The Odisha FC head coach also revealed that he is disappointed with the result on Thursday night.

Following Odisha FC’s comeback draw against Chennaiyin FC on Thursday night, head coach Josep Gombau interacted with the media in the post-match press conference. Odisha FC drew 2-2 against Chennaiyin FC after Aridane Santana scored the equalizer in the 82nd minute and helped his side salvage a point against the Marina Machans.

“Yes, I am disappointed with the result. It was a very open second half,” Josep Gombau said before adding, “Both teams were attacking and defending, the transitions were there on the one side and the other side. We don’t want that. We wanted to have the game under our control. First half was totally different. I think we did really well. We made chances but we didn’t score.

“Because in the first half, Chennai really did not create any action. But in the second half, the game was different. I made one substitution in the halftime. I brought Bikram, he has experience. But after that, we made one mistake. We lost one ball in the midfield lines that set the goal. The good thing, the positive is that the team has the composure to come back after being 1-0 down to score within three minutes,” the Spaniard explained.

“And after that, everything was wrong for us. We had Carlos’ injury. We had this mentality to attack and to bring this one point. We played with three in the back in the last 25 minutes. We took a risk and that shows that we were trying to win the game. Nothing to say to the players; a mistake cost us the game I think,” Josep Gombau further added.

“Yeah, I am disappointed because we should be coming out of the first half with one or two goals,” he quipped.

The 43-year-old reflected on the individuals who were involved in the game by saying, “Look, Nandha is player who is really important. He is a very young player who I like. We are playing with a lot of young players. If you see, our goalkeeper, our right full-back, the two wingers, they are very young.”

“I am so satisfied with Nandha. Of course, he has a lot to improve. He is a player who has come from the ground. He was in the academy or something and from that he played the trial games and he is a good guy and I wish him all the best,” Josep Gombau added.

Odisha FC will now play their next match against Bengaluru FC on December 4 at Pune.