Khel Now understands that the league will be featured first in the mobile versions of the game.

In what would be one of the most happening news for football fans in India, the Indian Super League (ISL) is set to be included in the popular video game FIFA by EA Sports in the future editions. Khel Now understands that the league will be featured in the mobile version of the game before eventually making its mark on other platforms such as PC, PS4 and XBox.

Previously, Electronic Arts (EA) had introduced the Indian national football team in 2012 during its FIFA 13 version bringing joy to the relatively small fanbase of the country. However, with the rise of the sport in the country due to ISL and the recent performances of the national team, the EA received loads of requests from the fans to include the Indian domestic leagues in the game.

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Further, the inclusion of the league in the FIFA game would only help it gain more attraction from the large number of users in the country and add to its ever-increasing count of followers each season.

Moreover, the move will also help develop an understanding of Indian football for the users and would be a major step in diverting the massive number of European football followers in the country to start following domestic football with the same enthusiasm.

What adds to the excitement of the fans is that they will soon be able to play exciting fixtures with Indian clubs, taking on European giants.