The Kolkata giants also announced the formation of a new technical committee.

Mohun Bagan General Secretary Anjan Mitra and Football Secretary Swapan Banerjee announced the formation of a new technical committee for the club in a press conference held earlier today. Shishir Ghosh, Achinta Beley, Mihir Bose have formed the Football Technical Committee comprised of former footballers and members of the club.

It was also announced that former East Bengal captain Mehtab Hossain is going to sign for the Mariners in the next few weeks and will be part of the squad for the season ahead. This is especially surprising considering that the player, who was released from Jamshedpur FC, was poised to sign for his former club East Bengal.

The press conference at Mohun Bagan today

Banerjee also announced that pre-season training would start from 11th June onwards for the Calcutta Football League, which is scheduled to start a week later. He said: “I have spoken with Shankarlal and he told me that he needs more than a month of pre-season training to get them ready. We’ll send the players a message about when they have to report for duty.”

He further added: “I have discussed about three players we’ll bring in before the CFL and we will proceed to bring them in shortly. For now, we have spoken to Mehtab Hossain and he has promised to sign for us in the next few weeks. He hasn’t signed for us yet, but has given us his word. He will play in the CFL and the I-League as well.”

Mitra spoke about the financial situation of the club right now and the the role of the technical committee. He stated: “The technical committee and financial committee will review the financial situation of the club and will try to find ways to decrease the debt which the club is in. The players in the 25-man squad have signed contracts to play for the next season, but we will review how they are paid and try to find ways to cut the debt.”


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He added: “New players can be signed by the club, but the older players can also be released after the financial review. The players whose payment is reasonable will definitely appear for training next month, but we will review those players whose payment is too much.”

Banerjee added that the introduction of a new Football Committee will definitely help improve the state of the club and how the Mariners perform in the pitch.

It was also announced that Subhashish Pal, Monosh Sharma, Debashish Ray, Srinmoy Chatterjee, Sushil Roy, Ashok Reyan, Abhijit Dey have formed the sub-committee which will be involved in looking after the other affairs of the club.

Mitra ended the press conference by saying: “We will review the contracts of every single player involved in the 25-man squad. I have been saying from Day one that we can’t make this big a payment. How can we keep every player in the squad when we don’t have the money for it? I don’t want to take names, but some players have salaries which are just too much for us to bear right now.”