it. Curls it in, but is cleared by Kingsley. Albino has done brilliantly in terms of buying extra tiem on the ball. 

69′ You cannot sit back and allow a team of Aizawl’s creativity that sort of control in the midfield. Shillong saw it coming and it finally did. The home team now needs to prove their mental strength. 


67′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WILLIAM SCORES! What a superb save. KAITH makes a blunder after such a good performance. Rane lofts a ball into the box and is not cleared. The ball hits the post, comes back and William places it well!!!! 

67′ Al Amna has been brought down poorly by Kinowaki! That was bad from the Japanese. 

65′ Drama as Al Amna is choked by Tamang. The home captain has been booked and Aizawl win a throw for time-wasting. 

UPDATE: Towards the hour mark here in kolkata and its still all square. Bagan doing all the pressing.

64′ Kaith makes a good save in a melee as his team makes a hash of an easy clearance. The pressing from Aizawl is commendable too. 

62′ Al Alma makes another run in the centre of the pitch is a brilliant side. Aizawl launching one attack after another as they win another corner. Bipin Singh to be replaced by Samuel Shadap. 

60′ OFFSIDE! BUT THE BALL WAS IN THE GOAL!!!! RANE sends a great ball from the centre of the park as Danmawia scores! But to no avail. William goes into the book as he brings down Isaac.

60′ Aizawl’s attacks look as a matter of time before they score. Brandon takes an attempt!! 

58′ Dicka goes down as Zotea Ralte and Kingsley both go down too. Ref says nothing doing! Shillong attack, but is blocked by Ralte again. The captain has been immense tonight. 

57′ Baye Kamo tries a little too much as he hits a ball wide from the right. Kinowaki starts another attack, but is not controlled too well from his team mates, Danmawia crosses one in, but Kaith punches it well. 

55′ Brandon lays it off to Rane and he takes a shot, just over Kaith. Good leave from the Goalkeeper. Rane blazes over from inside the box as William lays it to him. Should’ve kept it on the target. The disappointment is there to see! Aizawl coming closer as the time passes. 

53′ Kingsley wins another against Dicka as he makes a good account of his possession skills. Jaryan’s absence has been missed as Al Amna has been kept busy by Kinowaki. 

52′ Chinglesana playing heroically and makes another good tackle. Covering brilliantly, both centre-backs.Gomes, on the other side, makes a clearance as Dicka comes in on a back pass.

51′ Ruatthara makes a brilliant run and crosses over. Too much weight on the cross. Aizawl continue from where they left. Al Amna, in a little space, is as good as anyone in football creatively.

50′ Aizawl win a corner. Baye Kamo should’ve taken a shot from a superb lob from Brandon.  Chullova is stopped by a solid tackle. Dicka concedes a throw in after winning a ball. 

48′ Samuel tries one. Turns well, makes space for himself but is well over. What a tackle from Zotea Ralte, who stops Bipin with a tackle in the box. 

47′ Aizawl have never lost when they’ve scored in the second half this season! What a record to have. Aizawl tries an attack but Shillong defend well. Rane tries to thread a ball through, but is intercepted. 

46′ We’re back as William comes on for Laltanpuia to add more impetus to attack. The energy will surely help the away team.

If there’s no scoring in both the games, Aizawl FC will lift the I-league title. But there will be some, we have a feeling!

UPDATE: What a massive goal that is for the Mariners on the stroke of half-time. To be fair they could have had a 4-5 on another day but they are level and that changes the manager’s talk at both Shillong and here in Kolkata.


Brilliant game-play from both teams as Shillong lead by an exemplary counter-attack. Khalid Jamil is arguing with the refs and both teams have played positive football. Such sights are good for the growth of Indian football. Aizawl FC came close thrice, but could not convert it. THey will surely come close again, as second half has always been their strength. 

45+3′ Kinowaki is brought down by Al Amna. Shillong with possession in the opposition half, but they concede a poor free kick. Gomes with a long ball. Aizawl will need to outdo themselves in the second half. 

KATSUMI YUSA HAS SCORED FOR MOHUN BAGAN. 1-1 MOHUN Bagan. The captain has done it for the Mariners. 

45+1′ Zotea Ralte must ensure his defensive teammates calm down. They look in nerves by the occassion. Isaac with a turn and shot and it is just wide!

