The Bengaluru FC boss also revealed he is happy with his players.

Following the win over Chennaiyin FC on Sunday night, Bengaluru FC head coach Carles Cuadrat interacted with the press.

The Blues routed John Gregory’s side and ensured that they finally secured their first win of the league, after three successive draws at the start of the season.

Carles Cuadrat was asked about the team’s impressive performance on the attacking front, which saw the Blues score thrice past the Marina Machans.

“You mean that we were not attacking in the last three games? (laughs) We have been managing in four games until now, in the pitch, as a team; have been going for a victory from the first minute,” the Bengaluru FC boss made a joke to start the interactions.

“Sometimes you have more fortune in front of goal, sometimes you take your chances better and sometimes you don’t. I am very happy with the boys and the supporters. Today was one of the magical nights for everyone who loves Bengaluru,” Carles Cuadrat added.

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On Erik Paartalu’s Impact

Bengaluru FC weren’t particularly convincing in their set-piece routines in the past few matches, but that seemed to change with the arrival of Erik Paartalu. Carles Cuadrat was asked about how much of an impact the Australian’s return to the side had on the result.

“Paartalu is Paartalu. Of course, he can produce an impact with his attitude and with his head. So, he was very good, in his first game. As a coach, I am very happy for him because he is a hard-worker. He didn’t play for almost nine months because of the injury. So, it is great that he is with us again,” he responded.

On The Deciding Factor

Carles Cuadrat was asked about the fact that Bengaluru FC had been playing an attacking brand of football in the past few matches, but were unable to extract the required results. The 51-year-old was probed about what made the difference on Sunday evening against Chennaiyin FC.

“No, it was a mistake in the 93rd minute that didn’t let us win three points (against FC Goa). As a journalist, you have to write, you have to talk, in football everyone has an opinion,” he answered.

“But, if we got those three points in Goa that I think we deserved, then I think all this talking would have been different. I mean it’s dynamic. It could be 0-0 maybe, but another day we are going to break it. Like Chennai, they didn’t score. But, they had a lot of chances and one day they will score and they will break the dynamic. It happens all over the world in every league,” the Bengaluru FC boss opined.

Carles Cuadrat was questioned as to whether he thought it was a perfect performance from his side against the Marina Machans, to which he stated, “No, I don’t think it was a perfect game, for sure. It was the first game where we played three attackers from India. So, we are working and we want to improve, no question about that. What happens in football is that when you start winning, you get a lot of space because they have got to attack you. Because Chennai were attacking us, we got the opportunity to score the second goal.”

Bengaluru FC will now face Kerala Blasters on November 23 in their next ISL match on the other side of the international break.