The Portuguese discussed several issues concerning his team’s performances ahead of the game.

Jorge Costa  addressed the media gathering in the pre-match press conference ahead of Mumbai City FC’s home match against Kerala Blasters tomorrow. He spoke on various issues.

Costa was asked about how he assessed his team’s performances and his opinion on the persistent individual errors that have been costing his side points on a regular basis. He said, “It is always a problem when you play well, but lose points due to individual mistakes. But, the good thing is that we are playing good. We are playing as a team and are fighting. We have a lot of quality in our game. But then, the small mistakes…the small mistakes are taking away some important points.”

“But, this is the easiest thing to do in football. When you make small mistakes, you just need to be more focused, to work and then to fix these small mistakes. The most difficult thing is to play well and we are doing that. I can tell, as a team, I am very happy with our performances in the last two games. When you play like this, when you have this quality, you are much closer to win,” added Jorge Costa.

Mumbai City FC have also committed the most fouls (92) among all the clubs involved in the league this season. He was asked whether this tendency of the side needed some improvement, as the danger of conceding a spot-kick could always be looming around. He had a very stern opinion on this, as Costa stated, “I am here as the head coach of Mumbai City and I would speak only about our team. I don’t try to find excuses. If we make fouls; fouls is a part of football. If we make a lot of fouls, we have four people inside the pitch to make a decision on that.”

“As I told you and I will tell again for the last time; this is football, this is not ballet. In football, you have contact. In ballet, you cannot touch. For me, personally, I enjoy this kind of game. If you watch football in England and Germany, all over the world, you will see that in football we have contact. I am sorry; I cannot accept that we are playing too hard. In my opinion, we can and we should play hard,” said Jorge Costa on a bold note.

He also reiterated that pressure is a part of football and said, “I can admit that we are playing under pressure tomorrow. Because we need to win three points and be closer to the place we want to be and I think we deserve. So, we are playing under pressure and it is okay, pressure is a part of football.”

Mumbai City FC and Kerala Blasters will battle it out at the Mumbai Football Arena from 7:30 PM tomorrow evening and both these sides would be desperate to notch three points after a run of five games, where they have failed to secure a victory.