45′ Three minutes of added time as Aizawl surely end the first half as the better side, but the score suggests otherwise. 

43′ Regional support looks so good. Such a positive for Indian football, this sort of support. Pranjal Banerjee has stopped the game as there was an offside. Poor control to be fair. Aizawl have a throw on the right wing. Kaith clears the ball from a melee. as Rane regains possession and plays it to Ruatthara. 

42′ Pritam looks in a lot of pain as he tries to out-jump Rane for an aerial ball. Aizawl FC are the team of the second half and we might see a brilliant game in the later half of the next 45. 

41′ The ball keeps being hit to and fro and the game looks to have a positive momentum. Brandon needs more support in attack from Rane and Al Amna. 

UPDATE: Bagan’s early momentum has subsided somewhat Chennai have come into the game and are holding onto that slender lead.

39′ Aizawl FC are controlling all the second balls for some time now and have controlled the game well. The visitors have settled, finally. They just need to hold onto possession better. 

37′ Another corner as Danmawia try to get a ball from Amna but is cleared! Rane floats it in, as a white shirt heads it. But is behind the defence. 

36′ WHAT A CHANCE! SUPERB SAVE from the defender. Kamo tries an outrageous back heel but is saved by Tlang on the goalline. Close!!!! 

35′ Sana Konsham is shown the yellow for poor attitude against the ref. Kamo tries to attack and create from the right, but fails. Wins a corner. 

33′ Al Amna wins a free kick as Kinowaki is shown the yellow! Al Amna controlled a good aerial ball and bamboozled two defenders! Rane standing over it. On the second post, Brandon sends it to the second post but is too heavy. 

32′ Nandha Kumar has scored their as Amna shoots it way over! 

CRAZY STUFF ON! CHENNAI CITY HAS SCORED AGAINST MOHUN BAGAN!!! Aizawl have a free kick in an interesting area and Al Amna is standing over it! 

30′ Gomes with another good save. Aizawl attack as Baye plays it to Danmawia, who lays it to Al Amna, a volley which is fired over! What a miss. The Syrian should’ve done better. 

29′ Tanpuia with a long ball forward. Baye wants a penalty as he is brought down from Tamang. Ref says nothing doing! The striker looks crest-fallen! 

28′ Sana heads a long ball well. Aizawl win a throw in on the left side. Al Amna takes it and crosses it in, but is defended well. 

27′ Aizawl break as Amna releases Brandon. Baye takes and makes an attempt, but is flying over as soon as it left the feet. Nerves need to be better for the visitors. 

UPDATE: 20 minutes in Kolkata and we are still goalless. Bagan could have had a couple but their finishing has been poor. 

25′ Isaac with a brilliant curling attempt, but Gomes was alert and made a good save. Aizawl must calm down. 

24′  In swinging but is collected well. Free kick on the edge of Shillong box as Kingsley gets booked. The defender brought down Dicka. 

22′ Aizawl FC attack with vigour and are controlling a lot of possession now in the opposition half. Bipin is proving to a be a difficult customer on the left. Corner to Aizawl as Al Amna shoots, only to be defended bravely by Sana.

The Permutations and Combinations

Aizawl FC: Win, Mohun Bagan: Win, I-league: Aizawl FC

Aizawl FC: Win, Mohun Bagan: Lose, I-league: Aizawl FC

Aizawl FC: Lose, Mohun Bagan: Win, I-league: Mohun Bagan

Aizawl FC: Lose, Mohun Bagan: Lose, I-league: Aizawl FC

Aizawl FC: Draw, Mohun Bagan: Draw, I-league: Aizawl FC.
Enjoy this, till then! 

21′ Free kick to Aizawl as Kinowaki comes in and slides in Baye. Rane is interested. Floats in. Kaith makes a good save. Tries to create a quick attack, but the ball is played back to Sana. 

19′ Kinowaki is playing a huge role to stop the opposition attack. Ruatthara makes a poor challenge on Dicka. Studs up, full stretch. Deserves a card!

18′ Rane-Al Amna-Baye-Rane crosses. What a move it was. Brandon must have done better with his header as the ball flows over. 

17′ Tamang saves a brilliant corner and concedes only a throw in. Shillong defend well on the right and ensure a throw in for Lajong. 

15′ Khongjee tries a shot as Gomes too, makes a save from the right back. Yellow card by Pranjal Banerjee to an Aizawl player who made a nagging tackle. 

