This marked the away side’s sixth defeat of the season.

Real Kashmir made it three I-League wins in a row with a thumping 6-1 win over Shillong Lajong, at the TRC Turf Ground, Kashmir, on Tuesday. The Snow Leopards were in full flow. After scoring three in the first half through Abednedo Tetteh, Mason Robertson and Nagen Tamang, they turned on the style in the second half.

Strikes from Gnohere Krizo, another one from Tetteh and Surchandra Singh helped pull a sensational performance for the Kashmir fans and pile the misery on Alison Kharsyntiew’s Shillong Lajong.

Here are the talking points from the game:

5. Real Kashmir’s physicality overpowers Shillong Lajong

The young Lajong players struggled in the physical battle with Kashmir

The Snow Leopards looked pumped for the game, especially after realizing how superior they were in terms of strength to the Shillong players. The young Lajong players struggled in the physical battle with Kashmir, getting disposed on many occasions after being overpowered by their strength. Kashmir used their physical superiority to bully the Shillong players and kickstart unpredictable counter-attacks.

The Lajong players tried valiantly to stand up to Kashmir, but the strength of Krizo, Tetteh, Bazie Armand and Mason Robertson was too overwhelmed and made it seem like a game of men against boys.

4. This humiliation should be a wake-up call for Alison Kharsyntiew

Shillong Lajong doesn’t really seem to have learnt much from their recent defeats. They’ve shown no signs of improvement and look clueless in defence, having conceded 22 goals so far. Their dazzling, attacking style has an adverse effect on their defending, which was again dodgy against Real Kashmir. The Snow Leopards terrorized Lajong with constant attacks and went close on many occasions. Krizo overpowered Aibanbha Dohling to set up the first goal and forced a foul to earn his penalty, while Mason Robertson scored his first I-league goal too easily.

Alison Kharsyntiew really needs to do better in setting up his defence, who need to be more intelligent rather than physically trying to contain attacks. Be it setting up more defenders or restricting Lajong’s attack momentum, Alison needs to improve his tactics in solidifying his defence to divert such constant thrashings.


3. The Krizo-Tetteh connection lights up Kashmir

After becoming infamous for grinding victories at home, Real Kashmir decided to take things to a new level by playing both Krizo and Tetteh against Shillong. It proved to be an excellent decision, as the two attackers worked in tandem to destroy Shillong.

Tetteh’s intelligence and creativity worked really well, as he opened proceedings with a well-taken goal, before setting up another with a cheeky assist for Tamang later. He rounded off an amazing performance by helping set up Surchandra’s  Krizo was also in great form, using his physicality and agility to create the opening goal. He also earned his penalty after being taken down in the penalty area and scored a penalty, his first goal since the first game of the season. Krizo looked dangerous after the goal and was unlucky not to get another.

2. The all-Indian system is not working for Shillong Lajong

Shillong Lajong took a big gamble before the season in going with the Indian-only, youth squad to try and tackle the I-League teams. However, this has since gone onto bite them back as Shillong are really struggling without any sort of experience in the squad. Defensively they are all over the place, with the lack of leaders costing them.

The likes of Dohling, Novin Gurung had an absolute nightmare against Kashmir and the lack of guidance isn’t helping them. Laurence Doe and Juno Oh’s departure is especially being felt in defence, while their clever midfielders and clinical strikers are also being missed. Shillong needs to realize their mistake and try to get some experienced foreigners soon, as persisting with this system can be fatal for their I-League hopes.

1. A five-star performance from the Snow Leopards

The home side were terrific right from the start

Dave Robertson promised before the game that this being Kashmir’s final home game in a long time, the team will give back something special to the fans. They definitely lived up to that promise. The Snow Leopards smelled blood from the get-go and decided to end the myth of them only being able to grind wins. Tetteh and Krizo were excellent, while the domestic players also put in some amazing showing.

Nagen Tamang looked terrorizing on the left, scoring a beautiful goal and later helping set up another one, while Surchandra Singh’s resurgence continued with another well-taken goal. Barzie Armand and Khalid Qayoom were superb in the middle, while the vastly untested defence did well. It was a complete team effort in thrashing Shillong, in which Real Kashmir proved how dominant they are in their fortress that is the TRC Ground.