The Portuguese tactician’s association with Manchester United is one of mutual benefit…

Word around the jolly ol’ interwebs was that Mourinho looked less than enthusiastic upon his unveiling at Old Trafford. Comparisons were made because he wasn’t seen beaming like he was when in his hand he held a Chelsea jersey, much too recently for it to be classified as a distant memory.

Mourinho pictured at Old Trafford in July,2016 (left) and at his unveiling at Chelsea in 2013 (right) . [Image Courtesy : and ESPN respectively]

Images like this one set social media ablaze with Blues fans deriving some sort of solace. Others left wondering about the blandness of the Portuguese’s arrival.

This was a job that Mourinho had been eyeing for years. David Moyes was overawed; Louis van Gaal was far too conservative for United’s liking. Both good managers in their own right, who somehow could never come to grips with the profile of the job.

But here he was, one of the most loved and hated football managers in the world, taking charge of the most loved and hated football club in the world. A marriage made in heaven? Definitely not. A needs must move to arrest the slide of the red half of Manchester? Surely yes.

Mourinho and his iconic charge down the Old Trafford after he masterminded the Red Devils’ exit in the European torunament.

His first press conference was the first step in dictating what kind of a custodian he will be for the club and although they have so far taken different routes to them, Mourinho and United strive for similar aims-ruthless, continuous, success.

These three words are what would have drawn class acts like Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Eric Bailly and charismatic forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic to the Theatre of Dreams What is common among all these players? They have all left their clubs’ respective Champions League campaigns to join Mourinho on the journey. Agreed, the vast sums of money offered did sweeten the pot for both club and player, but ambition does play a role in these decisions as a lot of players will tell you.

Zlatan at the Theatre of Dreams.

Moyes came with a promise to compete, van Gaal brought his philosophy, whereas Mourinho has sounded a rallying cry. “I’m at the biggest club in England, and I am here to win everything”

It was the Portuguese at his best. What was a surprise was not his actual preparedness for the unveiling, but his eagerness to dispel the notion of his lack of focus on the youth system. He understands the stakes and unlike his predecessors knows exactly how big the club from the red half of Manchester is.

Mourinho congratulates Axel Tuanzebe(L) as the Portuguese was impressed the United academy product on the pitch..[Image Courtesy :]

Cross-town rivals Manchester City have also ensured that there will be no love lost, placing a certain Josep Guardiola in their dugout.

There is quite some truth in the words ‘two swords don’t go in one sheath’, the extent of which we will find out as the season runs its course.

Caption: Mourinho and Guardiola reluctantly shake hands during their tempestuous rivalry in Spain..[Image Courtesy :]

The apprehension in the lead up to the “Right One” and his appointment at Old Trafford ahead of Ryan Giggs was thought to be a factor of constant worry for the United faithful. But, with his glowing words for academy recruits (Read Axel Tuanzebe, Andreas Periera), nothing but respect for his mentor and predecessor Sir Alex Ferguson and most importantly, for once his acknowledgement that in this case, the club is bigger than him, Mourinho has sought to calm those tensions.

It is why the feeling is strong that José Mário dos Santos Mourinho Félix is the right man to lead the Old Trafford faithful back to their glory days.

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