14′ Rane tries to find Danmawia in the box, who controls it and tries to lob over an onrushing Kaith. The GK makes the save.

13′ Aizawl playing very direct and Rane’s defensive performance will be scrutinised today. Lajong try to attack but Samuel is offside. 

11′ Aizawl FC attacking from the right. A cross comes in, is defended well and Shillong attack quickly. A certain tempo is building up in the game. The goal shows the home team’s dedication to win!

UPDATE: Bagan have had a flying start at Rabindra Sarobar Stadium with the quartet of Balwant, Duffy, Norde and Yusa already flying forward. At this point a Mariners win looks like a question of ‘by how many’ rather than ‘if.’

09′ GGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! DIPANDA DICKA WITH HIS 11th! Brilliant cross from the left from Bipin Singh as the No. 10 heads it in! Shillong have drawn the first blood! What a game this is going to be!!! 

08′ Al Amna brilliantly goes past three, but is pulled down by Tlang. No foul there according to the ref. 

07′ Kingsley cannot control an easy ball under pressure from Dicka. Corner again for Shillong. Isaac floats it behind the second post. Goal kick to Aizawl. 

05′ Aizawl win a throw on the left flank. Jayesh tries to bring it down and shoot, plays a good forward through over the defence line. The player has gone offside. 

03′ Early pressure from Al Amna. The Syrian creates with Brandon from the left wing and Aizawl go close. Good football. 

02′ Corner to the home team and Lalmuanpuia makes an opportunity. Good ball from Isaac, but well defended. 

01′ Kamo Baye kicks it and the visitors attack from right to left. Amna and Rane start to control from the word go. 

Zotea Ralte is captaining the side. Centre-backs captaining two North-east sides. When do we see them in the National Team? Soon, we hope. 

The verve and excitement with which Aizawl FC players made their handshakes and hugged the opposition was a great view! FOOTBALL, Bloody hell! 

Man of the match predictions? Well, Mahmoud Al Amna runs away with it, hands down! Let’s see how the Syrian midfielder carries the game in the absence of captain Alfred Jaryan.

The players walking out! What a moment in history this is. Young, dedicated and motivated. This looks mouth-watering already! ! 

Irrespective of the score, Shillong Lajong cannot upscale Bengaluru FC and will remain glued to the fifth position.

Pulasta Dhar, Novy Kapadia and here, Punit Tripathi is with you, taking you through every moment of the game! Log in and do give your inputs. 

Setting up the atmosphere is the beautiful Red Army fans, who have travelled from Aizawl to support their team as they ready themselves to hold the trophy after 90 minutes as the home fans expect to create an upset! 

06:50 PM: With the kind of sparks the managers have already managed to create in the pre-match conference, we can expect both teams to fight it out rigorously on the pitch as well. The fact that the I-league trophy depends on this game is surely an added incentive for both sets of players! CRACKER!  

06:37 PM: Starting XI Aizawl XI: Gomes, Kingsley, Ralte, Amna, Rane, Chullova, Vanlalremdika, Kamo, Laltanpuia, Lalruatthara

Starting XI Shillong Lajong FC: Vishal Kaith (GK), Nim Dorjee (C), K Singh, S Singh, A Khongjee, Y Kinowaki, I Vanlalsawma, Lalmuanpuia, Tlang, Bipin Singh, Dipanda

Shillong Lajong will not be afraid to play villains to Aizawl FC’s heroic story this season and will look to go for the win this decisive game. As per coach Thangboi Santo, they will look to go for maximum points against Aizawl and will not go easy on them. With striker Asier Dipanda looking to secure his top-scorer prize, Shillong will be on the attack and will look to end this amazing dream of the Northeastern Club.

Aizawl FC looks to complete their ultimate dream against Shillong Lajong this Sunday, but it will take some work for Khalid Jamil’s team to get the job done. They will have to defend well against the dangerous Lajong attack, as well as provide entertainment for their own travelling fans. Aizawl will look to lift the I-League trophy aloft this Sunday, which will be the greatest story of an underdog in Indian football and an amazing achievement for the little North-Eastern club. The league leaders will be without Ashutosh Mehta and Alfred Jaryan who are both suspended.

6:30pm: Hello and welcome to the I-League game between Shillong Lajong Vs Aizawl FC. This is your host Punit Tripathi lIVE from the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Shillong.